Top 50 ENTP Fictional Characters

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Barney Stinson, Chandler Bing and Jim Halpert
Barney Stinson, Chandler Bing and Jim Halpert (Credits: NBC, CBS)

ENTP, short for Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting Personality, is a personality trait of a person which often makes them an ideal personality in the room. This personality is what makes them stand out in the crowd. These types of personalities are often bold and are looked up to by many. They are known for their mental agility. The intellectual stimulation of ENTPs is far beyond impressive. These people are also very quick with their thought processes, but this can also make them extremely competent in nature. ENTPs are known to be quite mature in nature as well.

ENTPs are masters of debate and can not resist winning it. Such types of personalities are often found becoming entrepreneurs and/or innovators. The creative mind of these people can easily leave you flabbergasted. The charming personality of such people is more than just mesmerizing. These personalities are optimal alphas and know how to rule. The smartness and comedy of these personalities will always crack you up. They are super ambitious for their dreams and acct o pursuing them in a vigorous manner. ENTPs are known for their stubborn nature in professional life and their growth through resistance.

Although, such people can also be quite manipulative, selfish, and insensitive to other people’s emotions. One more thing to note is that this characteristic is rather common in men than women and that such personalities are also quite rare to find. Indeed such people are fun to be around; that is why almost every movie, series, anime, or content you consume will have one key character possessing the ENTP characteristics.

All such characters have been witnessed to have left their mark on the audience even after being in a supporting role. In this blog, we will discuss all such fictional personalities that you might have missed for years.

Captain Jack Sparrow

The first fictional character on our list is none other than Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean for all the obvious reasons. Captain Jack Sparrow is the kind of personality that leaves a mark of his presence everywhere he goes. The innovative and chaotic personality of this character is a darling to many.

Jack Sparrow with two guns
Captain Jack Sparrow (Credits: Disney)

This character has evidently shown his impulsive personality at times of problematic situations but has never failed to be resourceful. He is very self-centered and considered arrogant but the selflessness roots inside him to the deep. Captain Jack Sparrow is all that an ENTP qualifies to be.

The Joker

Who has not loved Heath Ledger and his character in the dark knight rises. Well, besides the brilliant acting from a legend, it is the character, the Joker, himself that has made a huge space in the hearts of every Batman lover for this villain.

Joker in the jail
Joker (Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures)

The Joker is a crazy ENTP villain with an intelligent mind, confident persona, and impulsive behavior. The chaotic energy of The Joker makes him a personality to remember that breaks all the rules to get what he wants. The manipulating trait of this personality is what nobody can ever forget. The originality and rebellious nature of everything that the Joker is makes him the epitome of an ENTP.


Remember when we pointed out an ENTP having a creative mind to all problems and quick on their actions? Well, that is the charisma of Dustin from Stranger Things. This little boy is not afraid to debate anything with anyone. He always has a plan B.

Dustin talking on the headset
Dustin (Credits: 21 Laps Entertainment)

The thirst for knowledge he has is uncanny. He is always on a hunt to explore. The vulnerable yet prepared mind of this boy is just phenomenal. Dustin is an ENTP that will get you rooted for more.

Gina Linetti

Nine-Nine! The name Gina Linetti is enough for all the fans and viewers to recapitulate what this woman has caused. Even with a short span of screen time throughout the series, Gina Linetti has made a mark of her presence both in the show and in the hearts of all the Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans.

Gina Linetti talking
Gina Linetti (Credits: NBC)

Her absence has been missed to date, and this is the charm that Gina holds. Her weird yet fearless personality of Gina is what keeps her and her surroundings alive. Nobody can ever predict her next move. Gina is boldly outspoken. All these factors about Gina made her a successful personality as soon as she left the precinct, which is plain evidence of her ENTP personality.

Chandler Bing

One of the wittiest personalities in the fictional world of characters, Chandler Bing, is a definite ENTP (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting Personality). The uncommon and sarcastic behavior of Chandler Bing is the key trait of being an ENTP.

Chandler Bing talking on the phone
Chandler Bing (Credits: NBC)

He is creative with all the problems thrown at him and is open to change, which is why it didn’t take him much time to adapt to the change of job to advertising. ENTPs are extremely charming in their behavior, and this describes Chandler Bing quite well.

