Where is Wrong Side Of The Tracks Filmed? The Locations To Know

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Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Wrong Side Of The Tracks series (Credits-Netflix)

Many Spanish series has managed to be extremely popular among Netflix audiences. Wrong Side Of The Tracks is another addition to the glorious Spanish series that have been churned out to be quite a successful investment for Netflix. This series has aired for two seasons and has been renewed for two more.

The beautiful locations filmed in the series are stunning to watch. The entire series was shot in just one city. The makers had to face lots of trouble since the movie’s shooting was done during the pandemic year. There were many restrictions, but still, the crew managed to film this series in stunning locations. Let’s know more about the filming locations of Wrong Side of the Tracks.

Wrong Side of the Tracks
A still from Wrong Side of the Tracks(Credits-Netflix)

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Plot In Brief

The series draws inspiration from a popular Spanish comedy series titled La que se avecina. The series has been directed by David Bermejo. It is the story of Tirso Abantos-the proud owner of a hardware store. He is living a simple and lonely life, having retired after serving in the army for a long. 

Everything changes when his granddaughter Irene comes to stay with him. Irene is bold and daring and ends up getting trapped by drug dealers. Tirso has no option but to join hands with corrupt officials to handle the drug dealers.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Filming in Mediaset Espana Studio 
Irene is rebellious and bold (Credits-Netflix)

The show tries to portray the contrast in the neighborhood- one that’s peaceful and the other which has criminals and drug dealers residing. The series is filled with many high-action scenes that were all filmed in this gorgeous city. 

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Filming Locations

The series is strongly influenced by Spanish culture and traditions. Life in Spain is beautifully infused into the series. So those who have visited Spain before might be able to recognize the filming locations easily.

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The entire series was filmed in Madrid. Spain’s capital city is home to splendid architecture and buildings. The distinct elements and contrast between the ancient and the modern design are captivating. Hence Madrid has always been a popular spot among tourists and production companies. 

The crew looked upon many spots in Europe but couldn’t find the right one. Shooting the series was difficult as Covid halted it for many months. The first season was filmed during the peak of the Corona Wave. The makers managed to do an impressive job by filming the popular spots of the bustling city of Madrid. 

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Filming Locations In Madrid 

The series is based in a fictional neighborhood of EntrevíasThe makers filmed most portions in two neighborhoods of Madrid. These include Plaza de San Andres and Villaverde Alto. So these two streets feature heavily in the series. 

Wrong Side of the Tracks Filming Locations In Madrid 
Madrid, Spain’s capital (Credits-Tripadvisor)

The makers also filmed a few scenes at the Church of San Adras. This ancient church is known for its classic architecture. But the makers did not use real places for all the scenes. There were a few special setups to enhance the scenes. The makers utilized the services of this popular studio to film key scenes. 

The is visible in a few shots, and judging by some Instagram uploads, it looks like the production team set up shop in Mediaset Espana’s vast number of studios.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Filming in Madrid Landmarks
Neighborhoods of Madrid (Credits-Tripadvisor)

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Filming in Mediaset Espana Studio 

The team prepared the hardware shop at Mediaset Espana Studio. This shop is important to the storyline as the opening sequences revolve around this place. The sophomore season was exclusively filmed in this studio only.

The studio comprises several smaller studios which have been used for filming scenes for a long time. Set up in 1089, the studios provided several facilities to the production crew. 

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 Filming in Madrid Landmarks

Madrid is a city that’s been blessed with stunning landmarks and beauty. The city lies on the banks of the River Manzanares. It is located centrally in the Iberian Peninsula. The city houses several huge landmarks that have played a vital part in Spain’s history. These include the Museum of Madrid, the Reina Sofía National Art Museum, etc.

The production team of Wrong Side of the Tracks says that they were impressed with Madrid’s architecture and diversity. Madrid has grabbed the chance to be part of the filming process of several movies like Warrior Nun, Money Heist, etc.

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