Are Jacob Bertrand and Peyton List Dating?

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Are Jacob and Peyton dating?
Jacob and Peyton on the premier of The Swap

There’s one thing that excites everyone: good gossip, and if that’s related to our favorite celebrities, then no one can keep their nerves calm. For quite some time now, everyone has been speculating about the relationship between Jacob Bertrand and Peyton List relationship. Everyone saw it coming and was secretly hoping for it in the back of their mind.

When the couple finally accepted their relationship in public in March 2022, everyone was happy and delighted to hear the news. What’s better than your favorite celebrities dating? After many rumors and fan speculation paparazzo finally got them, and when confronted, they did not deny their relationship. Jacob was very nonchalant about the issue and told everyone, “You got me, bro.” 

Before we dig more into their relationship, we should first know something about our beloved stars. Both of them started their careers as very young stars of Disney and gained popularity through their acting performances. Jacob was first seen in the Disney XD series ‘Kirby Buckets,’ and Peyton starred in the Disney Channel series ‘Jessie.’

Jacob was 15 when they met for the first time on the sets of the Disney Channel and very quickly developed a bond of friendship between them. Was this friendship becoming the foundation of their new budding relationship? 

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Are Jacob and Peyton dating?
Jacob and Peyton on the promotions of Cobra Kai

How, When, and Where?

Yes, we know you have thousands of questions lingering around your head about this new couple in town. Well, you can keep your running mind in peace and sit back and relax while we answer all your never-ending questions. From the first time they met on the Disney Channel sets, they built a very strong friendship. They had been good friends all this while until they openly accepted their relationship.

People caught them many times on camera hanging out together, but they never accepted that they were dating. Many thoughted and shipped them together and wanted them to date. That’s why there was always a rumor that they were dating, even if they were not. It would not be wrong to admit that everyone manifested that they both ended up being together.

God heard our prays. Jacob was a very good friend of Peyton’s brother Spencer, and it was very tough for him to accept that he had a crush on his friend’s sister and wanted to date her for a while now. Thank God! Spencer gave his blessing to both of them. Jacob and Peyton were also together in 2016 in the Disney Channel film The Swap, and again they were seen together in Netflix series called the Cobra Kai.

After doing Cobra Kai, they were famously known as ‘Cobra Kai couples’ even though the main couple of the series were someone else. Jacob accepted in front of the interviewers that they had both been in touch before the Netflix show’s announcement, and it was a coincidence that they both starred together in the series.

Both of them have been good friends for a while now, and they both have been seen attending functions and festivities together on their social media accounts. People kind off anticipated them coming together.

Jacob Bertrand

Jacob Bertrand is an American actor who started his career with the 2009 film Duress and was featured as a guest actor in the television series The Middle. His career took off after he played the role of the titular character in the Disney XD series called Kirby Buckets.

Are Jacob and Peyton dating
Jacob Bertrand

He was Jack Malloy in 2016 on the Disney Channel Original Movie ‘The Swap.’ Cobra Kai, the Netflix series, gave recognition to this talented actor.

Peyton List

Peyton List is an American actress and model who started her career as a child model and later made her first acting debut with 27 Dresses. She was praised for her acting when she played the role of Holly Hills in the ‘Dairy of a Wimpy Kid movie series.

Are Jacob and Peyton dating
Peyton List

She has a successful career as an actress and has done a series of successful movies and shows, for example, Jessie, Remember me, Light as a feather, The Thinning, Cobra Kai, The Outcasts, and The Swap, etc. We are very happy for the new couple, and we hope that both receive the privacy they deserve. Bombing them with questions and clicking their pictures when they are enjoying their alone time together is good. 

Congratulations to the new and happy couple.

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