Jim Halpert

You can not miss out on Jim Halpert when it comes to ENTPs. The efforts this man puts in pulling a prank on Dwight or to please his love interest are out of this world. He is very relaxed with his dealings and holds a charismatic aura.

Jim Halpert shocked
Jim Halpert (Credits: NBC)

He has a creative way of dealing with his boredom and is very rational with his debates which is very likely for an ENTP. He is great at jokes and is well aware of the timing. ENTPs like Jim can never say no to a challenge and dive in without a second thought which is very evident when he decides to invest in Athlead. Overall, Jim is a great example of an ENTP.

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Kevin McCallister

Kevin McCallister is one of the most beloved child characters in Hollywood. This kid is too rational for his age. He is super skilled and thinks his way out of sticky situations. Kevin has a superb creative mind and comes up with original ideas in a jiffy.

Kevin McCallister pointing toy gun at the camera
Kevin McCallister (Credits: 20th Century Fox)

He is always ready with a witty come-back for any comment and can dilute any situation with humor. He is very capable of thinking before his opponents. Kevin is extremely resourceful and flexible in situations. Therefore, all of these factors make Kevin an ENTP.

Tony Stark

Well, it is way more than just obvious that Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, is an ENTP by personality. This character, played by Robert Downey Jr., has given him the fame and personality he is today. Tony Stark is a downright genius with great wit.

Tony Stark with Iron Man suit
Tony Stark (Credits: Marvel Studios)

His comments are always very unique and snarky. He has a knick for debates and has a reckless streak of impulse in him. All these traits make Tony a born leader and entrepreneur, which he successfully is. He is keen on improvement as well, which is why he keeps on bringing more advancements to his Iron Man suit as well.

Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman, also known as Jimmy McGill, is a superb lawyer with quick thinking and has his way out of anything. Saul Goodman is a definite ENTP for all the traits he holds because of his decisive plans, his manipulation skills, and out-of-the-box thinking. He is always on a hunt for a new way to get ahead in his game and is loved for who he is. Saul Goodman is always up for debate which has made him a beloved lawyer by all entire Hollywood and the world.

Saul Goodman walking
Saul Goodman (Credits: AMC)

James Moriarity

James Moriarrity is an absolute beast ENTP in the series Sherlock. This personality is a cunning mastermind. The nemesis of Sherlock Holmes, James Moriarty, is a criminal mastermind who has a plan to always be ahead of everyone.

James Moriarty standing
James Moriarty (Credits: BBC)

ENTPs are brilliant with brains and sharp in thoughts which is affirmative of James Moriarity. This person knows how to outsmart anyone who he wishes to. James Moriarity is another epitomized version of the ENTP personality.

Rick Sanchez

When it comes to ENTP, Rick Sanchez is another character that crosses your mind quite vividly. This character knows how to make his presence count in front of others. He leaves everybody wondering about him with his aura and reckless behavior.

The pessimistic and nihilistic personality of Rick is overtly overwhelming. He is a sociopathic scientist who will go to any extent to get his work done, even if he has to get his grandson through some serious problem.

Rick Sanchez mugshot
Rick Sanchez (Credits: Adult Swim)

He has the nerve to go against everyone and everything for his beliefs and things he wishes to do, which is very likely of an ENTP. A bonus point counts for his insensitive behavior as well. Rick Sanchez is an extreme type of ENTP who cares about nothing but himself and his work but has a soft heart deep inside.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister holds the beauty of Game Of Thrones intact in his own way. This character holds great charisma and charm to him. He is very wise with his knowledge which fascinates people. He loves to speak and let his words be addressed in a debate.

This ENTP is quite bold with his choices. Despite being short, Lanister has made his presence worthwhile in the entire show and the environment it is set in. He holds a crazy wit to himself that goes hand in hand with his persuasiveness.

Tyrion Lannister without the beard
Tyrion Lannister (Credits: HBO)

This way, he gets his things done and can manipulate anyone with ease. Throughout the series, Tyrion has made quite many rational decisions, for he listens to both sides of the argument. Besides all traits, Tyrion Lannister is an ENTP with crazy negotiator skills.

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Eve Polastri

Eve Polastri is a witty darling from Killing Eve. Eve loves to get her ideas bounced from others and test out all her thoughts. She is a classic ENTP who has been known for being difficult with focus. She’s very smart to get out of problems but always loses her good with Villanelle.

