Why Did They Kill off Hank in Breaking Bad? Everything We Know!

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Walter White in Breaking Bad
Walter White in Breaking Bad

Since its debut, Better Call Saul has made inconspicuous allusions to its predecessor, Breaking Bad. As the prequel has developed and Jimmy has fully realized his transition into Saul Goodman, these allusions have grown more overt. We adored Walter White from the television show Breaking Bad because he did everything it took to survive. However, supporters were left with mixed emotions when Hank was slain for interfering with Walter’s drug enterprise. His demise was a significant narrative turn, and many are still reeling from it. Hank wouldn’t have advanced so far in the popular series if the show’s initial intentions had been implemented, though.

In this article, we will learn more about the Breaking Bad series and what happened to hank and therefore answer the question in demand: Why did they Kill off Hank in Breaking Bad?

What’s Breaking Bad all about?

In Breaking Bad, Walter White, a science instructor who resides in New Mexico along with his wife and adolescent son who has disabilities, serves as the main character. Two years are predicted for White’s remaining life after receiving the Stage III cancer diagnosis. Relying on his medical prediction, White has a newfound feeling of confidence and decides to enter the perilous realm of drugs and crime, where he rises to prominence. White also has a desire to provide the financial stability of his family. The show investigates how a terminal diagnosis, like White’s, liberates a regular guy from the daily worries and restraints of the average community and follows his development from a mild-mannered father and husband to a boss of the drug business.

Walter White
Walter White

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Who is Hank?

In both the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul spin-off programs on AMC, Henry “Hank” R. Schrader is a fictitious character. He was conceived by the creator of the series Vince Gilligan and is performed by Dean Norris. As a high-ranking employee of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Henry R. “Hank” Schrader began his career as a DEA agent beside his close friend and coworker Steven Gomez. He subsequently attained the position of Deputy Special Agent in Charge of the DEA (ASAC). Hank is the spouse of Marie Schrader, the brother-in-law of Skyler, Walter, and Holly, as well as the uncle of Holly and Walter White Jr., with whom he maintains a strong bond.

Hank headed the DEA’s investigations into Gustavo Fring & his drug business as well as the “Heisenberg” methamphetamine cook (unaware for more than a year that he was secretly his own brother-in-law). Hank experiences several threats from the competing drug cartels, which negatively impact his mental state and lead to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Hank enjoys gathering minerals and making his homemade Schraderbräu beer at home. Despite his arrogance, Hank is an expert at his work and really loves his family. Both Norris’ acting and the evolution of Hank’s character over the series have received praise from critics.

Walter White and Hank Schrader
Walter White and Hank Schrader

Why Did They Kill off Hank in Breaking Bad?

Hank was about to place Walter under custody in the desert after accumulating sufficient evidence to do so. Steven Gomez, Hank’s companion, was fatally shot in the ensuing gunfight, and the DEA agent was critically injured.  Jack Welker was the person who killed Hank Schrader. When Walter White discovered that his old partner was aiding Hank, he hired Jack, portrayed by Michael Brown, the head of a criminal organization with connections to the neo-Nazi & white supremacist movements, to assassinate Jesse Pinkman.

Federal agent Gomez was murdered by the Neo-Nazi organization. All of them qualified for the death sentence as result of the murder.  Hank had no chance of escaping that unscathed. They would all be caught and sentenced to life in prison if  Jack allowed a DEA agent to survive. Therefore Hank was killed off by the Nazi organization in order to keep them off the radar of the DEA. Before the crucial battle in the desert, Walt tried to cancel the hit after learning that Hank would be at risk due to the gang. Walt tried to help, but it was too late; Walter begged his brother-in-law to acknowledge he would allow the shooting to proceed while pleading with Uncle Jack not to murder Hank. Hank chose not to waste his breath, though. Steve Gomez & Hank died, and Todd, who plays Jesse Plemons’ character Todd, kidnaps Jesse and holds him hostage. 

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