Iyanna And Jarrette Divorce: All to Know About it

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Iyanna McNeely has opened up about her divorce from her husband Jarrette Jones, whom she had wedded on the reality television show named Love Is Blind. According to sources, the couple has been maintaining a fair courtship for almost a year and seems very compatible and happy with each other. But suddenly what has happened is that both of them made this kind of decision. 

Was the couple not compatible with each other? Or have they cheated on each other? As the audience proceeds with the segments of this content, they will get every answer to their question. 

How Did Iyanna And Jarrette Met Each Other? 

Iyanna And Jarrette met each other in the dating reality show named Love Are Blind. Their live story touched the audience so much that the makers of the show brought them back in the second season of the show. However, in the final episode of this sequel which premiered on Netflix, Iyanna And Jarrette tied the knot with each other along with Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson.

A Brief Idea About The Show? 

The dating reality series which arrived in 2020 on Netflix is Love Is Blind. All the episodes of the series are formulated by Nick Lachey as well as Vanessa Lachey. However, the show has been produced under the banner of the company named Kinetic Content. 

After a successful end of the first season, on 24th March 2020, the makers came up with an official announcement that they are jotting down their thoughts and putting them under an umbrella to bring up the second and third seasons of Love Is Blind. On 11th February 2022, the second season arrived; however, it ended on 25th February 2022. Within a short period of time, the makers presented the third season and announced the renewal of the fourth and fifth seasons of the series on 24th March 2022. 

When Did Iyanna McNeely And Jarrette Jones Announce Their Split?

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones married each other in June 2021 on the show Love Are Blind after Iyanna said yes to Jarrette. But both of them came up with an official statement about their separation. On 17th August 2022, they announced that it was no longer possible for both of them to proceed with this marriage.   

What Is The Reason For Their Divorce? 

The audience, who has a precise idea of the show and those who follow the series, knows that Iyanna was never Jarrette’s first choice. Jarrette always wanted to be with Mallory Zapata, as she was his fourth choice. But Mallory Zapata didn’t accept his proposal, so he had to choose Iyanna McNeely, and she said yes. 

However, after tying the knot, Iyanna McNeely had a clear vision that his spouse was much more interested in anyone else than her on their honeymoon trip. The so-called perfect relationship between them did not last for long, as Iyanna was tired of being the second wife of his husband. This built up several troubles in their experimental marriage and led to separation. 

What Statement Iyanna McNeely And Jarrette Jones Procure After Their News Of Separation?

Iyanna McNeely came up with an official statement that both she and Jarrette Jones had tried a lot to fill in the gaps which are created between them. But love and affection is something that should be the major ingredient to hold any relationship. However, just filling in the pitch falls and proceeding with the marriage is not the solution to a problem. 

However, Jarrette Jones also expressed he had also faced several drawbacks while holding this marriage. Well, it would be better if this marriage is termed as an experimental one. The news that has arisen about his divorce is true, and both of them are proceeding with this decision mutually. As their careers and other needs are diverging in other directions, they should end the relationship on a sweet note rather than dragging it in the nastiest way. 

After getting the news that Iyanna McNeely And Jarrette Jones were parting ways, their supporters went mad. Several tweets and posts pop up on social media through which they have expressed their grief. However, their fans also expect and suggest that both of them should give their marriage a chance and should solve the issues they are facing in their lives. 

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