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Elden Ring Review – Is It Worth Playing?

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

This article is about the Game Of The Year of 2022. FromSoftware has developed Elden Ring, they are the same developers of  Dark Souls, Demon’s Soul, and Bloodborne, and they have many other acclaimed titles.

Elden Ring is not very different from any other game. It follows the RPG mechanics and definitely lives up to its expectation. George R.R. Martin is the man responsible for the story of Elden Ring. He wrote all the important key important roles in the game. 

Credits: FromSoftware

Credits: FromSoftware

Elden Ring is available for PS4 and PS5 for PlayStation, and for Xbox, it is available on Xbox Series X and Xbox One. To play on a PC, you can buy it on Steam or on their official website. To have a smooth experience on PC without any hiccups. 

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit operator)
  • Processor: Intel core i5-8400 or AMD RYZEN 3 3300X
  • Memory: 12GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 1060 3GB or AMD RADEON RX 580 4 GB
  • Storage: 60GB Available space
  • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Audio Device


This is the basic outline given before the game is started. The location of Elden ring is in a place called the Lands Between and was ruled by a Queen whose name was Marika. But this land before was once ruled by a dragonlord. This dragonlord abandoned had abandoned its subjects, and they had been waiting for a ruler for a great amount of period. 

The Greater Will had appointed Marika as its ruler. When appointed as a ruler, you also act as a vessel for the Elden Ring, which is the most powerful thing in Lands Between. The power of Elden Ring is what created Erdtree, and it holds different concepts such as life and death. It also defines the logic of the world called the Golden Order. 

Golden Order is a law, and that is something that all the residents must abide by. The Greater Will is also known as an outer god. The outer god sent a star that had the star in it, and that would later be known as the Elden Ring. 

The Elden Beast is the final boss of the game and is basically the right-hand man for Greater Will. To become a ruler, one must meet all three criteria. One, they need to be an Emperian. Second, they must definitely have a significant other. And third, they must have a shadow. 

Emperians are the ones who are born out of a single god. And having a shadow means that it is the protector of the ruler. Marika being the holder of the Elden Ring, was not very fond of death in her land; thus, she removed the Rune Of Death from the Elden Ring. This she forced onto her shadow. 

 Godfrey was Marika’s first husband, and they had two kids together. The two kids were called Godwyn and Godrick. There has been a conflict ongoing with the Golden Order. During this conflict, another person was involved, whose name was Radagon. But he decided to go the other way and declare peace.

He did this by marrying Lady Rennala, Queen of the Carian Royal family. When they were together, they had three children Radhan, Rykard, and Ranni. After the war ended, the light from Godfrey’s eyes diminished, and that was a way of implying that his purpose had been served. 

Due to this, he was exiled and was the first, very first, to be the very first Tarnished. So, his being exiled leaves Marika to be without a consort. She sought out Radagon, and he left Rennala for Marika, and that made him the new Elden Lord.

By proxy, his three children mentioned above were allowed to be a part of the Royal Family. But this seems very confusing because above it is mentioned that they must be from one parent. Later, we find out that the Radagon and Marika are one. Also, Marika and Radagon have many more children. Below is the family tree because it is hard to keep track of everyone.

Credits: Reddit page

Credits: Reddit page

The next coming to the war was called The Shattering. Considering who the question is asked, they say that this war is either the greatest war or the worst tragedy the land has ever seen. There is Ranni, one of the offspring of Ragadon and Rennaa. She did not want to be an Emperian.

Ranni worked against Marika and the Greater Will. So, she devised a plan which was to steal the Rune Of Death with which she could make daggers that would kill the demigods. There are a group of assassins called the Black Knives. All the members of this group were women.

They were responsible for killing the first demigod, which was Godwyn. Killing Godwyn caused there to be a curse mark on his body, but it was a semi-circle instead of a full circle. There was no full circle, as one more demigod had died at the same time. Ranni herself died, and she had the other semi-circle curse mark.