Eve Polastri worried
Eve Polastri (Credits: BBC)

This lady is insanely ingenious and is also ready for anything you throw at her. Even so, the most fun thing about the protagonist of Killing Eve is that she is super unpredictable with crazy plans to execute. Eve Polastri is another beautiful example of an ENTP personality who knows how to get you hooked.

Lucifer Morningstar

How can this devil not be on the list when it comes to charming ENTP characters? This outlaw is all about logic that has creative perspectives to it. He loves to explore new ideas. He enjoys himself a lot and lives his life like a party.

Lucifer Morningstar smirk
Lucifer Morningstar (Credits: Netflix)

He is always interested in complex things and looks at both sides of the coin before making a decision. Lucifer Morningstar loves to strategize his actions to bring the best possible outcomes. The only back draw is his impulsive nature to things. Even so, he is a darling and enjoyable figure to be around. Lucifer Morningstar is indeed the charm of the show, with witty intelligence and crazy rationale.

Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo, one of the key protagonists of one of the most famous anime, Jujutsu Kaisen, is a definite ENTP. Satoru Gojo is the kind of personality that knows how to leave his mark of presence around the people he meets. This teacher at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College has high morals to follow and a personal vision for the future that holds.

Satoru Gojo with sunglasses
Satoru Gojo (Credits: JNN)

He is a bit of an entertainer and uses his wit for serious situations. Gojo is great at hiding his dark emotions and insecurities with his humor which is very affirmative of an ENTP. He has a keen eye to see potential in others and the judgment to carve a way to replenish it. Indeed Satoru Gojo is loved by many.


Timon is the most colorful character from Lion King. This character has been so successful in getting his presence count that everyone remembers Timon the most vividly from the feature film. He has a superb brain for innovative ideas and an excellent way to execute them.

Timon putting his point
Timon (Credits: Disney)

Timon is a talker who is Eveready to talk out his thoughts and ideas to anyone available to listen to him. The bossy nature and confidence of Timon are a lovely top-up to everything he stands for.

Vanellope Von Schweetz

This witty, cunning, and very smart character from Wreck-it-ralph is a memorable piece of memory. This young lady from the movie is the one who has a second face to the story. The hilarious behavior of Vanellope Von Schweetz is well suited to her wit and mundane life. She is as colorful as it gets, and that is why Vanellope is one of the most loved ENTP fictional characters from the entertainment industry.


Vanellope von Schweetz in the car
Vanellope von Schweetz (Credits: Disney)

Caractus Potts

An old classic character, Dick Van Dyke’s Caractus Potts from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is one of the most classic ENTPs of all time. This man is crazily driven by his impulse, which makes him so colorful. Caractus Potts is a man also driven by his desire to serve his family, which shows how much he values the things he wants.

Caractus Potts looks shocked
Caractus Potts (Credits: United Artists Digital Studios)

He has been seen to go to all limits to achieve what he wants, which is very likely of an ENTP. His ingenious plans are downright creative, which is a beautiful blend of analytical thinking and creative perspective. Moreover, the man is superbly charming, just like a true ENTP.

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Well, Squid Game is an unforgettable series at its best, and so is Ji-Yeong, the most extraordinary character of the show. Ji-Yeong is a wonder who knows how to stay calm in tense situations and take control of the surroundings.

Ji-Yeong thinking
Ji-Yeong (Credits; Netflix)

This dreamer from the squid game is most fascinated by extraordinary things and does the most out-of-the-box things. This trait has helped her a lot in the show. Although quite future-focused, fans lost track of her after her sacrifice for Sae-book, which shows her soft heart. But the fact that she is still vividly remembered also points out how great an ENTP she is with her aura.

The Tenth Doctor

The main protagonist of one of the most beloved science fiction-related time travel series, Doctor Who is, hands down, the most charming and memorable doctor of all time in the series. Played very well by David Tenant, an expressively interesting and full-of-life character, the tenth doctor has made the show iconic with his presence for limited seasons.

Tenth Doctor
Tenth Doctor (Credits: BBC One)

The tenth doctor loves to be around others and cannot stop resisting his people’s skills. Many episodes of the show have proven his determination as the protector of our planet and the persuasive nature that he uses to manipulate anyone into getting done what he wants.

