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Coming to America 2 Latest Visuals: Initial Look At Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall’s Return

Coming to America Eddie Murphy

New visuals from this forthcoming Coming 2 America by Amazon reveals its initial look at Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall’s returns. This 1988 romantic comedy Coming to America, starred Murphy as Akeem, the royal prince of the fictional African nation of Zamunda. However, when it comes the time for Akeem to marry, then he ventures to America with his close friend Semmi (Hall) to then find the perfect woman for himself. At the time of its release, Coming to America was a box office smash then and remained one of Murphy’s most beloved projects. Hence, as Murphy reinvents his career in a hefty way, it’s no surprise that he will be revisiting it.

Coming 2 America New Visual

In 2019, it was previously confirmed that Murphy would be returning for Coming 2 America; the long-awaited sequel has now been in the news after the first film. However, Coming 2, America will find Akeem, thereby preparing to take the throne of Zamunda. Still, all his plans are now thrown into disarray when he learned that he fathered a son (Jermaine Fowler) with an American woman (Leslie Jones). Certainly, at one point, Coming 2 America was already scheduled for a theatrical release in late December 2020. Still, now as the coronavirus pandemic has complicated some of the major movie premieres, it eventually shifted to Amazon Prime. So, the audience will eventually get to see Coming to America in March 2021.

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Coming to America 2: Release Date

Most importantly, as Coming 2 America‘s first time December release dawns on Friday, has revealed Murphy and Hall’s initial look in the movie. The first shot reveals that Akeem and Semmi now returning to a neighborhood barbershop, while its second is just of Akeem being proudly displaying his overall affection for the New York City in a rather familiar costume. Gratefully, both the actors look like they have already slipped back into their characters with ease.

Certainly, others who are returning for Coming 2 America include Shari Headley, Louie Anderson, John Amos, Paul Bates, and James Earl, Jones. Its fans will now have to wait a bit longer for it to see their huge returns, but it’s somehow fitting that the initial look at Coming 2 America puts all the spotlight on Murphy and Hall. Now, both the actors will once again play the multiple characters in its sequel, with Murphy potentially even playing the villain. Presumably, all the different characters now will be shown in the still-unreleased trailer of it.

As Coming 2 America is already scheduled for its early release in March 2021, the movie’s initial trailer could be released any day now. However, in fact, the arrival of these first two pictures suggests that it will debut soon. Now, back in September, it was previously reported the first Coming 2 America trailer had been rated and had the movie not gotten bumped to 2021, so it probably would have come out by now. Meantime, the fans have been left to wait a bit longer than expected. However, with the release getting ever more closer, you can expect more looks at Coming to 2 America in the coming weeks.

New Cast Members

  • Nomzamo Mbatha as TBA: A South African actress, Nomzamo Mbatha was earlier confirmed for Coming 2 America in August 2019. However, she portrayed Khwezi in the series Umlilo, and she most recently appeared in many films such as All About Love and Hotel Called Memory.
  • Luenell as TBA: Luenell, an American comedian, officially joined the Coming 2 America cast in August 2019. Certainly, she portrayed a cashier in A Star Is Born and also Aunt in Dolemite Is My Name. Moreover, she also appeared as Peaches in Game On! A Comedy Crossover Event.
  • Rotimi as TBA: Rotimi, a Nigerian-American actor, earlier joined the Coming 2 America cast in August 2019. However, he’s best known for portraying Dre in Power and Ezra in Divergent.
  • Michael Blackson as TBA: Michael Blackson, a Ghanaian-Liberian actor, was previously confirmed for Coming 2 America in August 2019. Now, he’s best known for some roles in Next Friday and The Savages.
  • Bella Murphy as TBA: Bella Murphy, Eddie Murphy and his ex-wife Nicole, makes her film debut in Coming 2 America.

You can watch this amazing comedy on Netflix with your family and friends as well.

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