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Show Me Love Episode 2 Review: Is It Worth The Watch?

Show Me Love Episode 2 Review
Show Me Love Poster (Credits: BiliBili)

A Thai romance television program called “Show Me Love” debuted in 2023 and is a GL (Girls Love) series where Cherine is portrayed by Charlotte Austin. Viewers have given the program favorable feedback to date after 2 episodes aired. From its initial publication, the GL (Girls Love) series “Show Me Love” has received a lot of love and adoration from fans.

On March 17, 2023, at 6:00 am PST, Grand TV’s YouTube Channel will release the forthcoming episode 3. While the first episode is free, the remaining episodes are only accessible with a Grand TV Grand Membership subscription, which runs about $7.31 per month.

The story shows Meena, a girl from a small town, as the main character. She travels to Bangkok to chase her ambitions and unintentionally finds someone amazing. Wanna Kortunyavat wrote the script, while Thanamin Wongskulphat directed the production.

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Cast of the Show:

Meena, who is portrayed by Engfa Waraha, and Cherine, who is portrayed by Charlotte Austin, are the story’s central figures. Thai actress, singer, model, and beauty queen Engfa Waraha. On February 15, 1995, she was born in Thailand’s Uthai Thani Province. In drama series and TV shows like SosatSeoulsay (2020), GoyNattyDream – Tell Me All About You (2020), and Show Me Love (2023), Engfa is well-known for her roles.

Engfa Waraha(credits:Pinterest)

Engfa Waraha (Credits: EWaraha/Twitter)

She can sing in all musical genres, including both traditional Thai melodies and songs from other countries. Engfa Waraha has a career in entertainment and has competed in beauty pageants. She competed as Thailand’s representative in the Miss Grand International 2022 pageant. Thai-British actress Charlotte Austin was born on December 21, 1998, in Thailand.

She is a true beauty queen, hailing specifically from Phuket. At Prince of Songkla University, she majored in tourism management in the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism (Phuket). Charlotte competed in the Miss Grand Thailand 2022 beauty pageant 2022. Since the competition, Charlotte and the winner, Engfa Waraha, have been frequently matched by fans. Due to their rising fame, they were given their first acting roles in the love story miniseries “Show Me Love.”

Charlotte Austin from Show Me Love GL drama

Charlotte Austin (Credits: EWaraha/Twitter)

Nesa Mahmoodi, a Thai-Iranian beauty queen from Ratchaburi, Thailand, plays Lalin in the television series. She competed in the Miss Grand Thailand 2022 beauty pageant and was named Miss Grand Angthong 2022 as a result. She was named “The Iconic of Khon Kaen” as well. Thai actress Chompu Athita Payak was born in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 1, 1997.

She is well recognized for her part in the television drama Show Me Love (2023). The same source claims that Chompu is single and has never been married. Her previous partnerships are unknown at this time. Athita Payak was crowned Miss Grand Chiangmai in 2022. She was also the pageant’s Best in Swimwear winner.

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Show Me Love Plot

The drama “Show Me Love” tells the tale of Meena, a small-town girl who traveled to Bangkok in order to pursue her aspirations and goals. Sheene happened to cross her path by accident, and she subsequently asked Meena to join the agency so she could compete in Miss Grand. Meena declines since she has no interest.

But, she ultimately consented during the negotiation when she received a proposal for a monthly fee of 30,000 Thai Baht throughout the competition. She had to accept the offer eventually, as she came from a family that she had to feed and love.

Meena starts her quest for the throne, and an unanticipated romance with Cherine starts. Meena and Cherine become friends along the way as they encourage one another to pursue their ambitions. As they spend more time together, their relationship develops into something more.

Charlotte and Engfa

Charlotte and Engfa

As for the pilot episode of the series, there is our main protagonist, Cherine, who is a beautiful, young, and smart lady. She is seen with her friends in the first scene, who are trying to budge her to stand in the beauty pageant competition, but for some reason, she won’t say yes to even her friends. Then another supporting character introduces into the scene called Aunt Chat.