Shinobu Kocho

As unbelievable as it might sound, Shinobu Kocho, one of the most beloved female characters of Demon Slayer, is apparently an ENTP. While she might seem to be a bit of a laid-back personality in the entire show, the character has been a total ENTP in her life.

Shinobu Kocho with her sword
Shinobu Kocho (Credits: Tokyo MX)

Her adolescence as proof clearly points out the fact as she has been a very bold and audacious personality in her youth. Shinobu is extremely inventive and versatile, which shows her adaptive behavior as well. Her strategic outlook is a clear sign in her fighting style.

Jake The Dog

Jake, the dog, is one of the most perfect examples of an ENTP personality. He loves to fight a nice factual battle against a person that challenges him. This dog has no routine and loves to go with the flow. He loves to live a colorful life, like a party.

Jake The Dog listening to music on rooftop
Jake The Dog (Credits: Cartoon Network)

He is always on a hunt to improve what did not work in the past. Jake, the dog, is an example of energy, excitement, and bold expressions. He loves to express his feelings in subtle ways. Jake, the dog, is indeed a fun-loving ENTP to enjoy when it comes to a character to look for. He, indeed, is remarkable by all means.

Princess Merida

Princess Merida from Brave is an absolute darling who loves to live by her own rules. She is not your conventional princess but a stunning beauty with a brave heart.

As the name of the movie itself, the story of Princess Merida is not that of a fairytale princess of Disney but a brave warrior princess who is there to break all the stereotypes and shows the true strength of womanhood.

Princess Merida looks back
Princess Merida (Credits: Disney)

This adventurous young lady is talented and daring. She’s excellent at archery and riding. Princess Merida is a strong woman who stands for her dreams and desires against all the stereotypes society wants her to follow.


Fleabag, the extroverted protagonist from the show Fleabag, is a person with excellent social skills with no control over her tongue. She’s the kind of person who cracks jokes in the most inappropriate situations and does it to get out of any situation.

Fleabag depressed
Fleabag (Credits: BBC)

Her confidence is absolutely unshakable, which is also the reason she loosens up in social settings. Fleabag is quite adventurous and holds a love for new experiences. She’s so into adventures that she never has second thoughts about her decisions. Her presence is just lovely, and you love enjoying it. Fleabag loves to live in the moment, and all these traits make her a prime ENTP.

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Jeff Winger

Jeff Winger from one of the most fun sitcom series, Community, is a guy to really look out on. Jeff is a very snarky man with a lovely wit to him. He has that troll personality to himself. He is undeniably charming with smartness over the roof.

Jeff Winger
Jeff Winger (Credits: NBC)

He is very intimidating and does not like to follow the book. He shows his born leader skills with the study group with ease. The flaw with the guy is the problem of having no feelings, which for the record, is also an ENTP personality trait.

Klaus Hargreeves

Klaus Hargreeves, popularly known as Number Four from Umbrella Academy, is a fun-loving guy with an extroverted personality that is superbly charming. He’s a people man and loves to be the leader. This guy is vividly fearless and loves to enjoy some debate.

Klaus Hargreeves under umbrella
Klaus Hargreeves (Credits: Netflix)

It is hard to win against him with the points he puts in, but it is also very fun to be around. He has very strong beliefs, and he believes in sticking to them and speaking his mind. This open-minded personality is way too intimidating and gives out all the traits of an Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and  Prospecting (ENTP) character.


Hercules is one of the most beloved feature films of Disney from 1997. This movie has a special place in the hearts of many, which also has to do with the very popular character of the movie, Hades. Hades is one such character of the feature film that has captivated the audience more than the lead roles.

Hades on the boat
Hades (Credits: Disney)

The character play of Hades is extremely charming despite him being a traditional antagonist. One great yet bad thing about this antagonist is that his impulse takes over him too quickly. He is a little too self-obsessed with his intelligence and also thinks lowly of other people. This gives all the traits of a true villain and ENTP.

Nicky Nicholas

Nicky Nicholous from Orange is the new black is a beautiful example of an ENTP who loves to make others laugh and keep a laid-back behavior in situations. Similar to all the ENTPs, she loves to speak her heart out and has a passion for life. She loves to debate and express her opinions.

