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One Of Us Is Lying Season 2: Ending Explained: Simon Says Game Over?

The Breakfast Club-based murder mystery thriller “One of Us Is Lying” returned on Netflix with yet another thrilling season. The first season aired in October 2021, with the plot revolving around five high school students: Bronwyn, Nate, Addy, and Cooper, as they witness the murder of another fellow student, Simon, during detention. It was later revealed that the murderer was Jake, but he himself was also killed at the end of the season.

Season 2 of One Of Us Is Lying brings in more twists and answers to the circumstances around Jake’s death, where The Bayview  Four fight to hide their secrets yet again, and it ends with another major cliffhanger at the end which keeps us at the edge of our seats waiting for a new season of the series.

*But first things first, major spoiler warning for those who are yet to watch season 2 of One Of Us Is Lying.

One Of Us Is Lying Season 2 Ending Explained

While season 1 ended with the core four characters receiving an ominous text from someone named “Simon Says” threatening them about knowing the identity of Jake’s murderer, the identity of the anonymous blackmailer, Simon, was revealed in the second season. The Bayview students were finally able to uncover the person behind the threats, and it was none other than the new girl in school, Fiona.

Fiona and Jake met during art therapy in rehab, where Fiona told Jake that the reason she was in rehab was that she stabbed a teacher who assaulted her. Another new student from Bayview High, Giselle Ward, is introduced, who was in the same rehab. Fiona later kills Giselle so that she can frame it on the Murder Club, but she rather wipes it off at the hands of TJ Forrestor because she is somewhat suspicious that Fiona is the one using the “About That” app.

The Murder Club, after unraveling the truth, decided to put a stop to the chaos Fiona was causing and came up with a plan to frame Fiona as the culprit in Jake’s murder, but the entire plan was about to go amiss as their plan to get Fiona’s fingerprint on the gun to prove it as the murder weapon was on the verge of failing when Fiona set fire to Janae’s boat with Maeve and Abby on it. But things rolled in favor of The Murder Club, and Fiona was arrested by the cops there and sent to prison.

 Jake’s brother Cole visited Fiona in prison, where he questioned Fiona curiously if she knew the reason why his brother killed Simon, to which she dubiously answered that maybe Simon might have known what Jake did in the past. And shortly after that, Fiona was found poisoned in her cell, which can be speculated that Cole might have something to do with it, as he wouldn’t want his family’s name to be shamed. While this is purely conjectural, One Of Us Is Lying season 3 would definitely shed light and clear it out.

Finally, when the students at Bayview High thought that they could finally move on from the affliction after Fiona was arrested. The Murder Club believed their problems had been dealt with, so they decided to have a little rendezvous. During the party, Nate gifts a necklace to Bronwyn with “Stay” inscribed on it as a gesture to work on and rebuild their relationship. But things take a shocking 180-degree turn when the same necklace is found on graduation day by the police near a crime scene, which happens to be the corridor of their school.

The shocking cliffhanger at the end definitely indicates that there is more to this bloodshed, and that means another sequel to the franchise! Did something happen to Bronwyn? Does it have something to do with Jake? Well, all we can do is wait for One Of Us Lying to drop their next season.

With a rating of  5.8/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, this teen mystery thriller got a mixed reaction from viewers and critics, but it definitely managed to elevate the stakes from that of season 1 and leaves viewers with a sense of uncertainty at every point, making it a watch worthy. Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation about the show’s renewal yet, we can definitely sense a new season coming.

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