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Another Review: A Horror Series You Cannot Escape


If you are a fan of the horror mystery then Another will be your cup of tea. This anime have scored an amazing review and all-stars in Metacritic because of its execution and the fact that this anime brings out attention to both sides. The dark, and the light. However, every masterpiece has a drawback that you won’t hear until you have witnessed it yourself. Another is a great anime with a lot of chilling plots and a story to conquer which is delivered to the audience. Besides, this anime stays on top of the horror list because of its X factor. No, we are not talking about the TV show. As said, Another consists of some boring episodes before you get to the end. But, have you even started?


One of the best things that Another will teach you is how to structure and time your horror moments to scare the watcher. For the sake of mystery, a lot of animes have butchered the original plot, made their characters obnoxious, and on the other hand, tried to play with the leads off a bit. But Another delivers right what you need. This eye-catching and gore watch helps you to understand that mystery, till is not dead in animes. It brings out the plot which is shaped in a beautiful tone. Each and every character here has a part to play unlike being eye candy to watchers. Without withholding for the sake of mystery, it delivers everything to you in the right amount.

The story starts with school student Kouichi who is transferred to a quiet place in Yomiyama. The school has a mystery lurking behind it as the death of a student happened and occurred during an event. But there is a catch. The event/ the mysterious death of the student which happened in class 33 around 26 years ago have still been recorded and been played to play a huge role for the silence of the mountain. Apart from that, there is another flare to add. Kouichi sees Misaki. Kouichi believes that she is real as she sits beside him and takes the role of his desk partner. But the rest of the class sees right through her. Upon mentioning, everyone tells they don’t see any trace of Misaki or who even is that?

Another Has A Feel Of Hollywood But The Colour Shades Are Fascinating


The thing about Another is that it has a feel and touch of Hollywood to it. But what will really draw you in are the color shades. If you have seen the Final destination then you know that each and every people who were involved in the mystery could not go back home, alive. The same thing happens right with this anime. Another brings the sense of horror in a classic and twisted style. Kouichi sees his classmate but the whole world is yet to believe him. But how does the mystery lays out in this anime?

Another gives you the option to create your own imagination. For example, take this as an instance. Suppose a mystery person just walks up to you and tells you not to open your drawer which is lying next to your bed. What will be your initial reaction? Yes, you got me right. Whenever we are told that there is a mystery hiding in the place we are not supposed to look for, it takes the element of suspense and a potential-jump scare. But this is the only difference with Another. It does not tell you what you need to build in-store to get ready for the watch. However, this anime rightfully guides you right through it. There are moments where you will find yourself clutching onto your bed sheet and not knowing what the doom impends right on you. Yes, you heard me right. The tone and even the atmosphere sets you off when you start watching this anime.

It would have been effective for the producers to reveal the mystery right from the start but Another keeps you clutching onto your chest till the end. The setups are engrossing and the writer’s touch on the source has a good impact after all. It comes with a proper sense of understanding of how Another still remains right on top.

Another Is a Gruesome Watch For Gore Fans


Another is surely a gruesome watch with a lot of graphic and violent content. It is only in the last 12 episodes where you will find all the gore happening. Another starts from being a deity watch with all intimidating incidents. It turns out to be morbid where a group of teenagers is hungry in each other’s blood lust. You will see characters massacring each other and bathing in the student’s blood. Another is truly a morbid tale of how this anime turns out to be at last. If you are a fan of the battleground then this is a perfect watch for you. There is ‘blood and blood’ everywhere. Every single scene in Another is twisted and has its own twist which will make you think you’re the choice you made, right on the midway.

One thing which saves Another is the grasping plot. It consists and is filled with a mystery right from start. However, as we said. You need to watch it to understand how this anime gravels out.

Art: Overall art is decent. The story and the entire atmosphere are captivating because the art style is the one to look out for.

Sound: The sound or the main bg music of Another is really creepy. But the creepiness starts full-fledged when the thirst for blood lust begins.

Story Idea: Well, Another delivers the story. Here is a recap. Young man gets selected for the school which has a mystery of its own, located right on the quiet hills. He meets his imaginary friend, who in fact does not exist but oh, that is a mystery which you will uncover. Let us not spoil it for you. On the other hand, this story holds the power of captivating the audience. There go all the stars for it.

Final Verdict

Another is a pass. Starting right from the very beginning, this anime takes you on an enthralling ride of the year. You will find yourself being captivated by the looks of it. It has a story that you need to see and which everyone needs to hear. Also, it is not meant for the weak heart. If you think that the slightest pint of blood might pass you out then here is your turn to back off. Only if you are a brave heart, this is a true anime for you.

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