Revenge Of Others Episodes 11 & 12: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

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This is the poster of the drama Revenge Of Others.
Revenge Of Others(credit to Hulu)

Revenge Of Others will have its last two episodes with Episode number 11 and 12. we have gathered all the information about the show till now as well as the date and times on which Revenge Of Others Episodes 11 & 12 will be released. But before we unveil the details about the upcoming episodes, here are a few details about the show’s premise. 

Ok Chan Mi is a high school student who is 19 years old. For a high school squad, she had previously served as a shooter. Ok Chan Mi’s twin brother passes away one day. She searches for the truth about his passing. She starts dating Ji Soo Heon. Ji Soo Heon exacts retribution on the bullies on behalf of the victims.

Revenge Of Others Episode 10: Spoilers

In the previous episode, we see that Police finally come to the crime scene where all the culprits are and arrest them. Soo-heon goes to the hospital only to find out his mother is dead. Jae-beom soon helps Soo-heon with his mother’s funeral. So-jung comes to his mother’s funeral but doesn’t stay there for long. Soo-heon, along with his friends, goes to place his mother’s urn. He places his mother’s urn where his brother’s urn was.

Soo-heon mother's funeral after the accident.
at Soo-heon mother’s funeral(credit to Hulu)

Chan-mi says to everyone that O-sung could be the culprit in the murder case, but due to the lack of evidence, they can’t do anything. Looking at the previous episode, we can’t guarantee that O-sung is the culprit as the following day, he tells Jae-beom that he what happened when he fell from the building. But doesn’t unpack anything as he doesn’t fully trust Jae-beom yet.

He tells Jae-beom that he’ll only tell what happened at the building O-sung as he has trust only in him. In the moving episode, we see Chan-mi and Soo-heon on a trip to the beach. as everything was moving too fast and nothing handy was coming out, they just wanted to lighten up their mood.

Finally, the next day O-sung reveals in front of Jae-beom that Park Won-seok was the one who pushed him off the building the previous year. Jae-beom wanted to ask more about this information, but a teacher came to the scene, which made them stop talking further about the topic.

This is the picture of the main lead of Revenge of Others.
Ji Soo Heon(credit to Hulu)

Soo-heon is provoked by O-sung, which causes him to pass out and need to be taken to the hospital. Chan-mi comes to where Soo-heon is and unintentionally reveals his brain tumor. Unfortunately, she does it in front of everyone resulting in everyone knowing about this. So-yeon and A-jung didn’t know about his tumor. After finding out about this, they get worried. On the other hand, Chan-mi leaves Seoul.

The next day Soo-heon gets discharged from the hospital. And get the notification from Chan-mi. In the message, it was written that he should forget everything and keep living. He goes to her house and finds it empty. After that Soo-heon goes to meet O-sung to learn the whole story, but there he finds him with Jung-gyeong. Looking at his shoes, he finally remembers what Se-jin told them. Then he attacks the two by following them to that camping car.

This is a scene from the previous episode of Revenge of Others.
Ji Soo Heon & Ok Chan Mi(credit to Hulu)

While Chan-mi was walking down in Busan, she got a notification that she found a photo of her and his brother. Then she notices the date on the picture where she sees the date was April 22. she suddenly remembers O-sung disclosing that on this day a year ago, Park Won-seok pushed Jae-beom off a building.

Revenge Of Others Episodes 11 & 12: Release Date

Revenge Of Others Episodes 11 & 12 is going to release on Dec 14, 2022, at 5 pm in Korea. Revenge of Others episodes 11 and 12 will be streamed for those outsides of Korea at 3 AM EST, 12 AM PT, 1:30 PM IST, 7 PM AEDT, and 8 AM GMT. So don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode when it airs on the date and time mentioned above.

Revenge Of Others Episodes 11 & 12: Where to Watch

Revenge Of Others Episodes 11 & 12 will air on Dec 14, 2022, at 5 pm in Korea. Viewers can watch the show on the popular website Hulu. International fans can watch the show on Disney+, and Disney+ Hotstar. The show will come to an end with episode 12. Who do you think is the real Culprit? Comment down below if you have a name in your mind.

However, the mystery is going to be resolved in the upcoming episode. So set your calendar, and don’t forget to watch the final episodes of the series when it comes out on the streaming channel mentioned above.

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