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Preview and Recap: Otherside Picnic Episode 8

Sorawo and Nishina are glad that they are finally enjoying a peaceful environment for the first time in their life. They are both hanging on summer island relaxing and drinking cocktails. The two woke up in a luxurious hotel in the morning, and Sorawo is surprised where they are. She looks at Nishina and finds that Nishina is still sleeping. She wonders why Nishina sleeps naked all the time, and she realizes that they drank too much yesterday.

Sorawo remembers that they have just escaped from the U.S military after killing boss mosnter cow. They ended up here in a summer resort and started partying all night. Sorawo tried to wake up Nishina, and when she pulled off her blanket, she realizes that Nishina is naked. She covers Nishina with a blanket again and realizes that she shared a bed with a naked woman all night. Nishina wakes up and drinks some coffee, and Sorawo suggests that they have to leave. 

Otherside Picnic Episode 8 will be released on Monday, 22 February 2021, at 11:30 PM JST. Catch Othorside Picnic officially on AnimeLab and Funimation.

Otherside Picnic

Otherside Picnic

Previously on Otherside Picnic Episode 7

Nishina doesn’t want to go back, and she reminds Sorawo about going to the beach and praying more. Sorawo comments that they have to return and go to school. Nishina replies that they can miss an opportunity to swim since they’re here. They both got dressed and went to the shop. They pack the bag full of snacks and drinks.

While they are in a taxi, they both fell asleep when they woke up; they find that the driver is gone. The car is in the middle of the forest, and it is messed up. The new car looks like an old car with trees growing inside it. Sorawo is wondering why everything looks so old, and they just dozed off for five minutes. When they woke up, everything has changed like they are in the 80s. Nishina comments that it doesn’t make sense. 

Summer Resort

Nishina decided that they should go and swim, and they find a beach shop nearby. The shop is destroyed, and they think that itis dangerous. They both took out their guns and went inside and found that the shop is abandoned. Nishina was looking for the rooms to change. But when they went outside, they find that there are rooms. Sorawo said she is feeling embarrassed since it has been a long time without wearing swimsuits.

Nishina asks if she has a scar or a tattoo that makes her feel insecure. Sorawo replies that it is nothing like that, and Nishina told her not to worry. They both enjoy swimming and drinking beer. Nishina saw something inside the beach and ask Sorawo what it is. Sorawo said it looks like Alcatraz, and Nishina comments that it is a massive prison. Sorawo drinks beer and comments that skipping school to drink beer in Okinawa makes it taste even better.

They both think that itis better not to return and stay here enjoying swimming and drinking. Sorawo said she doesn’t know what they will do with their guns when they return. Nishina comment that they can use a courier to send them back home since they’re not allowed on a plane. Sarao said they would x-ray the package, and Nishina said they could go back via the Otherside. Sorawosaid they will think about it.

Otherside Picnic

Otherside Picnic

King of the Coast

Nishina teaches Sorawo how to swim and play with water. Nishina shows Sorawo how to use a rifle. Sorawo thanks Nishina for the experience since she never thought that she was a beach person. Sorawo was missing the target when firing some bullets. Nishina told her to hold the rifle like she is embracing it and she must not. She fires and hits the target. Nishina challenges her on who will blow more cans of beers. 

When Sarowa wanted to fire, she saw something floating, and they heard the sound of a gun. The two went to find out what is happening, and they find that some beach bullies are ganging up on weak boys. The punks call Nishina by her name, and she’s surprised how they know her. Nishina told them to stop bullying others, and one of the punks comments that she has the balls to challenge them. The boss said that she got a death wish. The fourth guy checks on the guy they were beating. He finds that the guy is dead and comments that itis called a murder.

The four punks charges at Sorawo and Nishina, and they got their legs and hands shot. Sorawo uses the power of her blue eye and comments that those punks are not human. Their bodies changed transformed to skeletons and burns to ashes. The punks revive up and comment that the king of the coat is coming back. Nishina shoots their heads, and they die instantly. The king of the coast came back with his zombie army. Nishina and Sorawo defeated them by shooting the core inside their head. 

Otherside Picnic Episode 8 Preview

Read about how Nishina and Sorawo escaped the U.S military base here: Otherside Picnic Episode 7.

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