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Hip Hop Homicides Season 1 Episode 2: Release Date & Streaming Guide: ‘King Von’

Hip Hop Homicides Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date & Streaming Guide- 'King Von'
Hip Hop Homicides Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date & Streaming Guide- 'King Von'

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

About 100 hip-hop performers have been murdered in the last 20 years, with almost 90% of the murders going unsolved. Every story’s details will be covered in the genuine WEtv show. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s hotly anticipated 8-part investigative series Hip Hop Homicides, which was scheduled to run on AMC Network’s WE tv on Thursday, November 3, 2022, at 9 pm ET.

Hip Hop Homicides depart from the conventional true-crime storyline in order to give a fresh perspective to the study by offering a “big picture” view of the problem of violence and murder in the hip-hop scene. The series’s host and Television producer Van Lathan will talk about the “shocking number of deaths in the hip-hop industry.

The series’s executive producers for Monami Films are Michael Lang, P. Frank Williams, Stephanie R. Gayle, and Mona Scott-Young. The same part is played on WE TV by Vanessa Satten, Anthony Wilson, Lauren Gellert, Kari McFarland, David Stefanou, and Ashley McFarlin. Additionally, 50 Cent is the show’s executive producer for G-Unit Film & Television. Don Sikorski also contributes as a consulting producer.

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Episode 1 Recap: ‘POP SMOKE’

In the first episode’s exclusive ET teaser, 50 Cent and Lathan talk about Pop Smoke’s terrible demise at the young age of 20. In February 2020, the artist was shot and died during a break-in and burglary. Four individuals, all in their teens, were later detained by police in connection with the event. Pop Smoke’s former mentor 50 Cent remembers their initial encounter and how the dead rapper saw the 47-year-old writing notes throughout their talk. The Power developer said, “He’s a significant part of why I’m engaging in this.

In response to Lathan’s question on whether the hip-hop scene has become more aggressive, 50 Cent says that he thinks it still has “the very same energy” but also that social media has increased the number of individuals paying attention. “It appears different now. It will now take place where everybody can observe it, “He made this observation while making reference to the passing of rapper Nipsey Hussle, who passed away on March 31, 2019, after being shot dead in front of his Marathon Clothes shop in Los Angeles.

“Everyone is now engaged as a result of social media. Because they are so different from the traditional lifestyles, they are leading that the children in middle America who click the button to look at them are enthralled by them.” Hip Hop Homicides investigates the unnerving murders that have occurred in the hip-hop community, from Pop Smoke to XXXTentacion, by looking into the facts, following causes, and featuring one-of-a-kind interviews with individuals who were aware “the dead” the finest as well as performers who offer insightful analysis all across the season.

Hip Hop Homicides Season 1 Episode 2  Release Date

On Thursday, November 3, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, the new series made its WE tv debut. After each episode’s broadcast, fresh episodes will be made accessible on ALL BLK, AMC’s streaming platform, every Monday. Hip Hop Homicides Season 1 Episode 2, titled ‘King Von’, is all set to release on 10 November 2022, Thursday.

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Pop smoke's friend (right)

Pop smoke’s friend (right)

Where To Watch Hip Hop Homicides 

A sizable collection with some of the most adored TV shows and films can be found on WE tv. It is a streaming platform in the United States that was established in 1997 and is run by AMC. Approximately 85.2 million American households were receiving WE TV as of February 2015. The only place to see Hip Hop Homicides would be WE TV.

So ensure that you are ready with your subscriptions and the equipment required to watch it from elsewhere than the US. Sadly, no service offers a free way to view the show. The program is not currently available on Netflix. This program will only appear on WE TV.

Why you should watch Hip-Hop Homicides

Hip Hop Homicides is among our favorite shows to watch since we get to see the unsolved crimes of some of our favorite musicians. King Von and Pop Smoke are two examples. There hasn’t been much headway made in finding answers to these homicides thus far. Public access to much of the material is restricted. Van Lathan, though, will reveal all in this grand investigation show. Go &Watch.

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