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One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 3 Release Date: Ma Ri’s New Work Life

One Thousand Won Lawyer
One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 3 Release Date

The Korean drama One Thousand Won Lawyer has just released two of its episodes. Till now, the series has been light-hearted. Like the other legal dramas, this show has been loved as well. 

Directed by Kim Jae Hyun, One Thousand Won Lawyer revolves around the protagonist Cheon Ji Hun, played by the actor Namkoong Min, who is a successful lawyer known for his unusual charges. Ji Hun’s charging practice for his successful cases includes him only taking one thousand won per case. This is one of the many reasons why he is loved by his clients. 

The plot for this series is written by Choi Soo Jin and Choi Chang Hwan. So far, the fans are loving the chemistry between the characters. It is also known that the protagonists have previously appeared in another series called “The Veil.” Along with law, the series also deals with genres like drama and comedy. It also deals with the rich female lead-poor male lead trope. 

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One Thousand Won Lawyer Plot Preview

Cheon Ji Hun is not only good-looking but also a lawyer with one of the most success rates. However, he always charges a thousand won for every case he succeeds at. Baek Ma Ri is the other lead character played by the actor Kim Ji Eun. Ma Ri graduated from the Judicial Research and Training Institute. She later becomes the assistant of the Prosecutor, and that’s how the main characters meet.

Ma Ri’s daily life was flowing swiftly only until she met Ji Eun. The portrayal of Ma Ri’s character has been equally praised by all. She has been shown as an independent woman rather than just a love interest of Ji Eun.

One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 2 Recap

The previous episode of One Thousand Won Lawyer showed Myeong Ho’s case coming to an end. The evidence that clears Myeong Ho from all guilt seems confusing to the jury and Ma Ri all the same. However, Ji Hun mentions that Myeong Ho should be deemed innocent until proven guilty. The scene ends with a celebration.

One Thousand Won Lawyer recap

One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 2 Recap

In Ma Ri’s life, she has some better things going on, which soon come to an end. Ma Ri is told by Hyun Mu that she cannot work as a probationary employee at his company. Instead, she will be sent to Seoul Jongnogu.

Mari embraces the change charismatically. However, her first day at work does not go as planned. Soon, she realizes that working at the Baek Law Firm is not making her happy. Her first meeting with her co-workers doesn’t go as planned too. The conversation goes downhill as he started throwing tantrums. Maybe she was too overwhelmed or just tired of the move, but her tantrum ruined the meeting. Ma Ri, all defeated and disappointed by herself, runs back to her grandfather.

The next day at work is very stressful because of the last day’s incident. Ma Ri does not know how to make the situation better but Mu Jang’s presence helps her calm down a bit. 

One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 3 Release Date

The third episode of One Thousand Won Lawyer will be released on 30th September 2022, Friday. The episode will be aired on SBS TV at 10:00 pm Korean time. The series is usually released twice every week on Fridays and Saturdays.

With one case ending, we can say that the next episode will introduce a new case. We will also get to see how Ma Ri is keeping up with her new work environment. Will Ma Ri be able to make everything right? Or will it only get worse?

legal k-drama streaming

One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 2 Streaming Guide

One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 3 Streaming Guide

If you are an international viewer, the series will be streaming worldwide on Disney+ as well. With Disney+, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies for just $7.99 per month and $79.99 per year. Disney+ currently gives access to several Disney, Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar, and other shows as well. You can also buy Disney+ as a bundle with other streaming services. 

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