Nicky Nicholas amidst a debate
Nicky Nicholas (Credits: Netflix)

The perfect thing about Nicky is that she has a great eye for seeing both sides of the coin and making a thorough decision. Moreover, Nicky is extremely loyal to her buddies in the prison as well. While in prison, she turns out to rule like a queen in the arguments among other prisoners. Her sarcasm is on an elite level and comes in handy in all situations.

Amelia Shepherd

Amelia Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy is one of those confident ENTPs who hold wisdom to them. The charm and chaotic amusement Amelia has is extremely enjoyable to watch. Amelia is a person with loads of curiosity for new things and challenges that she loves to crack and improve herself in life.

Amelia Shepherd
Amelia Shepherd (Credits: ABC)

Her innovative ideas are commendable and superb. She is prime at analyzing her surroundings and situations and always comes up with logical, innovative ideas to deal with the situation at hand. As an ENTP, she has also been seen getting overly impulsive with situations that turn out bad for her.

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries is a tough guy portrayed as villainous at the beginning of the show as a guy with a sweetheart. This personality is hungry for entertainment and cannot beat boredom. Damon is straightforward with his thoughts and words.

Damon Salvatore smirk
Damon Salvatore (Credits: The CW)

His vigilant skills are highly valuable, and he is an exciting personality to be around. His impulse does cause a few problems in his life. He is determined for things he wants, for which he has the audacity to go to all limits and achieve them. With all these traits, Damon Salvatore is indeed a great ENTP.

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Jack Skellington

Tim Burton is a madman with the content he creates. The content he creates is loved by many and enjoyed by many. He has been acclaimed for many masterpieces, and The nightmare before Christmas is a part of all of them. Jack Skellington is a character to thank for that.

Jack Skellington is a character with a hunger for exploration. Tired of his monotonous life, he wishes to explore new ideas that will make his life interesting. This covers both the innovative and partying factors of the character. At the boring time of his life, Skellington embarks on his mission to explore more about Christmas.

Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington (Credits: Buena Vista)

He is stupendously curious about Christmas and dives his deepest into understanding the true essence of this beloved festival. Jack Skellington is a very keen man with an eye for constant development in life. All these traits make Jack Skellington a true ENTP.


Jane from Tarzan has been vividly seen as a curious explorer who loves to gather all the knowledge she gets. She’s super smart and is quite active in getting people’s opinions. Jane holds a knick for innovative thinking. Jane finds her peace in being around people and in the spotlight.

Jane with tarzan
Jane (Credits: Buena Vista)

Jane is an extremely daring and independent woman who loves to take risks and embark on dangerous adventures and go out of the rules breaking all laws. Her decisions are not tentative but thoroughly researched. She never has a second thought about what she wants to do and does it with a full heart. Her fearlessness and wit go effectively hand in hand that, gives her an edge over other characters and a lovely charm.

Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice is one of the most memorable characters from the show. Elizabeth is stunning, beautiful, charming, and witty and operates like an ENTP. Elizabeth is a woman who doesn’t want to live her life according to the harsh rules of the country.

Elizabeth Bennet candid
Elizabeth Bennet (Credits: Universal Pictures)

She is an explorer in life and loves to wander. She has no plans on settling down for mundane things. She loves to live her life like a party. Her wit and ability to manipulate are extremely well that even her opponents cannot put in a fight against her facts. Her fearless character is loathed by many, including her fiance, but she has never changed. The most ENTP type factor about Elizabeth is her edgy behavior with a pinch of impulse.

Doctor Emmet Brown

Dr. Emmet Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd, is a favorite character from an iconic movie of all time. Dr. Emmet Brown is quite unlike other scientists with his wit and love for humor. He is a super curious personality who finds relevance in popular culture.

Doctor Emmet Brown shocked
Doctor Emmet Brown (Credits: Universal Pictures)

The extrovert and eccentric behavior of this personality is quite charming. As an ENTP scientist, he always has innovative ideas. All the traits of his personality, with a good heart, make him an adorable ENTP. His enthusiasm and passion for making the time machine are unshakable and admirable. He obviously has failed at his tasks multiple times but has always struck back with a better plan. He is fearless and loves to take the authority in his hand.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is not just a character but a huge title. Emerged in the year 1953, Peter Pan made a place in the heart of everyone with what he did and stood for. The movie is all about him, a boy who doesn’t believe in living by the rules. As a kid, he has innocence but also fearlessness in his eyes.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan (Credits: Disney)

He loves to be unconventional, while the usual bore him a lot. Pete Pan’s playful behavior is what is loved by all. Although people find him aimless, he loves to enjoy his life and takes risks for the thrill. His adventurous spirit and aura are what keep the movie so fun and playful.

