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Preview and Recap: Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Episode 7

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Operation save Chrome has begun after the Steam Gorilla is finished. Senku reveals that they will first break down Chrome’s bamboo prison with the powered-up Steam Gorilla. Then they run after capturing Chrome, and he said that is all. Suika comments that it sounds simple. Gen said if they find out about their plan, they will get a chance to prepare. The Steam Gorilla is a one-time-use disposable, and Senku has no trouble letting go of things.

Saseki is disappointed that their adorable Steam Gorilla will become trash. Kohaku said they would have to hurry up since she knows that Chrome might run his mouth out of fear. Meanwhile, Tsukasa is talking with his allies about what Senku will do with his crew. He belive that Senku will use the power of Scince to save Chrome. Tsukasa thinks that Senku will use a bombardment by a steam engine.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Episode 7 will be released on Thursday, 25 February 2021, at 10:30 PM JST. Dr. Stones can be streamed across different official streaming platforms; you can stream it on AnimeLabCrunchyroll, and Funimation.

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Previously on Episode 6

Yo Uei thinks that he is powerful enough to stop Senku. Minami comments that she knows Uei well since he won baton category police of the martial arts competition. She thinks that he is a strong officer. Tsukasa orders Uei to manage the prison and the traps in its vicinity. Uei comments that it is a piece of cake; he can leave everything to him. He also said that he would use Chrome as bait to take down Senku and his allies.

Chrome notice that it will be dangerous for Senku to reach here. He has noticed that Tsukasa knows a lot about Senku. The traps they laid might capture Senku and the others. Chrome decided to escape before Senku and others come to help him. He decided to use the science that he learned from Senku to make his way out. Chrome seems like he was just bragging with no plans. He started wondering how he is going to get out. 

Prison Boss

Chrome realizes that all his science stuff was taken away when he got caught. He played a foolish act and took a small stone, trying to dig his way out. He can not even break the ropes tying the gate of the prison. One of the muscle men gave him that scary look, and he pretended like he was whistling. Chrome realizes that won’t work and ask himself what will Senku do in this situation. When trying to think of something, he heard a man screaming.

When he looks outside, he saw Uei sending a muscle guy flying for slacking around. The muscle guy apologizes, and he told him that they’re good. Uei recalls when he used to be a police officer. He got suspended for killing the criminals all the time. When he catches the criminal, he will first beat them to a pulp, and if they try to fight back or run, they get shot. Chrome saw everything and think that Uei is the prison boss type. 

Chrome thinks that it will be bad for him if he tries to escape and get caught. He doesn’t know that everything was an act to scare him so that he won’t think about escaping. Uei continues with his scary talks. Chrome is listening and thinks that Uei is the bad news. The muscle guy said Chrome is listening to Uei plans, and Uei said it doesn’t matter. He comments that Chrome cannot communicate with Senku, and he is just a primitive. 

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Prison Break

Chrome started to operate a prison break mission to show Uei that he is not that weak. He comments to himself that they will watch him as he makes his escape with his science. He pretended like he can’t hold it in and fool the muscle dummy guy who falls for it. The guy went with him to the forest to answer a nature call. Chrome asks if he has to do it in front of them. One of them yells at him that he can go a little bit far. 

Chrome takes his time and collects materials that will help him escape. The guys went with him back, but they notice nothing. In the evening, Chrome set the fire, and Uei came in time and stopped it. He laughs at Chrome science that he is using twigs and sticks to set fire. Chrome comments Uei must not underestimate the power of science. In the morning, Uei finds the gate of the prison broken. Their traps are also destroyed, and he can’t believe that Chrome fooled him.

They started to chase Chrome, and Uei manages to catghtupwithChrome. He asks Chrome to chose between being beaten and going back to prison. Chrome manages to outsmart Uei and hit his balls using a stick, and runs away. Kohaku spotted Chrome running in the forest and informs Senku and others. Kohaku went, and comeback with Chrome and everyone is happy for him. The Steam Gorilla won’t be destroyed. 

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Episode 7 Preview

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