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Aldatmak Episode 11: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Aldatmak Episode 11
Aldatmak Episode 11

The release date for Aldatmak Episode 11 has arrived, and we are happy to share all the details about the episode before it airs. Let’s review the plot thus far before discussing the Aldatmak episode 11 release date and how to watch Aldatmak online. Guzidey had previously announced to everyone, “I submitted divorce papers!”

Güzide claims that she is currently starting to reconstruct her life after it was destroyed in a single day. Güzide confronts the information her family is withholding from her and questions Tark’s use of complex phrases. When Oylum’s legal proceedings are over, Güzide does what is expected and hires a lawyer to divorce Tark.

She is determined to make Tarik answer for his treachery. Sezai has been his supporter throughout these difficult times with his family. When Oylum’s lies are revealed, and his New York ticket is found, his father helps him out by making up new ones. Oylum is subsequently forced to approach his father and his new family with increased caution due to his secrets. 

Aldatmak Episode 11 Release Date

Aldatmak Episode 11 will release on December 1, the Turkish Drama Series, starring Ercan Kesal, Mustafa Uurlu, Yusuf Im, and Feyza Sevil Güngör, will debut on ATV in Turkey.

Aldatmak Episode 11 Release Date

Aldatmak Episode 11 Preview

Recap Of Aldatmak Episode 10

Family members of Yenersoy struggle with regrets. After her accident, she is in the intensive care unit, where she is struggling for her life. Tarak, Ozan, and Oylum struggle with remorse over what they did to their mother while they wait for the good news to arrive.

Finally, Oylum is crushed by the news as she gets ready to tell her mother everything. Oylum, who regrets lying much, is in for some unpleasant surprises. On the other hand, Tolga is once more by Oylum’s side during this most trying time, and the two grow closer. How long can Oylum keep Tolga away from himself to fulfill his dream of moving to New York?

Recap Of Aldatmak Episode 10

Recap Of Aldatmak Episode 10

When Yeşim visits the hospital, the conflict between Ozan and his father, who is struggling with the possibility of losing his mother, reaches a breaking point. Ozan is helped by Oltan since he now wants to amass something in his own life. Ozan, who doesn’t learn from his mistakes, did he trust Oltan in the wrong way?

When faced with the likelihood of Güzide’s passing, Tarak is perplexed. He supports Yeşim against his family because he does not want to lose her no matter what, but he is unable to foresee what the results will be.

The Yenersoy Family will make new blunders as they attempt to risk their lives in the face of death and come face to face with the harsh reality of death.

Cast Of The Show

Yusuf Çim as Ozan Yenersoy: Ozan, the son of Tark and Güzide, is a talented young civil engineer. He complains about working excessive hours and desires financial success so he can lead a lavish lifestyle. His excitement for easily obtaining the life he wants will lead to significant difficulties for him.

Feyza Sevil Güngör as Oylum Yenersoy: Oylum, the lovely and astute daughter of Güzide and Tark, was forced to enroll in medical school by her mother, but her greatest ambition is to become a well-known dancer. Oylum has the fortitude to pursue her goals even if it means keeping a lot of information from her family, but things will not turn out the way she had hoped.

Cast Of The Show

Cast Of The Show

Ercan Kesal as Ali Sezai Okuyan: Sezai has law offices in Nevşehir and Ankara and is a very accomplished attorney. He has two kids, is a poet and literature enthusiast, and is divorced from his wife. Tark and Güzide are close classmates. Güzide and Tarak broke away from the group when they fell in love, even though they had a very good friendship at the time. A new chapter in his life will begin when his path recrosses with Güzide after 30 years.

How Can You Watch Aldatmak Episode 11?

Only ATV presently has the right to broadcast the show. Thus, international fans can only watch it on YouTube the day after it airs on TV. But keep an eye on this page because we’ll let you know about any new information as soon as we find out more about Aldatmak’s global streaming.

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