Peter Pan is a carefree, bold, smart, and adventurous character who never pulls back from showing his ENTP traits while just enjoying his life to the fullest. Indeed Peter Pan has many fans across the globe.


Aladdin is another prime example of an ENTP personality. A thief with not-so-high but dreamy ambitions is what describes Aladdin. He lives his life as a thief, not by choice but to survive. He is the type of man who believes in living on his own and not by the book. He has broken many norms every now and then to make way for his life.

Aladdin summons the genie
Aladdin (Credits: Disney)

With the introduction of Genie in his life, things do get crazy overhead while he starts showing more colors of a true ENTP, which in the end ends him up loving and wooing the gorgeous princess Jasmine.

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Alice from Alice in Wonderland is a wonderful character from Disney that you can’t help but love. Alice is a creatively ambitious woman who wishes for a life she can never live. She believes in breaking all norms to be what she wants to be and do what she wants to do.

Alice working
Alice (Credits: Disney)

Mundane life is not the cup of her tea, and she wants to live an extraordinary life. She is dreamy and roots for a life with talking flowers and brooks, full of danger and excitement with a mouth full of adventure. Alice is a born problem solver, which is why we see her excel in Wonderland. Her curiosity, though, takes good of her and gets her into trouble at times.

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka is a tremendously popular character in the most famous movies written by Roald Dahl, Charlie, and the chocolate factory. Willy Wonka is a crazily innovative man driven by his love for the probability of the future. Willy Wonka has an indigenous and intelligent brain.

Willy Wonka smiles
Willy Wonka (Credits: Warner Bros.)

He is a focused man with creativity afoot in his mind. He is completely aligned with his thought process and knows how to execute his plans. Willy Wonka has a creative vision for the world. His wit is genius and funny. At last, he does what he feels is best and is totally determined to do it. All these traits make Willy Wonka a typical ENTP.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is another darling from Disney who has won the hearts of many with his cunning and charming aura. He is a daring character who can intimidate people with ease. His manipulation skills are off the roof and work too great on outsmarting people.

Robin Hood ready to strike
Robin Hood (Credits Buena Vista)

Robin Hood is a typical example of an ENTP because he seems tough and bad on the outside but is soft and good on the inside. His heart always follows good intentions, and it makes him do anything to achieve what he wants. He lives his life in an unconventional way and likes to defy the rules at all times.

Bugs Bunny

While Disney has given the world so many great ENTPs to love, Warner Brother emerged as the most loved ENTP cartoon character in the entire world, Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny is an ENTP example that has tons of swag to him. He seems arrogant on the outer but is always best at his heart.

Bugs Bunny with a Basketball
Bugs Bunny (Credits: Warner Bros.)

He is unique and intelligent. He never misses out on executing his ideas and listening to people’s opinions as well. Bugs Bunny is a bunny of logic which will not follow a rule if deemed logically right. The most prominent factor of an ENTP in Bugs Bunny is that he loves getting attention. 


Simba is one of the most iconic animal characters given by Disney to the world, and this is major because of his ENTP traits. Simba is a curious cub who loves to cause mischief, which he does as a young lion as well. His playful and polite nature is what attracts the viewers the most. He loves to defy the rules and follow his heart.

Simba introduced to the community
Simba (Credits: Disney)

He’s quite daring but stays calm on the inside to give himself time to think in serious situations. He loves to fight challenges and never reconsiders once a decision is made. Simba has no tentativeness to his personality.

Osamu Dozai

Bungou Stray Dogs is a freshly growing and profiting anime series, all thanks to Osamu Dozai, the darling of the show. Dozai is a type of character who somehow survives bizarre suicide attempts. Osamu is a great detective who solves cases with utter ease.

Osamu Donzai around the city
Osamu Donzai (Credits: Tokyo MX)

He has a sharp mind with a lovely sense of humor that gets irrelevant at times, but that is the beauty of Osamu’s charm. He seems lazy to others in a way, but Osamu is one of the sharpest ENTP minds you may come across. All these traits and much more make Osamu Dozai an admirable and cool ENTP character.

