Lookism Chapter 440: ‘The New James Lee’ Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

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Lookism Chapter 440
Lookism (Credits: WebToons)

Are you guys excited about Lookism Chapter 440? Well, we are here for you! After the fight between Gwak Jichang and Daniel Park, fans are really hyped up to see what is going to happen next the next plot, and where the story will progress after that.

If you are also following the manga series for a long time, or even if you have just caught up, and now wondering when you can expect to read the next chapter, and what it will be all about, you are in the right place to get all of your answers, but first, let us take a look at what previously happened in the last chapter. 

The recent chapter opens up with the ongoing fight between Gwak Jichang and Daniel Park, where we see that Park is struggling even to blow a single punch at him, he thinks that the first generation is something that can kill him easily and he might there, but at the same time he also notices that he is a first generation ‘king’, and we get into a flashback, where we see Gun Park, says Daniel that there might be a time where he might have to fight with the First Generation Kings. 

Gun says that they are people sent from a time called the ‘Age of War’, they can not be compared to the Second Generation, you might feel overwhelmed the moment you look eyes them, and you may lose your will to fight after they land a hit on you, but this is all senseless for Gun Park because he believes that he the strongest. At the same time Gun then approaches Daniel and says that since he got taught by him, he should make sure that he will not embarrass him. 

Lookism Chapter 439 Recap

Later in the chapter, we get back to the fight, where after the flashback, Daniel is all pumped up, he attacks Gwak’s legs and makes him fall, and says that if he loses against him, the first-generation king, he is gonna punished severely when he gets back, and while saying this Daniel kicks on his face. 

Lookism Chapter 440
Lookism (Credits: WebToons)

This makes Gwak angry he says that by doing all this, he cannot win against him, and then as his foot was on his face, Gwak grabs his ankle and throws him up, and when he was still in the air, Gwak grabs his face and pushes him first on wall, then on the ground, and then directly out of the terrace to let him fall, but before he could fall, where he can not even grab anything to prevent that, but Gwak grabs his leg and says that he should not worry, he will have him truly experience the kindness of the countryside. 

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This was where Daniel thinks that he is playing around with him, and making fun of him even when when he has worked that hard when he really gave it his all. After that from nowhere, Daniel blows an uppercut at Gwak, where Gwak thinks that is he just thoughtlessly coming at him and is that what that is. Daniel then grabs him by grabbing his nose and throwing him to the ground and saying that it is a favor his doing him and that he should stop acting like he is the one who is winning the fight. 

Lookism Chapter 440
Lookism (Credits: WebToons)

While grabbing his hair and throwing him away, Daniel says that to someone who is worked so very hard, it is a bummer for him to act like this. Daniel then grabs one of the rods climbs up, and blows continuous kicks directly in his face, while saying that when all the Kings lost to James Lee, Gwak is not really all that.

Gwak then gets a flashback, where we see the First Generation One Man Club, James Lee, who is saying to Chuncheong’s King Gwak, that maybe he is not Chungcheong’s King, and instead of that he is Seoul’s King. This was when James Lee has beaten Gwak.

Lee says that for someone who was Seoul’s King, he lost to him so embarrassingly, that he was forced into Chungcheong-Do, ruling such a trashy place, Chungcheong’s original king didn’t do anything wrong, he should not be sad that he got pushed into there, because from the start the one that fit the position of Seoul’s King, was the one with the legend’s blood flowing in them, and he might also hear the story, for the sake of his plans, he took the King’s blood. 

Lookism Chapter 440
Lookism (Credits: WebToons)

Lee says that he took from Ma Taesoo his eyeballs, and Ji Gingseop, his legs, but he then while approaching Chungcheong’s King, Kwag Jinchang, says that he will not take anything from him, because he is worthless.

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After the flashback, we get back to the fight, when Gwak who was on the ground, thanked Daniel for reminding him of a painful memory, and he is going to use it, and than Gwak standout his hand while making his signature chop technique move, and hits Daniel, and then while trying to blow a fatal hit says that he will show him that the hand that made him so wary, but somehow Daniel dodges it. 

Daniel thinks that he won’t be able to win against Gwak head-on, he should aim for when he strikes his hand down,  once he strikes down with his hand, Daniel believes that there will be an opening and he will aim for that moment. Although he gets a chance to follow his strategy when Gwak while attacking him struck down with his hand, where Daniel thinks that he is defenseless the moment Daniel tries to hit him, Gwak uses his other hand and throws him out with a vertical hit. 

Lookism Chapter 440
Lookism (Credits: WebToons)

Daniel thinks that how Gwak trained his hand to perform a vertical hit as well, and now it is all over for him, and he cannot win against Gwak, it is all over for him, and Gwak is nothing less than a monster. 

When Gwak was just about to blow his head, Taesoo and Jay came up, who saves Daniel from that attack. When Gwak throws Taesoo with a kick, Jay thinks that this man is not looking good. Gwak says that if they are there to help Daniel, he will send them first before he could beat Daniel. 

Later when Gwak was trying to hit Jay with his Chop technique, Daniel nowhere stands up and hits Gwak with a fatal attack. Daniel says to the gang that they should not get involved in this fight and that he will take care of everything now. Daniel says that if he wants to face the enemies he will fight in the future, he must learn how to subdue the first-generation king by himself. 

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Lookism Chapter 440
Lookism (Credits: WebToons)

On the other hand, Gwak thinks that technique Daniel uses to hit him is from Lee and believes that Daniel knows how to copy Lee very well, but also if that is the case, he should also handle the consequences of it. 

After that Gwak says how can he try to fight against a first-generation king like James Lee. In his response, Daniel says that he can not be defeated like that, as Gwak said that they left his body alone on that day, today, he will go for it, and the body that James Lee didn’t take that day, HE WILL TAKE IT, and he will become the man James Lee was in the past. 

Lookism Chapter 440 Spoilers

As of now, there are not any spoilers revealed for Lookism Chapter 440, but it seems like the part of the fight between Gwak Jichang and Daniel Park, is going to be something that we have never seen before in the series. As Daniel is going to attack Gwak the way James Lee fought against him, the chapter is gonna be really fun to watch. 

Lookism Chapter 440 Release Date

The upcoming Lookism Chapter 440 is scheduled to be released on March 16, 2023

  • EST (Eastern Standard Time): 8:12 pm on March 16, 2023
  • PST (Pacific Standard Time): 5:12 pm on March 16, 2023
  • CST (Central Standard Time): 7:12 pm on March 16, 2023
  • JST (Japan Standard Time): 10:12 am on March 17, 2023
  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 12:12 am on March 17, 2023
  • IST (India Standard Time): 6:42 am on March 17, 2023
  • PKST (Pakistan Standard Time): 6:12 am on March 17, 2023
  • CET (Central European Time): 1:12 am on March 17, 2023
  • ACD (Australian Central Daylight Time): 11:12 am on March 17, 2023

Where To Read Lookism Chapter 440

You can read the upcoming Lookism Chapter 440, simply by visiting the official manga reading site, WebToon, but the site does not release the chapter on the same day the mangaka releases the raw edition, which means you must have to wait a little longer to read the most recent chapter officially. 

If you have not started reading Lookism because of the vast number of chapters, we recommend you to read our article on Why Everyone Should Read Lookism, that sure will change your thought toward the series. 

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