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How to Watch The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Episodes? Streaming Guide

Ms. Pat Show Season 3
Ms. Pat Show

The 2022 Emmy-nominated Ms. Pat Show aired all ten episodes of its season 3 on February 23rd, 2023, after its much more successful first and second seasons. This BET+ series sees the return of the brilliant comedian Patricia ‘Pat’ Williams in the lead role to continue entertaining the audience with her unconventional humor and bizarre stunts.

The series is a fictitious recreation of Ms. Pat’s actual life story and incorporates fabricated truths with genuine facts. The show, created by Ms. Pat and Jordan E. Cooper, highlights Ms. Pat’s skirmishes and adventures in adapting herself and her family to a new life in a conservative, suburban community. 

With the unfinished ending of season 2 leaving the fans in limbo, eager for more, this latest portion moves the story forward in an unexpected direction, full of contagious comedy and heart-warming moments. The viewers can surely expect to be well-entertained and highly enjoy the hilarious events unfolding in the new season’s episodes.

Ms. Pat Show

Ms. Pat Show

Ms. Pat’s fans can treat themselves to the hour-long special routine of her comedy stage, namely Ms. Pat: Y’all Wanna Hear Something Crazy, that got premiered on Netflix in the month of February 2022.

Cast of the Ms. Pat Show Season 3

The popular Patricia plays herself in the show as Ms. Pat, acting as the female head of the Carson family. After living in Atlanta for most of her childhood and being forced to move out under dire circumstances, she’s moved to her present time home in a white neighborhood in Plainfield, Indiana. Living with her four kids and loving husband, Terry, life is never uneventful for Ms. Pat!

J. Bernard Calloway acts as Terry Carson, portraying Ms. Pat’s real-time husband, Garret, in the sitcom. He makes up for the love and support absent from Ms. Pat’s childhood, and even though he makes mistakes and is miserly, he never fails to be there for his wife when she needs him.

Tami Roman returns as Denise Ford, the carefree, rehabilitating drug-addict sister who has trouble finding and keeping jobs, causing her to mooch off her sister, Ms. Pat.

Ms. Pat Show

Ms. Pat Show

Vince Swann plays Brandon James, Ms. Pat’s son from her first husband, who is sweet yet slow. Briyana Guadalupe is Janelle Carson, the smart but prickly youngest daughter with Terry. The youngest son, Junebug Carson, is played by Theodore John Barnes as bright and optimistic, and addicted to social media.

Brittany Inge also appears recurringly as Ms. Pat’s eldest daughter, Ashley James, from her previous marriage, a young and successful therapist. Initially, it was hard for Ms. Pat to adjust to her daughter’s sexuality as a lesbian, but being open-minded, she accepted it, and the friction in their relationship settled.

The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Summary

Even after finally landing her dream of being on tour with her idol, Ms. Pat is unable to get a break from the chaos and drama in her family. From the last season, the story continues from where Ms. Pat’s unanimous decision to opt for abortion in order to accomplish her dream infuriates Terry, and they end the season with a huge fight.

This season shows the effects of the fight on the main couple’s relationship, Denise facing the symptoms and dangers of a relapse, and Ashley having to deal with her cheating girlfriend.

Ms. Pat Show

Ms. Pat Show

The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1) Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

After the argument, Pat and Terry’s relationship’s taken a great hit, and things are not seeming to get better anytime soon. In the meanwhile, Janelle gets a shot at winning a scholarship to college, but there is a catch. The currently broken family has to look picture-perfect to impress the college representative.

Episode 2) Pat On Tour

Pat realizes that her idol is not all that dazzling when she finally gets to meet him up close when she and Denise join Tony free’s tour. While back at home, the kids throw a party where things go wrong, and Terry has to come to their rescue.

Episode 3) Down With the King

Pat’s tour performances are going great, and she is having a wonderful time, but there is a heavy weight on her conscious, disturbing her greatly. Allison, Junebug’s girlfriend, gives him a false pregnancy scare, which causes dubiety and makes him wary.

Episode 4) Ain’t No Party

Pat feels beaten down after seeing insults hurled at herself on the internet. In addition to the trolling, she has to make a good impression on Terry’s boss so that his promotion does not get affected. Brandon and Ashely realize there are way too many similarities between their lovers for it to be mere coincidences.

Episode 5) Da Baddest Trip

Her past comes knocking on Pat’s door in the form of her cousin Trina, bringing along with it troubles that forced her to adopt her former persona, ‘Rabbit.’

Ms. Pat Show

Ms. Pat Show

Episode 6) Nudes & Dudes

Panic arises in Janelle when she mistakenly sends her nudes meant for her boyfriend to her mother. Denise is stuck between a rock and a hard place, her mind and her heart with the decision to date Terry’s boss, his promotion posing a liability.

Episode 7) Body Aches And Booty Shakes

Brandon decides to change careers, but will it be that simple when his history follows his footsteps? Pat and Denise smell something fishy, with Terry’s female colleague sticking too close for comfort.

Episode 8) Twenty-Seven Side Pieces

Pat’s busy with her podcast launch, and Terry’s recovering from his injuries, but recuperating seems more difficult than he thought, and Denise has to bring Pat on board her plans when some mean girls from her new workplace at the black hair salon try to bully her.

Episode 9) Pills & Chills

Terry’s dependency on his pills is discovered, and when the kids and Denise try to intervene, it results in a catastrophic exchange of verbal blows between Pat and Terry.

Episode 10) Father Christmas

Pat and Denise go on to try and find Terry’s real father to being him as Terry’s Christmas gift, but when this search fails, they turn to their plan B, which is to use the mall’s Santa.

How to watch The Ms. Pat Show season 3 episodes?

The Ms. Pat show is available solely on BET Plus, which requires a subscription before you can watch the entire show. The streaming service is also available for purchase through The Roku Channel, Prime Video, Apple TV, and The sling TV. BET Plus may be the show’s airing on their cable network in the future, but the platform’s services are currently unavailable in the UK.

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