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Hange Zoe

All Attack Of Titans fans agrees with the witness of the curiosity that Hange Zoe has. Her curiosity alone is something admiring to the core about her. She is a jolly lady with an unbelievable appetite for knowledge. She is very creative and innovative in the show, as seen by all, which is also put to use by the corps.

Hange Zoe with her spectatcles
Hange Zoe (Credits: MBS)

She has an open mind for looking at the situation in a free flow. Her thought process is always active midst of the action with titans to understand how they behave, which is because of her ENTP traits. Her analysis is crazy. She manages her emotions well during a serious situation.


Ryuk from Death Note is another evidently intimidating anime character out there in the industry. Ryuk is fed up with his routine, which is repetitive and mundane in nature. This is simply very common for all ENTP. Alongside this, Ryuk is also a very curious shinigami who has his wish to satisfy his curiosity.

Ryuk looks at the camera
Ryuk (Credits: Netflix)

For a devil,  Ryuk has a personality to himself and is exploring nature. He loves to search for new things and gain more knowledge. Ryuk is a devil still in development with a curious mind and gripping nature. All the discussion factors make Ryuk an ENTP for sure.

Edward Elric

Edward Elric, the captivating personality of FullMetal Alchemist, is a beast at his work. With a rebellious nature with curiosity in his mind, Edward from the anime does not fail to push his best to the limit. He keeps his mind open to all the probabilities and analyzes the situation like no other.

Potrait of Edward Elric
Edward Elric (Credits: Crunchyroll)

It is absolutely sane to commend their clever mind of his that has the tendency to manipulate anything and everything. For Edward, his goal is the ultimate target of his life, and he has the audacity to reach all levels to meet his intent. As an ENTP, Edward also has an insolent sense of humor that does make you laugh at times.


Hanako, the most popular and favorite character from Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun, is an ENTP as well, which is quite evident in his leadership. Hanako is a cute boy with mischief and curiosity filled in his eyes, and he loves to tease other kids with his practical wit.

Hanako-kun swag
Hanako (Credits: Animax)

His humor is a little offbeat but is still very enjoyable. He hates monotony and tries to enjoy his ghost life in such weird ways. Hanako gives up and turns out amazingly resourceful to himself and others while beating through challenges is his favorite activity. Hanako, indeed is an ENTP who has innovative solutions to all the problems thrown his way.


Bulma is another quite captivating character from the world of the Dragon Ball Z anime series. This character has a great personality that leaves a mark that compliments her intelligence and analytical skills. She is a responsible woman who loves to have balance in life. She is quite helpful to others as well but mostly logical in nature. She is also quick at making decisions. All of these traits together make an ENTP.

Beautiful eyes of Bulma
Bulma (Credits: Fuji TV)

Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson is one of the most amazing characters from How I Met Your Mother. This character is a master of humor and loves to push irony in tough situations to ease or escape the situation. He is very creative with his ideas and does not hesitate to speak his heart out.

Barney Stinson with a glass of alohol
Barney Stinson (Credits: CBS)

Moreover, his persuading techniques and manipulative skills are quite commendable skills as well. He is always flexible to situations thrown at him and keeps his brain open for all the challenges that come his way. He always has a unique way out of everything. Barney Stinson is an ENTP you can never forget for sure played phenomenally well, Neil Patrick Harris.

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Patrick is one of the most charismatic, impulsive-filled, restless teenage characters in the movie industry. This character from Perks of Being a Wallflower has a unique vision of life. This character always looks at all sides of a situation to make a decision.

Patrick in suit
Patrick (Credits: Summit Entertainment)

Despite going through so many harsh difficulties, he does not leave hope. He still has acceptance for people and is super ambitious for what the world and destiny have for him. One can learn a lot from the beliefs of this teenage boy. Patrick is indeed an Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting ENTP personality.

Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak is an interesting character from the show Arrow. This DC character is quite bold, curious, and high on intelligence. She has an impulsive nature but a mature outlook on the world. She is quite positive about her decisions.

Felicity smoak with spectacles
Felicity Smoak (Credits: DC)

She is a crazy genius which is evidently visible throughout the show. Felicity has a soft heart for people and cares about others as well. Besides that, she is a woman of details who loves to dive into the details of any topic thrown at her. All her points in a debate are commendable and genuine. All these things about Felicity make her an ENTP. She is still a little inverted at times. 

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