The Promise Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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the promise
The Promise (Credits: WeTV)

The fans are gaga over the diverse storylines in the Thai BLs, which do not need an introduction. They always get eager and happy to hear about the news of any new upcoming BL series. And that is the reason it is difficult for the fans to catch up on every BL coming out.

The genre is getting recognition at the international level, which it deserves. Additionally, we have witnessed the growth of Thai BL, which encourages other nations to exert additional effort in attempting this genre. On the 1st of March, a new BL named The Promise started airing with ten episodes in total. The first episode was released on the 1st of March, and the latest was released on the 10th of May, 2023. And the new episode is ready to drop on the 17th of May.

The Promise is an ongoing romance thai television series telecasted on WeTV. Funt Thanyathorn Siwanukroh is in charge of writing the show under the direction of Khom Kongkiat Khomsiri, known for one of the most historic BL out there, KinnPorsche. 

the promise
The Promise (Credits: WeTV)

The Promise centers around the journey of two individuals, from being friends to lovers, and their stories. The two protagonists, Phupha and Nanfa, have been close friends since they were young. A historic coffee store controlled by the father of Phupha is located next to the apothecary owned by Nanfa’s father. They have always stuck to each other and in ups and downs. But once Phupha is done with his college, he, without Nanfa knowing, just disappears from his life and has never been seen for the previous ten years.

With a sense of isolation and depression, it was difficult for Nanfa to start her new life. Phupha and Nanfah, the closest of friends, portray their friendship as one characterized by affection, ambiguity, and terror. The show depicts how the two begin their life either dating or rather than just hanging out as friends. 

This article will help you with the details of The Promise Episode 10, its release date, the preview of Episode 9, and the streaming guide of The Promise. 

The Plot of The Promise 

The lives of two inseparable childhood best friends, Phupha and Nanfa, who attended the same high school, are revealed. Nanfa’s father is an optimistic father who always wanted his children to be as wealthy as their ancestors were. He is the owner of the pharmacy. On the other side, Phupha’s father runs a traditional coffeehouse serving brews made with beans from his family’s farm, located next to Nanfa’s father’s pharmacy.

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They are basically glued to each other and are there by each other’s side. Nanfa became the comfort person and consoled Phupha after learning that his father had died from a heart problem. Rather than letting him live his dream of becoming a doctor, Phupha convinced Nanfa’s rigid father to permit him to study advertising. They had been holding each other’s hands since they were kids.

They even shared a room when both were attending the university. Up to the point when Phupha abruptly left, which left Nanfa dreading and confused after he cut off the connection with him. Over the next ten years, he made several attempts to reach out to his only best friend, but he had no idea where Phupha was.

cast of the promise
Cast Members of The Promise (Credits: WeTV)

One of the lone messages Phupha left for Nanfa before departing was that he would see his mother in Melbourne. With the hope of meeting Phupha, Nanfa made it a habit of traveling to Melbourne once a year. He has trouble sleeping lately, is lonely, and can’t seem to make friends who will make him feel better about himself.

Nanfa continues doing this until, unexpectedly, Phupha moves in as his neighbor. Long-lost best friends find each other again as the narrative progresses. We share the same emotions of heartbreak with them, caused by the same feeling, love, but both experience it in vastly different ways.

Phupha decides to leave Nanfa for ten years because he has feelings for him and wants to move on. But for Nanfa, the loss of his close one is bewildering pain, and he struggles with emotional and physical health issues.

Let’s Catch Up With the 9th Episode of The Promise.  

Episode 9th opened up with Nanfa meeting Khunkho after a long. Khun was happy to see him. He invited Nan to dinner and told him he had something to tell him. Phupha arrived after Khun had left the area and enquired about any tension between Nan and Khun. Nan refused, claiming that we merely knew one another. Then, Party came to tell them that Ken was throwing a bash for all and that they had to attend it.

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At the fete, Khun needed an alone moment with Nan, but his friends, especially Party, were trying hard to intervene with them. Ken thanked the team for the efforts and dedication they put into the work.

After some time, Khun got a chance to take Nan aside and convey what he was feeling. Party smelled out what Khun desired and asked Phu to confess his feelings for Nan, which he had hidden under the covers for years, or else Khun would be bound to.

While everything was going on, Khunkho pleaded with Nan to give him another chance and to allow him to become his special someone. When prompted, Phu walked up on stage to perform a song. He continued by singing a song he had written ten years before but had never performed in front of an audience.

He then went on to confess his true feelings to Nan. They kissed and hugged, for which the viewers waited for ages. It showed that Nan felt the same way about Phu.

ep 9 the promise
Episode 9 The Promise (Credits: WeTV)

Meanwhile, Phupha received a message about his dearest granny passing away, which made him heartbroken. Even when Nan had to go to the office to complete his work after he consoled and comforted him, Phu couldn’t help but grieve his loss. He was fulfilling his responsibility of being a grandson.

It was difficult for Nan to see the most special person in his life in this condition. So, he was cooking up something to make him feel he was not alone and that he had got his family by his side.

Nan’s boss was happy and impressed with his work and decided to make him a part of a team for another project. But for that, he had to move to China. He told Party about turning down the offer as Phu was still bearing the pain of the loss of his granny, and he couldn’t leave him alone like that.

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The episode ended on the note of Giegie telling Phu about Nan’s boss’s plan to send him off to China. But he was unaware of the news as Nan didn’t tell him.

The viewers were delighted with this episode because they had been impatiently waiting for Phu to admit his feelings for Nan and for them to be regarded as lovers rather than just childhood best friends. And fans are anticipating Nan and Phu to have a happy ending, given everything they have been through together, because the upcoming episode will be the final one of this series. 

The Promise Episode 10 Release Date

The Promise will be released its 10th episode on the 17th of May, 2023. According to Thailand Standard Time, episode 10th will be broadcasted on the streaming platform WeTV in Thailand. Fans from other countries who are eagerly awaiting the 10th episode of The Promise can tune in at the following times and dates:

  • India: At 6:30 P.M (IST) on the same day
  • South Korea: At 10:00 P.M (KST) on the same day
  • Phillippines: At 9:00 P.M (PST) on the same day
  • Indonesia: At 8:00 A.M (IST) on the same day 
  • Malaysia: At 9:00 A.M (MST) on the same day 
  • Japan: At 10:00 P.M (JST) on the same day 
  • USA: At 9:00 A.M (EST) on the same day 
  • Europe: At 1:00 P.M (GST) on the same day
  • Australia: At 11:00 P.M (AST) on the same day 
  • Canada: At 9:00 A.M (EST) on the same day

How To Watch The Promise Episode 10 

Episode 10th of the Thai series The Promise will air on the online streaming site WeTV in Thailand and many selected regions. And fans worldwide can watch the episode on the official YouTube channel of Devonte Youtube, DEVONTE296 OFFICIAL, one week after the telecast of the 9th episode, who does not have access to WeTV in their nations.

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