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Industry Season 2 Episode 4: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Industry Season 2 Episode 4
Industry Season 2 Episode 4

Industry Season 2 Episode 4 continues to bring us the stories of young and aspiring executives at the London company Pierpoint as they evolve in the dog-eat-dog world of finances and how they deal with the pressure that the world creates upon their lives. The past episode centered around Harper and Eric crying about the stress that a block trade creates for them. 

Since Eric dropped the ball on that block trade, Harper went in to save the day having Jesse buy the shares instead of him, creating more tension. Now, this episode will take us to Wales in a social get-together, but that will have major implications for each character as we will see. 

Industry Season 2 Episode 4

The Pierpoint gang

Industry Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Pierpoint holds a shooting holiday to commemorate the stock purchases, but Felim rather than Bloom was expected to be the main purchaser. Felim and Bloom are at odds because Bloom accepts Felim’s humble beginnings while Felim rejects them. Bloom hires Gus to help his rebellious son Leo with a college essay. Gus tells Leo that success is real rebellion after trying to assist him. Yasmin’s father humiliates her by treating her like a child rather than a professional in a meeting with Celeste.

Kenny ends up connecting more with the client than Yasmin does, despite her reluctance to bring him along. Eric urges Harper to move forward so that Bloom can sell his shares to Felim. When Harper notices that Bloom and another investor are being misled, she gets irritated and must choose between supporting Pierpoint and her client. Eric explains to her that he is the boss when she confronts him. Yasmin visits Harper’s apartment to seek guidance. Although she is still absent, Robert and her talk. Robert acknowledges her power over him and suggests using it to manipulate her father. She counsels Bloom to keep his shares and purchase those of a socially conscious investment fund for a controlling interest, against Eric’s orders.

Major Mistake

Wales ends up being a high-stakes comedy of errors, some of which are funnier than others. Jesse spends all of his time learning about Felim and the traditional British terms used in hunting. Harper is kept in a small room with a view of the trash cans after being locked out of the Pierpoint pitch deck. Jesse and Harper have poor shooting abilities. Harper confronts Eric at a subsequent social event and inquires about what he keeps from her. He cuts her off, telling her they don’t work together—she works for him—and that he doesn’t trust her.

When Harper comes back to Jesse, he informs him that selling to Felim is the best short-term plan. Everyone in the business would be content because he would turn a profit. Harper, however, has a distinct, more aggressive long-term plan. Do you recall Anna, the socially responsible fund manager? She is also a part of the filming, and Harper discovered after speaking with her that Rican is not living up to its promise to lower costs and broaden access to healthcare in the US market.

Game Changer

It won’t be permitted on the UK market if it can’t accomplish that. Although there may be short-term consequences for accessing private health care in the US and UK, in addition to the potential for a significant long-term windfall, Harper claims that if Jesse keeps his shares and purchases a majority stake from Anna, he will be supporting a real changemaker. Rican is attempting to conceal that fact to enable a purchase in Felim. The following morning, Jesse is supposed to sell his Rican stock at a breakfast meeting with Felim, but he doesn’t show up. Instead, Harper arrives in London early and is already back at work. She carries out a sale with Rishi’s assistance. Jesse took her advice and purchased from Anna the majority interest in Rican.

Yasmin’s Problem

Things aren’t going so well for Yasmin. In order to get the family’s money wired to Pierpoint and gain her some points at Private Wealth Management, she invites her father to meet Celeste. However, her father made it abundantly clear that he didn’t take Yasmin’s advice seriously and wasted both Celeste and Yasmin’s time.

Yasmin is furious and struggling to contain her tears as she chastises her ignorant father for treating her poorly at work in the elevator back to her desk. She calls Rocco, the young son of the Italian client she met with Celeste in the previous episode, to try to make things better. Since she and Rocco are dating, they decide to go out to dinner together, but before they do, Rocco requests that she give him an explanation of Krypto. The three go out to dinner, and at first glance, it appears to be a repeat of Yasmin’s disastrous dinner with Kenny and Maxim from the previous season. Rocco is sober, and a member of AA, but Kenny notices a tattoo on his wrist and notes that Rocco is also. When Yasmin awkwardly sips red wine from a

full glass, they click.

Industry Season 2 Episode 4

The trading floor

Industry Season 2 Streaming Details

Catch Industry on HBO on cable, HBO Max, HBO GO, Max Go, Spectrum on Demand, and DirecTV Streaming. Also, you may buy the episodes from Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu Fandango. The show airs on HBO Mondays at 21:00 hrs, Eastern Time, United States.

Industry Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

Industry Season 2 Episode 4 will release on August 22, 2022, on HBO, the episode’s title is “There Are Some Women…,” and Isabella Eklöf directed it, and Zara Meerza wrote the script. 

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