How To Watch The Heavenly Idol Episodes? Streaming Guide

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The Heavenly Idol New Korean Drama Streaming Guide
The Heavenly Idol Streaming Guide

Based on a web novel written by Shin Hwan Jin, The Heavenly Idol is a new K-drama that has all the exciting elements- Romance, Fantasy, and K-pop! What more could anyone possibly ask for?

Expected to release 12 Episodes, The Heavenly Idol has already become a crowd favorite as fans cannot wait for the release of more episodes. To know where this K-drama will be available for streaming and what it’s all about, stay tuned as all your questions will be answered in this article! 

What Happens in The Heavenly Idol?

Many people believe that Pontifex Rembrary (Kim Min Kyu), our protagonist, possesses the strongest divine power imaginable. Being the Highest Priest of an otherworldly cult, Rembrary is regarded with the utmost respect by the cult members. However, while he is battling with the devil, he is transported to modern South Korea, where he ends up swapping souls with a mortal.

The body of Woo Yeon Woo, a member of the unpopular idol group ‘Wild Animal,’ gets taken over by Pontifex Rembrary, who finds himself in a small dormitory. Woo Yeon Woo’s K-pop group was failing miserably even though they had formed over 3 years. Their lack of success led them to the verge of disbandment. Rembrary, on the other hand knew nothing about the K-pop industry of South Korea, for that matter!

Rembrary is forced to live life as a K-pop idol after his bizarre soul-switching with Woo Yeon Woo. He tries to fit in the group and train himself to sing, dance and eat as Yeon Woo would. However, the K-pop lifestyle is not at all easy to follow or maintain. 

Even though it seems like all hope is lost, Woo Yeon Woo’s closest supporter, Kim Dal (Go Bo Gyeol), is determined to keep his career from failing. She takes over as Wild Animals’ new manager and gradually starts to change the group’s fate.

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Later, it turns out that  Rembrary is not the only one who has shifted from the spirit world into the K-pop culture. Others have also followed, including a strong chaotic force. What will happen in The Heavenly Idol? Will our powerful cult leader, along with his new manager, be able to save the world from destruction? 

Streaming Guide for The Heavenly Idol 

This new K-drama, surrounded by themes of fantasy and supernatural abilities, will be available to stream on multiple different platforms. So fear not- if you want to start The Heavenly Idol, we’ve got you covered!  

The Heavenly Idol premiered its first episode on February 15, 2023. Originally, this new and upcoming K-drama released its episodes on tvN. Since then, the K drama has been releasing its episodes every Wednesday and Thursday.

The Heavenly Idol Korean Drama Streaming Guide
The Heavenly Idol (2023)

For Korean Residents, The Heavenly Idol will be available to watch on tvN network. For others living outside of Korea, the episodes will be available for streaming on Rakuten Viki (for selected regions). If the show is unavailable in your region, a legal VPN is suggested to help you gain access to all old and new episodes of The Heavenly Idol.

Cast of The Heavenly Idol 

With Kim Min Kyu and Go Bo Gyeol being the main protagonist of The Heavenly Idol, the K drama boosts of an amazing Cast, which has led to the show receiving an incredible amount of love and popularity since its release.

Kim Min-Kyu

Starring as Pontifex Rembrary, Kim Min Kyu debuted in the acting industry in 2013 and has since starred in many well-known Korean dramas like ‘A Business Proposal,’ ‘Snowdrop’ and ‘Nevertheless.’ Despite being a relatively new actor, Min Kyu’s skills in the field have led to his achievements.

The Heavenly Idol K-drama Actor Kim Min-Kyu
Kim Min-Kyu

Go Bo-Gyeol

Playing the role of Wild Animal’s manager, Go Bo Gyeol stars as Kim Dal in The Heavenly Idol. Like Min Kyu, Bo Gyeol too, is a rising actor who completed her studies at the Seoul Institute of Arts. Some of Bo-Gyeol’s popular K-dramas are ‘Goblin,’ ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’ and ‘The Arthdal Chronicles’ Parts 1,2 and 3. 

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The Heavenly Idol Koream Drama Actress
Go Bo-Gyeol

The Heavenly Idol Episode 3 Release Date

The latest episode of The Heavenly Idol, Episode 3, will be airing next weekend, on February 22, 2023. The exact release date and time of The Heavenly Idol’s upcoming episode will be provided below:

  • February 22, 2023, 10:30 pm (KST) 
  • February 22, 2023, 7:00 pm (IST)
  • February 22, 2023, 9:30 pm (PHT)
  • February 22, 2023, 10:30 pm (JST)
  • February 22, 2023, 9:30 pm (MYT)
  • February 22, 2023, 8:30 am (New York City, USA)
  • February 22, 2023, 8:30 pm (Bangkok, Thailand) 

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