Who is Bretman Rock’s Ex-Boyfriend? Everything We Know!

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who is bretman rock's ex boyfriend?
who is bretman rock's ex boyfriend?

Let’s talk about the much wondered Bretman Rock’s Ex-Boyfriend. Bretman Rock is well known for his eccentric demeanor and unflinching authenticity. He has been rather transparent regarding his personal life. It’s to the point where he doesn’t feel awkward disclosing that he is essentially unmarried right now. But not too long ago, the social media star had a lover that he kept hidden from his followers’ eyes.

Fans who had no idea Bretman even had a partner were shocked when he posted a video in April 2020 titled “MyBoyfriend handles My Makeup.” Sadly, it seems that particular romance wasn’t intended to continue forever. Let’s learn more about this couple’s history and find out more about who is Bretman Rock’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Who is Bretman Rock?

Born on July 31, 1998, Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga is a Filipino-American fashion influencer and social media star located in Honolulu, Hawaii. After one of his films on contouring went viral in 2015, he gained popularity as a producer on YouTube and Vine. Rock is well-known for his hilarious outlook on life and for creating cosmetics tutorials. He has appeared in various music videos, including MTV’s Foregoing: Bretman Rock (2021), and was the first openly homosexual man to grace the Playboy cover in October 2021.

 When did the couple break up?

Rock frequently wrote on his social media accounts about his ex-partner. He had heartfelt wishes for him on Valentine’s Day 2020 on Twitter. He had uploaded a YouTube video to his channel showing his buddy applying his makeup. The boyfriend’s identity is still unknown, though, as his identity wasn’t in the picture.  The joy was fleeting as Rock tweeted about their breakup. He tweeted, “Girl, I got something to tell y’all…..” in his first tweet.

He sent out a second tweet after that, asking his followers to do something strange. Fans were urged by the comic to search for Big Sean’s music on Spotify under the fifth suggestion. It was the tune “Single Again.” That was most definitely a novel way to break up! Rock uploaded a video with the caption “Get ready for a Zoom date with me!” before he made the breakup official, though. In fact, Bretman appears to be doing even better than before. As if he didn’t already know, the YouTuber is liked and appreciated more than he could think. Fans have been racing to support him now more than ever with loads of love and encouraging words, so as if he probably didn’t know.

Who is Bretman Rock’s Ex-Boyfriend?

We still don’t know who Bretman’s enigmatic ex-boyfriend was, even though he has been upfront about having a relationship (and being alone now). When the boyfriend first appeared on the network, he applied Bretman’s makeup but chose to keep his actual face out of the picture in order to maintain his anonymity. That actually makes great sense. For a variety of reasons, dating someone with a significant internet following is probably quite challenging, so for many individuals who don’t crave attention for themselves, choosing to keep some kind of personal anonymity sounds like a pretty reasonable choice.

On the same day, he stated in yet another Twitter post that his ex-boyfriend had no social media accounts. He gave off the impression of being a little irate that people were violating the couple’s privacy. Additionally, he sent out another somewhat irate tweet in April 2020. In the tweet, he assured his followers that they would not discover his companion online and urged them not to believe any assumptions made by “detective losers.”

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