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What Happened To The Students From Last Chance High? Where Are They Now?

What Happened to the students from Last Chance High?
What Happened to the students from Last Chance High?

On 17th  July, Viceland released the documentary Last Chance High & Funny How? Final Change High. The acclaimed 2014 Vice News television show centered on the students of Moses Montefiore Academy, an institution for the most problematic children on Chicago’s turbulent West Side, was updated and adapted for the eight-part documentary series. Montefiore is these kids’ last and best shot to change their lives. They are some of the at-risk students in the country, many of who have been deported from other institutions and have been identified with behavioral and emotional issues.

This series has won numerous awards and has been praised by many. But what happened to the entire cast of this breathtaking series? Where are they now? How are they doing? I’m sure all the fans out there must be having these thoughts in their curious minds. Let’s learn more about this and therefore answer the question on demand: What happened to the students from Last Chance High?

What is Last Chance High?

The Plot goes as follows: A single mistake might land these young students at Montefiore School in jail or a mental institution. Last Chance High takes viewers into their families and into their classrooms. We initially encounter Cortez and Crystal, two 14-year-old Montefiore pupils who were expelled from their previous schools after viciously attacking them. The children’s father, who is serving time for murder, is condemned by Cortez’s mother. In the public school system of Chicago, Montefiore is the lone therapeutic institution. Emotional Behavioral Disorder (EBD) is the most common diagnosis among students, but aggression also accounts for a significant portion of cases. Because the teacher has little influence over the kids’ personal circumstances, they are usually out of control.

What Happened to the students from Last Chance High?

What Happened to the students from Last Chance High?

Although the restraint is employed in special education, it should only be done so when absolutely required. Restraint should be employed when someone starts to pose a threat to oneself or others. You need to negotiate with them on everything else.

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What Happened to the students from Last Chance High?

For every reader’s delight, we have great news. Every Student from Last Chance high has found his/her path in life and moving forward. There are numerous examples of such cases. One such case is Braxton Masters. If He hadn’t switched to the Crossover Educational Institute in Kokomo for the 2nd quarter of his high-school career, Braxton Masters doesn’t believe he would have passed last spring. As part of an apprenticeship with Lafayette-based Gaylor Electric, the 19-year-old native of Logansport is currently traveling throughout the Midwest. This arrangement enables him to work full-time for a business while still enrolling in classes to finish an applied degree in science and pursue a career as an apprentice electrician. Since the Crossing’s Kokomo campus first opened almost six years ago, a wide range of situations have brought students there, and graduates have gone on to pursue a wide range of endeavors.

What Happened to the students from Last Chance High?

What Happened to the students from Last Chance High?

The Crossing helped Kayla Woodman of Kokomo finish with a master’s degree and gave her a comparable boost of self-assurance. She is currently a psychology major at Indiana University Kokomo with future hopes to work in the field of eating disorder treatment. Najar attended the Crossing for the first time as a sophomore, having been homeschooled for one term following her graduation from Kokomo High School. Alice Roach, her great-grandmother, noticed a favorable change in Najar once she began attending the Crossing. Both Najar and Roach remarked how fantastic the commencement was. Querry had assisted Najar in getting prepared for graduation after they completed working at the Crossing’s booth at the farmers’ market earlier in the day.

2013 saw the Crossing graduate RJ Smeltzer, 23, as well. He had left Tri-Central High School in his senior year to work around the nation installing fiber optics. After a year or so, he left that job because he realized he didn’t wish to be far from his family. He was advised to complete his high school studies at the Crossing by his uncle, who was serving on the organization’s board at the time.

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