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How Many Episodes Are There In Chainsaw Man?

Where To Watch Chainsaw Man Online In USA?
Makima - Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw man is one of the most popular series airing currently. Fans have been waiting for the adaptation for the past many years. Mappa Studios took charge of animating this masterpiece, and they are doing their job extremely well. Every aspect of the series, including OST, animations, music, etc. is perfectly selected. Chainsaw Man is a massive project that was in the limelight even before the adaptation, and with each episode, the series is getting even better. In fact, fans are getting into the main storyline as the episode passes, and things are becoming even more serious.

The characters in the series are very well-written. Each character has their own impact on the storyline with their own motivation. As the series is increasing hype among fans, it is also creating a lot of confusion and doubts. New fans who still have to start the series are confused regarding the exact number of released episodes as of now and the total number of episodes. To end this, we have decided to cover everything you need to know related to Chainsaw Man episodes in this article itself. Make sure to read the article till the end.

Chainsaw Man is a Japanese manga-based series based on the life of Denji, who is in huge debt. One day, he gets killed by the devil-possessed Yakuza. However, Pochita, the main character of the series, plays a very important part here and becomes his heart. Till that day, he becomes the devil hunter in the form of Chainsaw Man. This series also features other important characters like Makima, Power, etc., who play an important role in the series. The adaptation is currently ongoing, and it is a must-watch if you are a fan of the action-filled series and Mappa’s art style.

Chainsaw Man Cast:

Chainsaw Man includes awesome staff and a talented cast. This project won’t be possible without their hard efforts. We would like to mention some of them for sure. Makima, one of the major characters of the series, is voiced by Kusunoki Tomori. Power is voiced by Fairouz Ai,  The major protagonist of the series, Denji is voiced by Toya Kikunosuke, whereas Hayakawa is voiced by Sakata Shougo.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 111

CC: Chainsaw Man Franchise

Pochita is voiced by Izawa Shiori, while Angel Devil is voiced by Uchida Maaya. Himeno is voiced by Ise Mariya, and Higashiyama is voiced by Takahashi Karin. Seshimo Keisuke is the producer of the series, while Yoshihara Tatsuya is managing the position of director. Nakayama Ryuu is managing the Direction as well as the storyboard, while Koizumi Kisuke is in charge of Sound Direction.

How Many Episodes Are There In Chainsaw Man?

Since Chainsaw Man is a massive anime to experience, some fans want to experience this in one go. To assist them, It is important to know the number of episodes that will release so they can plan their schedule accordingly. It is confirmed that the first season of the series will feature 12 episodes. As of the date of writing this article, five episodes have already been released, and fans are eagerly waiting for the sixth one. The fifth episode featured some unexpected things in the storyline. Thus fans are even more excited now. In case of any major updates regarding the anime or episode, we will let you know for sure. Make sure to stay connected to us for all the important details regarding anime and manga.

Chainsaw Man Episode 6 Release Date Details

Power and Denji!

How To Watch Chainsaw Man Online?

All the episodes of Chainsaw Man are available to stream on Crunchyroll. You would be able to stream the upcoming episodes, as well as Crunchyroll is the official streaming partner of the series. However, It is to be noted that the series may not be available in all regions due to licensing limitations. We only encourage our readers to use only legit sources to enjoy anime as this helps creators financially and encourages them to continue their work.

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