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Al Thaman Episode 45: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Al Thaman Lebanese Romance Series Episode 45 Release Date
Al Thaman Episode 45 Release Date

Premiering its first episode on 8th January, 2023, Al Thaman portrays the challenges of a divorced mother, who will do anything for her child. The 2006 award winning Turkish drama “Binbir Gece,” popularly known as “1001 Nights,” was adapted for Al Thaman.

Al Thaman Episode 45 is set to release this Monday! With the last episode showcasing a rollercoaster of events and uncovering secrets that were swept under the rug, this upcoming Episode will be back with more surprises that is sure to keep you on the edge!

The series features a spectacular production with a cast: Razane Jammal, Bassel Khaiat, Nicolas Mouawad, and Sara Abi Kanaan, who are both equally talented and appealing, contributing to the show’s popularity.

The show also makes reference to the patriarchal society and the conservatism that permeates contemporary high-class living.  All these features that comprise this Lebanese series make Al Thaman so enjoyable and well-liked by the public.


Al Thaman, which translates to “The Price” in English, tells the story of a divorced woman who is compelled to make a deal with her boss in exchange for the long life of her son.Zein and Sarah are the two major protagonists of Al Thaman’s story.

Al Thaman Lebanese Romance Series Episode 45 Synopsis

Al Thaman (2023)

Zein is depicted as a man who hates women due to certain past experiences for which he has thick walls around him. He makes sure that no one is allowed to break through these walls and invade his space.

On the other hand, Sarah is a divorced mother of a son with leukaemia  who desperately requires money for his treatment. Working as an architect under Zein’s father, Mr Ibrahim, Sarah was losing all hope as not one source was willing to help her pay for her son’s hospital bills.

When she turned to her boss, Zein, as a last resort, he offered to pay her expenses and provide her with financial assistance.  Zein only asked for one thing in return for the financial aid: to spend the night with him.

Sarah immediately understood how ridiculous this was and that there was no logical justification for her to move forward with such a proposition. Yet ultimately, she agrees to Zein’s demand in return for her son’s well being. She will do all it takes to ensure that her son lives a long life.

Zein and Sarah, however, develop feelings for one another as the narrative progresses. Despite Zein’s defences, Sarah is able to breach them and break down his walls. Zein is also prepared to take on the entire world on her behalf.

Al Thaman Episode 45 Preview 

In the last episode, Karam had gone to the hospital but came bearing bad news. Having been warned by the doctors about his deteriorating health, Karam makes sure none of his family members find out about his suffering.

Episode 45 will be witnessing Zein giving a hostile message on the event of Mozaik’s ceremony as a threat. On the other hand, Firas will blackmail and threaten Rola to return to the house or he’ll expose all her secrets.

In midst of such heated events, will things eventually get better or will the ongoing situations just add fuel to the fire? How will Karam hide his illness from his loved ones while Zein threatens his sworn enemy? 

Al Thaman Episode 45 Release Date

Al Thaman Episode 45 will be releasing this Monday on 13th March, 2023 at 7:00 am (EST). The release date and time of the upcoming episode is provided below: 

  • (TRT) 2:00 PM Monday, 13th March 2023
  • (IST) 4:30 PM Monday, 13th March 2023 
  • (PKT) 4:00 PM Monday, 13th March 2023
  • (MYT) 7:00 PM Monday, 13th March 2023 
  • (PST) 3:00 AM Monday, 13th March 2023 
  • (KST) 8:00 PM Monday, 13th March 2023 
  • (PHT) 7:00 PM Monday, 13th March 2023
  • (Bekasi, Indonesia) 6:00 PM Monday, 13th March 2023 

Streaming Guide for Al Thaman Episode 45 

Shahid MBC will be showcasing all Episodes of Al Thaman including Episode 45, with new episodes airing every Sunday through Thursday.

Shahid MBC provides a vast variety of options to browse through, if Turkish series or its adjacent are your cup of tea. However , a site subscription is required in order to access these episodes.

Before charging for subsequent episodes, which can only be accessed by subscribing, each series typically offers a free trial episode. Shahid  MBC consequently offers Al Thaman and other shows with a  similar theme for $8.45 per month.

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