She is a neighbor and a well-wisher to Cherine. She is basically like family, if you know what I mean. As the girls head inside the home, they are literally shocked by their not-so-motherly, “Mother Kiki. She basically came in to pursue the girls for a beauty pageant for which Diana is in, and Lalin says not to hope much for her. But as for Cherine, she is still in a dilemma as to whether she should compete or not.

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She says that she has traveled to many countries and has seen many beauty competitions but no awards. Her past memories of the competition also kind of still haunt her, and this somewhere broke her confidence. Kiki says to this that she really wants to see her compete and win.

She finds Cherine the most beautiful among all of her friends. On the other side of the road, life is not at all easy for our other significant character, Meena. She has to run away from her house, from her family. She had to leave everything behind as her mom said that girls doing jobs at night and moving out does not suit society, and they are gossiping about her.

Her mom can be quite hard on her sometimes, but this time she was determined to do something and hence decided to run and make the most of her life. The plot twists of the drama start from this very point, as it turns out that Meena is the niece of Aunt Chat, who is also a neighbor of Cherine.

Show Me Love

Show Me Love

Now the story kind of comes together as to how our characters are to meet and generate that spark needed. The dots will be connected soon as the story progresses. Now comes the fun part. As Meena reaches the home of her aunt, she is reluctant to hand over the money to the bike service boy as she thinks that is too much, and that is when Meena and Cherine lock their eyes first in the series.

The moment was bound to be magical as the chemistry and spark were seen on their way when the main characters were seeing each other and getting lost. The soft, soothing music played in the back totally sets the background for the two lovers. But as said, the expertise of Asian Dramas is enemies to lovers.

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The two of them(Meena and Cherine) obviously fight on their first day together on how Cherine blindly drives only because she is rich and can do anything. Only after a few minutes of quarrel do the two lovers solve their issues and move on with their lives, not knowing what is coming for them.

Now, after a long tiring day of travel, Meena calls her home and asks her mom if she is okay, to which her brother consoles her and tells her to be brave and cool like always. Meena and Cherine become friends along the way as they encourage one another to pursue their ambitions. As they spend more time together, their relationship develops into something more.

A still from "Show Me Love"

A still from “Show Me Love”

The second episode, on the other hand, had a rough start as Cherine’s ex-boyfriend showed up at her workplace and started to pursue her to get back with him. But who can ever defy destiny? Their chapter in this book was over for good, and it was time for cherry toppings.

Yes, you guessed it right, our protagonists meet once again. The fighting is the same but in a cute way. They quarrel like some kindergarten kids, and it is fun to watch them but not for long. The scenes get weak because of too much monogamous content.

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Then after all that the girls start for their competition, trying outfits and all. After the exhausting day, they go for drinks and relax when Kiki brings up that she wants not three but four queens to participate in the beauty pageant. Coincidently, Meena was there that night performing her first-ever singing show, and guess who will be now their fourth queen?

The subplot of the story is Cherine and her ex-boyfriend. They bump into each other one more time. Apparently, the restaurant they were chilling at was his. There goes the arguing once again, but then comes Meena and Cherine leave with her.

After the long walk, they both sit and talk, where Cherine talks to her about competing in the beauty pageant with them, but Meena refuses to do so as she does not have much time or money to waste. She already had a lot on her plate.

So, she desperately looks for jobs in her field and luckily finds one and goes in there to ask. When Cherine and Kiki are struggling to find their missing piece, their fourth queen, they audition and audition girls, but none of them are great, which marks the end of episode 2.

Show Me Love Episode 2 Review: Is It Worth The Watch?

The drama is newly released, so not much can be said about it, but the story progresses a little bit slower. The character development and cinematography are also not so strong, but the storyline is nice to the eyes. However, the storyline and cinematographic comments can not be made yet as the show has to progress with more such episodes, but still, the progression will be a bit slow to watch.

Otherwise, the series is a good blend of traditional techniques and modern stories. The chemistry between actors can be seen both on and off-screen. So, yes, the series can be worth the watch as time passes by and more episodes are released.

Our Rating:⭐ (3/5).

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