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How Much Is Mega Millions Ticket? All You Must Know

Mega Millions Ticket
Mega Millions Ticket

Here, we shall discuss how much a Mega Millions Ticket costs. This has been the question of so many people in recent days. Well, in case you aren’t aware, Mega Millions is the United States-based fourth largest jackpot game. It has insanely reached more than $1.2 billion as of date. This is the fourth time that the mark has crossed over $1 billion. It was back in 2002 when the first Mega Millions drawing was made. Initially, this jackpot or the lottery game was named The Big Game. Now, it seems like the game won’t just quit so easily.

Knowing about these Mega Millions, some people are highly interested to learn about the ticket price, where to purchase, and every other detail of the jackpot game. Without any further ado, let’s dive into this piece for the same.

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Mega Millions Ticket: Price & Where To Buy From

Initiating the discussion with the Mega Millions Ticket price, each costs $2 per play.

After knowing the Mega Millions Ticket cost, you must wonder where to buy it. Well, the tickets are available moreover sold from lottery retailers and agents. Not everywhere, though, but in 45 states. Besides these, the tickets are also sold in the Columbia District and the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you are from New Jersey, it has a lottery website that has a retailer finder. So, it’s easier for you to buy from the nearest store.

Be it a movie, stand-up comedy show, fun game, or anything, nowadays, we opt for purchasing tickets online. This has become more prominent because of the lockdown effect. Considering this, many of you may wonder if you can buy Mega Millions Tickets online. Right? Well, yes. You can. But, there are limitations too.

What is it? If you are from Illinois, Georgia, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, the District of Columbia, or Virginia, you can easily get it online. But, what about the other people? If you have access to Jackpocket mobile application, you are good to go. If you don’t know about it, the application acts like a platform from which you can purchase state lottery tickets sold by licensed partners. Mega Millions Tickets are also available.

Hoping, everything about Mega Millions Tickets that you were looking for is covered here.

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