Something interesting happens with the two demigods. Ranni’s body is destroyed, but her soul lives on for Godwyn; his soul is destroyed, but his body continues to live. Due to this, he was known as the Prince Of Death. 

After hearing the news of the death of Godwyn, in a fit of rage, Marika destroys the Elden Ring with a hammer. Marika’s hammer is used to destroy the Elden Ring, but Radagon’s hammer is used to repair it. The broken pieces of the ring were spread all across, and all the demigods were trying to gather all the pieces.

 No one really won this battle, as every demigod might have had one piece of the Elden Ring, but no one was close to having it all in one piece. During the Erdtree period, golden power was used to drop down the branches of the tree and would spread across the Lands Between. 

There were many who did not receive the blessings of the tree and were exiled. These people were called the Tarnished. It is similar to the exile of Godfrey, who was exiled because his eye’s light diminished. The ones who were considered Tarnished were looked down upon by the Golden Order.

Now, due to the Shattering War, many people who were not blessed by the Golden Order before were getting blessed in hopes that they would restore the Golden Order because they still wanted to hold on to its power. 

The main goal for the character we play is to join the Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord. This kind of implies that our character does not become the ruler, just stays as a consort to Marika. But spoiler alert, we don’t because well end up burning the Erdtree, and that does not help at all.

Erdtree burning

Erdtree burning

There are many bosses that we face, and different bosses have their own agendas. The boss fights with the offspring of Marika and Godfrey while also with the offspring of Radagon and Rennala. We also have to fight Rennala herself. 

So, after getting all the runes that we collect from defeating every boss. We meet a new character called Morgott who calls every boss selfish as he believes they were fighting for the title of Elden Lord, but Morgot was fighting to protect the Erdtree and the Golden Order.

After defeating him, he tells us that we cannot enter the Erdtree as it does not open to everyone. Just to see if he is bluffing or not, we try to enter, but it does not happen. The Erdtree rejects us. So, after discussing with Melina, she decides that she will be the sacrifice required to burn the Erdtree.

Once the tree is on fire, we pass out and wake up in a ruined city. While exploring the area, we run into Beast Clergyman. He attacks us as he understands our intention to steal the Death rune. After defeating him, an object sprouts from his dead body. It is the rune of death.

We get knocked out again and wake up in Leyndell. While walking in, we meet Godfrey again, and he comes in his real form. He started fighting us as he was exiled and was now back for the title of Elden Lord. 

After losing half his health, he shows his true form, which is Horoah Loux. When he had been exiled, he had to start a new life and did not want ties to his past. He might have changed his name to start afresh. 

Horoah Loux in action

Horoah Loux in action

Now, after defeating him, there are no other obstacles, and he can finally enter the room. We can see Marika being chained down to the part of the ring. Eventually, she frees herself, and her hair changes from blonde to red. This signifies that Radagon is in control now.

After the fight is over, a hand reaches out and takes Radagon underneath. As mentioned before, now we get to see the final boss that is the Elden Beast. It may seem contradictory because why would the beast fight us when we are supposed to become the Elden Lord?

It may be due to us being tarnished or attacking Marika when we were supposed to be her consort, or we burned the Erdtree. This seems a bit unclear. But after defeating the Elden Beast, the ending you receive depends on which questlines you have done. As of now, there are six confirmed ending, and more endings are being explored. 

Elden Beast(Final Boss)

Elden Beast(Final Boss)

Final Verdict 

Well, this is an RPG game, and this has well-written elements in the game. This was a new game, and we got to see many great visuals. It was a game with a new and different kind of story; not many developers have tried something like this.

Playing this game makes you feel satisfied and awards you well for your effort, like completing more questline gives you a better ending. The plot twists in this game are mind-blowing too. They are going to be releasing DLCs, and unlike other developers, the DLCs are absolutely free.

There are too many elements and characters in this game, which cause some inconsistency in the game. Also, because of too many characters, we are left with more questions in the game than answers. But in a way, it is a good thing as it lets the community discuss and make conspiracy theories. But none of the negatives really comes to one’s mind as it has a very immersive experience. 

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