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25 Facts About Twilight That You May Not Know


Does it feel like 2008 again? Twilight is thirteen years old now but it seems like only yesterday the first Twilight movie was released. Even though the movie has received a lot of hate but it has an amazing fan base. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight has been extremely popular, and all five movies had a huge fan base. Fans are still in hope that another sequel would be made when the midnight sun was released.

The Twilight movies were a hit right from the beginning. The actors became so popular that they had to be careful before stepping out of their homes. There are many insiders that are lesser-known by people.

If you think that you know everything about Twilight, then this article will test your knowledge and even the Twihards will get to learn a few facts:

1. The idea of Twilight came to Stephenie Meyer in a dream

Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series said that the idea for  Twilight came to her in a dream. She saw a boy and a girl in a field of grass where the boy was very sparkly. This inspired the famous meadow scene.

2. Stephenie Meyer wrote a part of Breaking Dawn while the Twilight movie was being filmed

Stephenie Meyer wrote a part of the Twilight saga-breaking dawn during the twilight dinner scene and told the cameraman to make sure that none of the fans could see what she was typing.

3. Henry Cavill was almost cast as Edward Cullen

Superman, Henry Cavill was almost cast as Edward Cullen as he was Stephanie Meyer’s first choice for the role. Studio Executives thought that he looked too old to be playing a teenager at the age of 25. He was also offered the role of Carlisle Cullen but he turned it down as he had already taken his role on The Tudors.

4.The crystal heart from Edward belonged to his mother

Edward proposed to Bella with a ring from his human mother. He also gives her a crystal heart to put on her bracelet earlier in the same movie. The books mention that the heart also belonged to his mother but this fact is not mentioned anywhere in the films.

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5. Aro changed his sister into a vampire

A decade after Aro changed to a vampire, he changed his younger sister, Didyme into a vampire as well, hoping that she would also have an ability similar to his. She however could make people happy which didn’t seem useful to Aro.

6. Kristen Stewart graduated at the same time as Bella

Kristen Stewart and Bella Swan graduated high school at the same time. As Kristen was not having a ceremony, she took a mock photo of her being handed the diploma by an extra while she was dressed in a cap and gown.

7. Alice’s first vision as a vampire was of Jasper

After Alice turned into a vampire, her first vision was of Jasper. She knew that Jasper Whitlock was her future mate but she was also aware that he wasn’t ready for her yet so she waited for him to find her instead of going to look for him on her own.

8. The blood in the Breaking Dawn part 1 was edible

In breaking dawn part 1 a puppet and a real three-week-old baby were used for the birth scene. The blood was actually strawberry jam mixed with cream cheese.

9. Robert Pattinson learned to drive for the films

Robert Pattinson didn’t know how to drive but learned how-to for the films. He has Oregon Driver’s license.

10. Volturi was the reason for the burning in the sun myth

The Volturi had put in the human mind that vampires are burned by the sun and that they turned into bats. They did this to prevent humans from fully discovering them.

11. Robert Pattinson took boat driving lessons for the film

Robert Pattinson took a boat driving lesson to be able to drive the boat in the honeymoon scene. However, he crashed the boat during both the lessons and even during the shooting of the film.

12. Wolves cannot be turned into vampires

Only humans can be turned into vampires as the vampire venom is deadly to wolves and even other animals. This is why a vampire bite can be lethal to wolves.

13. Wedding scene was the last scene to be shot in Breaking dawn part 1

The wedding scene in Part 1 was the last scene the cast and crew shot. It was also shot under tight security and a helicopter hovered above the set, off-duty police officers surrounded the location. Sheets and umbrellas were used to protect the set from aerial shots being taken.

14. Edward considered killing Bella

Midnight Sun offers an insight into Edward Cullen’s mind during the events of twilight. It is twilight from his perspective. He planned on killing Bella Swan and his classmates at one point.

15. Robert Pattinson sang songs for the movie

Robert Pattinson sang two original songs for the Twilight movies, “never think”, which is played when Bella and Edward get dinner in Port Angeles, and “let me sign”, which is played after James bites Bella in the ballet studio. He also wrote Bella’s lullaby.

16. Rosalie and Jasper wanted to kill Bella

After the incident where Edward saved Bella from the van, Jasper and Rosalie wanted to kill Bella so that she doesn’t talk about what she saw. Rosalie didn’t want to relocate and Jasper thought that killing her would set things right as she was supposed to die from the accident anyway. Alice didn’t want them to kill her because she knew they would be friends and loved her already. She also knew that Edward would be there to stop them in any case which shocked them because they never thought Edward would fight his family for a human.

17. When Edward pushes jasper in new moon, none of the real actors were present in the scene

In the scene where Edward pushes Jasper in new moon when he tries to attack Bella, none of the real actors that portray the characters are present in the scene. This was done strictly for safety purposes to avoid anything from going wrong during this shot.

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18. Harry gets a heart attack when Leah phased

Leah starts getting angrier and angrier during new moon and her body starts changing without her knowing. She phased for the first time in front of her mother when she gets into an argument with her about her mood swings. Harry suffers a heart attack when he sees his daughter phase instead of his son. Seth witnesses this event. The shock causes him to phase as well.

19.Victoria was transformed by her sister

When Victoria was a human she lived with her older sister. Her name was Anne. She left with a client one day and didn’t return for years. When she finally returned, she returned as a vampire. She was the one who transformed Victoria.

20. Edward killed Esme’s ex-husband

Edward’s first victim when he first transitioned into a vampire and had his rebel phase where he killed criminals was Esme’s abusive ex-husband, Charles Evenson.


21. Kristen Stewart wore contacts for the movies

Kristen Stewart had to wear contacts in all of her movies as she has naturally green eyes which didn’t match Bella’s brown eyes as described in the books.

22. Edward wanted to join the army

Before Spanish influenza started going around, Edward was planning on joining the army as soon as he turned 18. World war I happened during most of his life as a teenager and he admired the life of a soldier. The only thing that made him reluctant to join beside his age was his mother.

23. Jane absorbed Caius’s sadistic enjoyment in torturing over the centuries

Jane’s talent was used to control potentially aggressive vampires and guaranteed Aro a polite and compliant audience. Caius enjoys using her talent to punish vampires before they were executed. over centuries, she has absorbed some of Caius’s sadistic enjoyment in the process.

24. None of the actors liked the yellow contacts

None of the actors liked the yellow contacts as they limited their vision. They were jealous of Kristen who got to wear brown contacts. She found out why everyone was complaining once she had to wear the yellow ones herself. Robert found it satisfying when Kristen started complaining about her contacts every time.

25. Bella’s prom dress was extremely cheap

The dress that Bella wore for prom cost only $20. Edward’s tux was the most expensive outfit in the whole saga.

It has officially been 9 years since the final film was released in the theatre and there is still a lot to learn about the series. It seems as if the Twilight Saga will never be completely over.

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