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Ex-Arm Episode 11 Preview and Recap


The battle continues at the Ex-Arm auctions, with Beta dominating and controlling the Ex-Arms. Soma wanted to avenge the death of Al Jarde. But he got swallowed by one of the Ex-Arms. Minami wants to save Soma before the Ex-Arm gets full control of him. Kimura has arrived with Number 00 Alpha at the battlefield for Natsume to control it. Today we will be looking at Genes of the Original Sin Battle 010 below.

Natsume calls Ogre to come towards him as Minami told him to end this hopeless scenario. Minami and Alma performed their kiss code for EX-ARM Number 00 Alpha full networking capabilities to be unlocked. Natsume manages to connect with Ogre and become Ignis Type-03 EX. Alpha is glad that he has become a new version of Ogre. He told Beta that seeing his face annoys him. Beta said he had fought him the other day.

Previously on Ex-Arm Episode 10

Number 11 is watching as the drama is about to unfold, and he is impressed by Apha’s abilities. Beta mocked Alpha about the day he thrashed him and destroyed Tokyo. Alpha replies that now it is a rematch, and he will get his revenge. He created a gust of wind to summon his machine gun. Alpha started to fire multiple shots towards Beta, who uses his armor to block the bullets. Beta told Alpha not to be ahead of himself, or he will get slapped.



Alma battle with a Black Panther Ex-Arm that was too fast for her. The Black Panther uses cat moves to dominate the battle. Kimura interferes with buying Alma some time as Natsume orders Ygg and Minami to leave with Jinkoku-Sha. He told them he, Alma, and Kimura would handle the enemies. Minami is worried about Soma, who is inside Black Panther’s body. Ygg, notice that and use sync to knock out Minami gently.

Gift From Space

She realizes that if Soma dies in front of Minami, she won’t handle it. Kimura carries Minami on his back. But Black Panther wanted to smash them, and Alma drops kick him away. She told him to face her, and Number 11 recalls his past. His boss told him that he had ascertained the Ex-Arms to be a gift from space. It’s a weapon that invokes almost supernatural abilities when connected to a life form.

In the present Number 11, notice that Alpha has become stronger during the battle. What his master told him is happening. The gift from space is showing supernatural abilities. Alpha told Alma that they could win the battle and go back home. Alpha realizes that Number 21 has the power to freeze the objects in the air. Number 21 can use that power both in attack and defense. Beta attacks and Alpha told him not to take him lightly.

He jumps and slides on mid-air while firing few shots at Beta’s chest. Meanwhile, Kimura comments that the geezer is alive for the time being. They are taking care of the president in a safe room. Minami is still unconscious, but Ygg is keeping her stable. Kondo notices Minami’s wound ad warns Ygg about it. Ygg comments that they have to leave the building quickly. Back to the battlefield, Alma stops Pather from escaping, and they both change massive blow.

Sacrificial Pawn



Alma landed a sliding kick while shooting Pather. The top floor explodes, and the two battle in mid-air as they fall to the first floor. Alma notices that Pather can use his power in only two places at once. She avoided those two places and attacked him in the third place when he is open. When they land on the floor, Pather is surprised when he is underneath Alma, pointing a gun at his chest.

Pather is wondering how Alma can make those moves when she is not an Ex-Arm. Alma told Pather that she is not what she used to be. She also reveals that she is not a sacrificial pawn anymore. Alma told Pather not to try a funny move since he won’t block the bullet. She reveals that no one will order her again, and no one will control her again. Defeating villain is in her blood, and justice will always prevail.

From now Alma vows to fight for herself and the people she cares about of her own free will. Kimura heard Alma’s speech and asked Ygg what she is talking about. Ygg reveals that when she got rid of Alma’s brainwashing, she realizes something. All of Alma’s mental and physical limiters have been removed. She can kill a person without being ordered to and of her own free will. Meanwhile, Natsume finds that Number 11 is his brother, and they team up to defeat Beta.

Ex-Arm 11 Release Date

Ex-Arm Episode 11 will release on Monday, 15 March 2021, at 1:05 JST. You will be able to stream or watch Ex-Arm online on Crunchyroll. Let’s take a look at the updates and preview of Ex-Arm below.

Ex-Arm 11 Preview

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