What Happened To Solange And JAY Z In Elevator? Explained

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What Happened To Solange And JAY Z In Elevator?
JAY-Z, Beyoncé and Solange (Credits: Getty Images)

On May 5, 2014, an elevator incident in the Carter family went viral, and it is still talked about. A silent video of an elevator of the hotel where the 2014 MET GALA after party was held was released publicly. After that, fans and media went crazy, everyone’s eyes were on Beyoncé’s family in order to get an explanation. The video appeared disturbing, and the elevator had Beyoncé, Solange, and Jay-Z.

After watching the video, questions arose, what happened to Solange and JAY Z in the elevator? Before getting into the topic in detail, Solange is Beyoncé’s sister and a singer, and JAY-Z, also known as Hov, is a rapper and singer too. Beyoncé and JAY-Z were married in 2008, and they are blessed with three children. They have always been an amazing family, but on Met Gala afterparty night, Solange was way too mad at her sister’s husband. But why? Read on to know what exactly happened back then in 2014. 

What Happened To Solange And Jay Z In Elevator?

Beyoncé, her sister, Solange, and her husband JAY-Z attended the Met Gala 2014 afterparty. After this, tension grew among the Carter family, which later on became a big issue for the media and fans. While leaving the place, three of them, with a bodyguard, entered the elevator, and the surveillance video showed that Solange was yelling at JAY-Z. She was yelling and then started hitting him. She kicked him, hit him wildly, slapped him, and even landed a few punches on his face.

The bodyguard stopped the elevator and tried to stop the fight, but Solange smacked Hov with her purse and whatever things she had in it. Beyoncé didn’t interfere at the start, but the video showed that she once came between the two to control the situation. When the doors of the elevator finally opened at their destined floor, JAY-Z was spotted holding her hand to ensure she wouldn’t hit again. All three of them headed toward the main entrance of the hotel. Solange and Beyoncé sat in one car, whereas JAY-Z followed in another car.

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What Happened To Solange And JAY Z In Elevator?
Solange and Beyoncé (Credits: Getty Images)

But why? Why was Solange so upset with JAY-Z? Is the only question that gets up here. Well, Solange is a very protective sister towards Beyoncé; she loves her very much. Reportedly, Beyoncé was upset because she witnessed that JAY-Z was getting too close to the fashion designer Rachel Roy at the party. Damon Dash’s ex-wife is Rachel. Now, the silent surveillance camera’s video was not enough to judge the situation, so a lot of conspiracy theories came out from the fans and media. Also, the video went viral after one week of the happening.

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Media Reactions and How Did The Family Respond? 

10 days after the family fight, the Carters decided to break their silence and come forth to explain the situation. They said in a joint statement that after the release of the video of the elevator in public, people were constantly asking what happened there. Why was Solange so angry? There were a lot of questions from the fans’ side, but the family has already worked through it. They further added that both JAY and Solange took responsibility for the incident. Both of them acknowledged and apologized to each other, so they moved on from that situation.

The trio focused on the part where the situation was private, and it was played in public, and they have already moved on as a united family again. Continuing, they said Solange was reported as intoxicated or she was showing erratic behavior, so that was false. They explained that they are a family, and families have problems and fights, so they are no different. Later, they pleaded to forget about the incident, as the Carters had already put that behind them.

But do you think they were left alone even after the statement? Nah! After two months, Solange was asked about the incident on May 5, 2014. She answered by saying that the most important thing is that she is good with her family. They are all doing well, and whatever the answers people are looking for are already there in the joint statement.

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What Happened To Solange And JAY Z In Elevator?
JAY-Z, Beyoncé and Solange (Credits: Getty Images)

Back in August 2014, Beyoncé debuted a remix of her song, which is believed to be referred to as the elevator story. It’s unclear till now. But the lyrics say, ‘But no, we escalating, up in this B*, as elevators’ rap continues, ‘Of course, sometimes S* goes down when there are a billion dollars on an elevator’.

JAY-Z to launched a song that was around the popular elevator situation. The name of the song was ‘Kill JAY-Z’, launched in 2017 under the album 4:44. The song had raps that read as if he wanted to say out loud that he egged Solange and he should’ve said that he was wrong. The rap was a bit saddening. It appears as if he was explaining that Solange isn’t anyone else but his daughter.

It shows how much he loves and is protective of her. Later in an interview, he said that he and the Carters always had a great relationship, even with Solange. There are disagreements and things which can lead to bad days, but everything gets fine. He continued by saying that she was his sister and he would always protect her. Further, he highlighted that she isn’t his sister-in-law but his Sister.

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