True Lies Filming Locations: Where Was James Cameron’s Action Movie Filmed?

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True Lies
True Lies (Image Credit: Amazon)

The highest-grossing movie of 1994 in the US, True Lies, is an action comedy movie written, directed, and produced by James Cameron. Stephanie Austin joined him as the producer. The story got inspired by the French spy comedy film, ‘La Totale!’

The lead actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, plays Harry Tasker working as a US government agent. On the other hand, he must rescue his kidnapped wife, Helen, and perform familial duties for their daughter, Dana.

The 141-minute-long movie, True Lies, released with a budget of $100 to $200 million, got released on 12 July 1994 in Westwood Village’s Fox Theatre and on 15 July 1994 in the United States. It got distributed by 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures. True Lies made $378.9 million at the box office. Thus, it was a box-office success.

Similarly, True Lies was successful in Japan, China, Canada, and the rest of the world in 1994, leaving Forrest Grump and The Lion King behind. For instance, out of the 53 reviews, 70% were positive, according to Rotten Tomatoes. Similarly, it scored 63 out of 100 based on the 17 reviews on Metacritic.

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True Lies Plot

Harry Tasker’s family thinks he often goes on business trips as a salesman for business software. However, Harry has a different identity. He is a spy in the top US Counterterrorism Agency, ‘Omega Sector.’

Harry, with his colleagues, infiltrates a party as a potential buyer thrown by the billionaire Jamal Khaled. There, he comes across Juno Skinner, Khaled’s art dealer and a worker of the Salim Abu Aziz-led Islamic terrorist group called ‘Crimson Jihad.’

Missions frequently keep Harry away from his family. One day he learns that his wife, Helen Tasker, is about to meet a person called ‘Simon.’ He gets helped by his colleagues to get details about Simon. Simon, who pretends to be an undercover agent, turns out as a second-hand car salesman who tries to attract women through his fake identity.

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Thus, Harry kidnaps and scares Simon. After learning that Helen is sick of Harry’s frequent absences, he includes her in his next mission but ends up getting kidnapped with her. It turns out that the kidnapper is Juno.

Aziz asks the US to remove their army from the Persian Gulf or experience Crimson Jihad’s nuclear power through several explosions. Harry confesses his secret life to Helen after taking the truth serum. They escape and go to the Overseas Highway to stop an explosion that will get occurred within 90 minutes.

Helen gets caught by Aziz after killing some terrorists in melee fights, and Harry’s two colleagues help him get Helen back using a helicopter. It is how he saves her from falling down the broken highway/bridge.

The Tango Dance Scene
The Tango Dance Scene (Image Credit: From Tailors With Love, Notorious, ovvero, IMDb, Discover Newport)

One warhead explodes on the island without hurting anyone. Meanwhile, Harry learns that Dana is still trapped with Aziz in the Miami Skyscraper. His colleague, Faisil, enters the building as a reporter while killing Aziz’z men, and Dana reaches the roof with the missile control key. Harry ties Aziz to the end of one of the missiles and fires it at the helicopter containing terrorists. It is how the Taskers family comes together.

After a year, Harry includes Helen in his squad. They start dancing passionately at a formal party and find Simon working as a waiter and pretending to be an undercover agent. However, he runs away after seeing the couple. Meanwhile, Harry’s teammate, Gibson, asks him to take his work seriously.

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True Lies Filming Locations

The ballroom tango dance where Dana Tasker dances passionately with Harry Tasker got shot in the Rosecliff mansion. Located in Rhode Island’s Newport, the Gilded Age Mansion gets used as a historic house museum open to people.

New Port’s large châteauesque mansion, Ochre Court, is shown as the exterior of the Swiss Chalet. In that scene, the Black-tie party is under progress in a palatial house, and Harry Tasker infiltrates there. However, he gets noticed and creates a threat to his job as a spy.

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Chateauesque (Image Credit: Buildings Of New England)

Simon confesses to being worthless after getting interrogated by Gib and Harry on the dam. The scene got shot on Northeastern San Fernando Valley’s flood control dam called ‘Hansen Dam.’ The US Army Corps of Engineers built it in 1940.

The Hansen Dam Scene
The Hansen Dam Scene (Image Credit: John Kenneth Muir)

After jumping from a window, Harry Tasker rides the mounted policeman’s horse to follow Salim Abu Aziz riding a motorcycle. Three lobbies got used for it. One is Mayfair’s pre-renovated lobby, and the other two are from the Westin Bonaventure. Mayfair and The Westin Bonaventure Hotel are located in Los Angeles. Further, Harry and Aziz go through a square in downtown Washington DC called ‘Franklin Square.’

Franklin Square And Mayfair's Lobby
Franklin Square And Mayfair’s Lobby (Image Credit: The Movie District, Dirt)

Harry and Helen share a romantic moment on an island named ‘Knights Key.’ He puts the wedding ring on the correct finger and kisses her. Meanwhile, a mushroom cloud appears from the water as the warhead explodes. The island is in the middle of Florida Keys within the borders of Marathon.

A Scene From The Knights Key Island
A Scene From The Knights Key Island (Image Credit: Screen-it)

The famous helicopter scene (rescue scene) where Harry hangs upside down from the helicopter and pulls Helen from the car running towards the broken bridge got shot on the Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys. It is a bridge connecting the Little Duck Key located in the Lower Keys and the Knight’s Key in the Middle Keys.

A Scene On The Seven Miles Bridge
A Scene On The Seven Miles Bridge (Image Credit: Movie Tourist, Reddit)

The ice scene where Harry comes swimming underwater wearing a white underwater suit got filmed in Boreal Mountain California, located in Soda Springs, California, on Interstate 80 with Lake Tahoe.

Boreal Mountain California
Boreal Mountain California (Image Credit: MovieMaps, SnowStash)

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