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Ray Donovan: Everything You Need to Know About Showtime’s Movie

Ray Donovan Movie

In this post, we will discuss everything there is to know about the upcoming Ray Donovan movie on Showtime. Ray Donovan is a popular critically acclaimed television crime drama series that premiered on 30 June 2013. Emmy Award-winning producer and writer Ann Biderman created this show for Showtime. Ray Donovan ran for seven seasons and concluded on 19 January 2020. Showtime canceled the series on 4 February 2020 after its seventh season. The series was canceled without any prior warning, especially when the fans were waiting to hear news about its eighth season. This came out as a shock to both the audience and crew of the series. The eighth season was supposed to conclude the series as the series was left incomplete. Therefore, the production announced on 24 February 2021 a wrap-up movie that will conclude the storyline.

The series is a psychological family drama taking place in Los Angeles, California, from the first to the fifth season. For seasons 6 and 7, the story takes place in New York City, New York. The series centers on Ray Donovan, who is a professional; “fixer”, as he arranges bribes, payoffs, threats, crime-scene clean-up, and all kinds of illegal activities for protecting his celebrity clients. Opposite to his perfect work life and relationship with his children and brothers, Ray’s married life is a mess. He also experiences trouble from his after Mickey Donovan.

Season 7 Finale Recap

Ray Donovan season 7 finale

Liev Schreiber in the Finale of Season 7

The title of the episode is “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. David Hollander directed and co-wrote the episode, while the other writer is Liev Schreiber. The episode was intense, with secrets of rape being revealed and suicide scenes.

Ray manages to learn the truth about the death of his sister, Bridget. He learns she was pregnant after Jim Sullivan raped her. Ray lures Jim to his office and kills him. Meanwhile, Terry grieves over the death of his friend. Also, Mickey continues with his ordeals for the money that he owes to someone. This results in Mickey coming face to face with a deadly situation happening between the Donovans and the Sullivans. Finally, the fight results in Smitty being killed in the crossfire. Terry ends his life by jumping from the Empire State Building. The episode ends with Ray burying Terry with Jim.

Release Date and What to Expect From Ray Donovan Movie?

The movie is set to release somewhere in 2022. On 19 August 2020, Liev Schreiber commented on his Instagram that the finale of the series was being written. Moreover, Showtime finally announced the movie on 24th February 2021. However, since it was only this Wednesday that the movie was announced, the production did not give any more information about it. However, the filming of the movie will begin by the end of this year. So, we are assuming that the movie will only release after the first half of 2022. The website will keep you updated with the release date and other new information as soon as the production announces it.

The movie will follow where season 7 left off. Season 7 ended with a huge cliffhanger, and David Hollander will pick up the story with Liev Schreiber. We will see Ray’s determination to stop Mickey before the latter can cause any more damage. Additionally, the movie will finally reveal the feud between Donovans and Sullivans with Mickey and Ray’s story originating from 30 years ago.

Who Will Return in Ray Donovan Movie?

Ray Donovan movie

Jon Voight as Mickey Donovan in Season 7

It’s a given that Liev Schreiber will return to play the role of Ray Donovan. Apart from him, these are the actors who will definitely return to the movie for their respective roles.

Jon Voight will continue with his role as Mickey Donovan.

The role of Ray’s daughter, Bridget Donovan, will be played by Kerris Dorsey.

These three are the only confirmed actors in the movie so far. However, we can expect the return of most of the main cast members from the series, including Eddie Marsan as Terrence Donovan, Dash Mihok as Brendan Donovan, Pooch Hall as Daryll Donovan.

Ray Donovan movie

Kerris Dorsey as Bridget Donovan in Season 7

Where to Stream the Series?

The show is available for the streaming website of Showtime. Other than that, below are the few streaming websites where you can also watch the series.

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