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Top Tech Releases That Are Perfect Gifts For Gamers

Gifts for gamers

Do you know some people who are gamers? And did you forget to buy them some gifts this holiday season? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Here are some of the best gifts for gamers. Keep in mind we aren’t sticking to any budget here; all kinds of gifts will be included, from consoles to maybe weird and geeky keychains. But expect some of the stuff to be on the costlier side of things because, as we all know, gaming could easily be a very expensive habit.


Consoles are obviously on the top of the list, and there couldn’t be a more perfect gift for gamers. Right now is also the ideal time for it as the next generation of consoles just released. The PS5 and the Xbox Series X are out now. It may be hard to get your hands on these right now, depending upon where you live, but one of these is the Holy grails of gaming right now.


The PS5 is a massive beast of a gaming machine. It improves leaps and bounds over the previous one, the PS4. From ray tracing to a super powerful and super-fast SSD, an amazing cooling system, 4k gaming at 120 fps, these stats are enough to make any gamer cry. The games that are confirmed to be launching on the console are also jaw-dropping.

The Xbox series X, just like the PS5, is a beast of a machine. On paper, the Xbox seems to have better specifications when compared to the PS5, but the latter has been leading in sales by a huge margin.

The Xbox has almost the same specs, but maybe abetter looking a console, a better cooling system, a tad bit more powerful. But it falls shorts when it comes to the department of exclusive games. Other than that, both the giants are matched head for head.

X Box Series X

This would cost you around 500 dollars. But if these consoles aren’t your thing and want something more handheld and less expensive, then the Nintendo Switch is the one for you.

This handheld super machine has been the most popular console for 3 years, and it still is very much popular. During lockdown season, the Switch was almost on par with toilet paper for being the most wanted product. People couldn’t seem to get their hands on the device; it was so popular.

It’s the perfect console for all ages, from beginners to professionals. It has an amazing array of games, a ton of the same ones on the PS4 or the Xbox One. It also connects to your TV, supports multiplayer anywhere, and also has Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This was a game that took the world by storm, and people just loved it.

Gifts for gamers

The console costs 300 dollars; there is a lite version of the same thing, which goes for 200 dollars. It has slightly fewer features than the main one but is much more preferred for using while traveling and other such portable needs.

Also, a ton of streaming services has made their way onto the Switch console, with the most important one being Funimation. This means that you can watch your favorite anime on your favorite console as well! So consoles, according to us, are one of the best gifts for gamers, that is, if they don’t have one already.

Video Games

Of course, the consoles are useless without games. Not just consoles, a gamer isn’t a gamer without games, be it PC or console. It’s not easy to gift someone a PC, and not everyone likes consoles. So what’s a gift that every single gamer would like to receive with their arms wide open? Games! It isn’t hard to know what game the person you are gifting to has played or not. Find out which one he has his eyes on next and beat him to the punch.

There are a ton of deals throughout the year for games. Also, buying games is much better offline. With retailers like Gamestop giving out used ones for amazing prices, this could be the best and most cheap gift you can get for a gamer.

Gaming Accessories

This has a wide range of options. It’s the best gift to turn your head to if you are confused. The reason being accessories cater to every kind of gamer out there, not just any specific one’s. So you can buy the perfect one for the person you’re gifting.

For example, if the person in question is a PC game, buy him a gaming mouse. If the person is a console game, get him a customized controller for the device. The options are limitless.

Gifts for gamers

Accessories being so varied, their prices also vary. It could go from 10 dollars to 10000 dollars. It’s so easy to pick one. Stuff like Headphones, Mouse, Keyboards, RGB Lights, Speakers, Controllers, VR headsets, Camera, Green Screen, Keychains, Phone Covers, Console Skins, Stickers, and many more come under the banner of accessories. Please find out the preferences of the person your gifting and head on down to Amazon; they seem to have the best collection.

Our few recommendations would be, during this lockdown season, mobile gaming has seen a steep rise. Some amazing controllers can be attached to your mobile to give you much more fun and simpler gaming experience. Let’s be honest touch screen gaming isn’t the best.

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Gift Cards

We did say this guide would help you out in all cases. So what would you do if you have no idea what the person wants when it comes to games or accessories or whatever it may be. The answer is simple, a gift card! Buy the person a gift card depending on the type of gamer he is. If you don’t even know the basic information about the type of games he plays, for example, if he plays on the console, PC, or mobile, then it’s better not to get him a gaming gift; after all, it’ll go to waste.

So first find out on what system he or she games, then buy them a gift card. If it’s a Playstations, tons of PSN gift cards are available. If it’s an Xbox, get him a game pass, like that for every other system. Gift cards are the perfect backup plan if you are confused about what to get.

Gaming Merch

If you really know about the person you are getting a gift, meaning if you know what game is his favorite or what system is his favorite, then the best option is to get him gaming merch.

From sweaters to tracks to backpacks to even boxers, gamers love to show off what games they love by wearing them. But like we said keep in mind to make sure you know the person in and out. Because if you get the guy an Xbox t-shirt and he happens to be a Playstation player, the T-Shirt is likely going to end up in a dumpster or forgotten very soon.

Board Games

This might seem like a weird recommendation but trust us; it’s not. When it comes to gamers, they love everything and anything related to the games or stuff they like. Right now, there are tons of board games based on other video games.

Gifts for gamers

For example, there are tons of Monopoly editions based on other games. There are direct versions released by the main video game companies themselves. Such board games can be enjoyed by everyone, not just the person you are gifting it to.

Wire Organizers

There are so many different types of gamers; if the person you are giving a gift to has a messy gaming room, then this is the perfect gift. Gaming is a very messy hobby. The number of wires that are needed to run everything is too much to count, and it makes everything look so bad. Wire Organizers are the best of the best when it comes to this situation.

Don’t worry about it being a bland gift, because we have that solved too. There are a huge number of custom and video game versions of wire organizers. It isn’t boring at all. Find out the game he or she likes and just buy away. Our favorite one was of a wire organizer who had Spiderman holding in numerous swires like in the iconic train scene.

So from this long list, you do realize how great of a hobby gaming is because the number of options for gifts you can get them is too many. The only problem is the options are so much that you would eventually get confused. Our advice is to study the person you are gifting and then buy. Happy Gifting!

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