Only 4 Universes Will Be Left In ToP After DBS 118

Universe 2 ended up doing pretty much fodder and an overall failure this tournament. Never found out yet why they have a Yardrat and in the end, Frieza tortured and easily beaten him, so my expectation for their remaining warriors is very low, and it looks like they will all indeed get defeated next in the tournament.

Universe 6 also seems to be next so which goes first is uncertain but everything points to both these Universes being eliminated. Shortly Champa will be saying farewell to Beerus. Universe 6 with many favorite characters and development will be missed and see Cabba, Hit and everyone disappears will probably be the climatic end of this episode.

So I believe Universe 2 will be erased first to build up for this climactic Scene crucial beaten, and we have this moment and time to grieve for Universe 6, and the fighters.
Cabba is saying goodbye to Vegeta and then Vegeta saying he will wish him back, Hit looking at Goku and wishing him luck.

After this, all appears though Universe 7 is then only left with Universe 3, Universe 4 and Universe 11 to Deal. I don’t think anyone assumed that these were going to be the final four Universes. Except they are and Universe 3 apparently has something planned, and it might be exciting, but the real issue on everyone’s mind is why is Quitela still so certain and not needing the Potara earrings. Why despite everything he has seen feel sure they will last and win the tournament. I really can’t wait to see what unique abilities these hidden warriors have, and they might upset the whole circumstances at the tournament defeating a superior warrior by surprise.

Make no mistake with these final Universes the crucial fights will begin. With that Universe 7 will also begin to suffer some losses to Warriors not that are just strong but perhaps have abilities so strange that they don’t understand how to deal with them. We have observed it on our side that Roshi using the Mafuba and being able to seal away and eliminate fighters that are hard to deal. So it is probable that these remaining opponents or even hidden opponents have something so exceptional they begin to cause problems for everyone left in the tournament.

Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

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