Striving For The Luxury Liner Chapter 29: Release Date & Where To Read

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Striving For The Luxury Liner
Striving For The Luxury Liner (Credits: Square Enix)

Tamutamu and Zazaran Anan have united as the narrator and illustrator to bring us a gripping Isekai adventure named “Striving For The Luxury Liner.” The manga deals with the archetypal Isekai themes of fantasy and reincarnation.

“Striving For The Luxury Liner” starts with the protagonist, Wataru Toyoumi. He wakes up after a deep slumber only to find himself in the meadows. The situation is peculiar as a one-horned rabbit chases him. Wataru Toyoumi is a 20-year-old Otaku who loves anime and manga. He is a typical college student. He led an unremarkable life and experienced the usual issues that most young adults face.

The day before, he abruptly woke up in the pastures; he went out to an All-You-Can-Eat and Drink Izakaya place. He remembers singing Karaoke until morning with his friends. Things went from normal to bizarre after he accidentally slipped and fell into the ocean while walking home. The next thing he remembers is the meadow with the horned rabbit.

Striving For The Luxury Liner
Stills From Chapter 1 Of Striving For The Luxury Liner (Credits: Square Enix)

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Wataru Toyoumi compares this world to a Light Novel and is not wrong. This world is as fantastical as any Light Novel, you name. Just as he aims to get the drift of the situation, he receives an odd message projecting in the air. The message is sinister, as he cannot return to his world. He has fallen between the realms and wandered into this strange world.

However, it is not all bad news; he has skills of the gab. He has acquired the skill of “Language Understanding,” which allows him to understand all the languages. Additionally, he gained the skill of “Summon Ship.” “Summon Ship” is a skill that grants him to call upon the ships he purchases.

With his newly gained powers, Wataru purchases a ship and summons it. He realizes that his powers are immense and how he can use them. Just as he contemplates the vast capabilities of his abilities, a Golbin lodges a sudden assault at him.

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The attack forces Wataru to seek sanctuary in this new world. He travels through the dark forest and reaches the Western City. To gain admission, he earns the approval of the Appraisal Crystal. What lies ahead is nothing short of an adventure fantasy. What belies Wataru in this curious world? Read on to learn more.

Recap Of Chapter 28 Of Striving For The Luxury Liner 

“Monster Horde Showdown and Reflection” is the title of Chapter 28 of “Striving For The Luxury Liner.” It is the morning after the feast. Wataru searches for Ines and Felicia. While Felicia greets him with a hearty good morning, Ines uncharacteristically curls up in her bed. A surprised Wataru then learns that Ines is still reeling from last night’s afterparty. With Ines and Felicia hungover, he sets out to better his skills.

Despite being on autopilot, Wataru advances a level. His hard work has reaped great results, and he receives a Boarding Ticket. The Boarding Ticket allows him to board ships any number of times. It also eliminates the hassle of manually approving boarding tickets for everyone on Girasole.

Striving For The Luxury Liner
Stills From Chapter 28 Of Striving For The Luxury Liner (Credits: Square Enix)

However, the Boarding Ticket is not the only exciting news. His new advancements allow him to appoint staff, fix room rates, and have a system to collect money when he issues tickets.

Wataru notices Kara and Claretta, and his day becomes even more exciting when they reveal a new gaming corner on Girasole. However, the recent frequency of festivities concerns him. He decides to warn everyone of the endless celebrations. Lost in his thoughts, he notices a group of monsters trailing Girasole. Wataru must take quick action to deal with the issue. What will ensue next? 

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Release Date Of Striving For The Luxury Liner Chapter 29

Striving for the Luxury Liner Chapter 29 will release by April 14, 2023. Estimating from the previous release schedule, we can determine Chapter 29 to release in mid-April.

Where To Read Striving For The Luxury Liner Chapter 29

If you find “Striving for the Luxury Liner;” intriguing, you can read it on its official website Square Enix. You can also purchase the Manga Volumes on Amazon, Rakuten, Book Walker, and eBook Japan

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