Who Is Tyre Nichols’ Baby Momma? Answered

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Protest against violence of cops in the killing of Tyre Nichols
Protest against violence of cops in the killing of Tyre Nichols (Image Courtesy - People)

The terrifying violence of five cops from the Memphis Police Department on a man named Tyre Nichols spread like wildfire in social media and news outlets. It went to such extent that the leaders of the country had to get involved in these horrific questionable actions from a group of police. This incident reminded everyone of the shocking incident a couple of years back that made all the continents shake at the inhumane nature that still exists in society.

This incident took place on 23rd January 2023. Videos, pictures, and statements from the family went viral on the internet after that. The Memphis Police Department gave away a statement apologizing and condemning the actions of the cops and relieved them of their duties.

As per surveillance cameras and reports, he was driving and got stopped by the patrolling police car. He got confronted by the cops, and things went wrong after that. Tyre Nichols indeed tried to run away. However, they followed him, and well, they ended up bullying, torture, and eventually murdering the man.

Since then, quite a number of news and rumors that went around, making appearances on Twitter and several reports as well. However, some of the conspiracy theories were fake, to say the least. This made Tyre Nichols’ parents make quite a few appearances in public and provide truthful facts about their son and other notable information.

Due to those appearances, his mother, RowVaughn Wells, shared the information that the late Tyre Nichols has a 4-year-old son. This made the news keepers quite intrigued, and therefore, we will explore that information from whatever has been confirmed and released.

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What We Know About Tyre Nichols’ Baby Mother?

Tyre Nichols’ death brought up quite a few paparazzi makeup theories about his death, his personal life and his situation. One source claimed out of nowhere that Tyre Nichols is a father. After that, Twitter went on a rampage making up the wildest stories about it. This caught the attention of news outlets, and they went on to confirm it from reliable sources.

Interestingly, people looked him up on social platforms and claimed that he used to post pictures of a boy child more or less, everyday. Indeed, the child looked like him and definitely confirmed the news of him being a father.

RowVaughn Wells, the mother of Tyre Nichols, stayed active to comment and confirm and deny the news spreading in the social media. She went on to confirm the news regarding him being a father and added that he was a loving son of them and a kind father of his son.

This brought upon the question of the identity of the mother of the child. It is speculated that his son was a result of a previous romantic relationship. He decided to take the responsibility of raising his son. As per reports, although none confirmed, says that the mother’s name is Katie. RowVaughn Wells has not confirmed this certain report yet. It is understandable that the family wants to keep certain information private about him. Although, we look forward to hearing anything regarding this from Tyre Nichols’ family.

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Who Are In The Family Of Tyre Nichols?

Tyre Nicholss’ parents are Row Vaughn Wells (Mother) and Rodney RowVaughn Wells (Father). They have made quite a few public appearances since his death. They organized a peaceful protest march against the Memphis Police Department. They were vocal about the wrongdoings of police against dark complexioned people and asked for justice.

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Parents of Tyre Nichols
Parents of Tyre Nichols (Image Courtesy – USA Network)

Tyre Nichols has two siblings, a brother and a sister. It is reported that his sister’s name is Keyana Dixon. However, no information is available about his brother. The family wanted to keep certain information private from the media and has asked for privacy regarding such information.

A Brief On Killing Of Tyre Nichols

Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old man, was driving in Memphis. A patrolling police car stopped his car, and things went absolutely wrong after that. They had two confrontations, the first one saw the police getting visibly aggressive with him. He tried to run away after the first incident, although the police followed him to the place and started beating him up and torturing him. Eventually, the continuous torture resulted in him succumbing to his injuries and dying.

You can read the complete story in the article mentioned below. Until next time, goodbye!

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