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Apple TV+ Film: Cherry Starring Tom Holland

There are certain films that aren’t just mere projects, they are a planned cataclysm that somewhat depicts the reality. And why not, the real-life isn’t all sweet and merry. It’s bitter, it’s painful, and it’s dilemmas, and Tom Holland has got it sorted for you. A similar concept has been adapted in his upcoming film titled Cherry.

The trailer of the film was dropped on YouTube around 3 weeks ago, and trust me, I couldn’t figure out for straight one minute whether it is being led by Tom Holland or someone else. Seeing him in a grey character is something we’re not used to. But this time, it genuinely looks like his cup of tea.

Tom Holland as Cherry

So as the trailer kicks in, we see Tom introducing himself as a 23-year-old guy, Cherry. He hands over a note to a lady in the bank where he mentions it to be a robbery and warns her that he has got a gun. This helps him get away with the money with ease. But suddenly, we’re taken back in time. When Cherry wasn’t all dark and shady. He was a college student who knew how to smile and how to live. We see him falling in love with a girl who loves him back. But, Cherry maybe isn’t ready to hold on to things. Maybe he doesn’t know how to do it. His college isn’t working out, so he joined the armed forces as a medic. And suddenly, we see the time frames being shuffled. At one point, he’s in the war area, and on the other, he has dozed off on pills. He says that his greatest accomplishment is the fact that he did not die, and maybe we get a rough idea of where the story is taking us. We soon see him being restless of all the noises he has in his head and his girlfriend Emily trying to calm him down.

So on a clearer note, Cherry returns back home but not the same. The war has disturbed him to the core and keeps haunting him. He is damaged, and while trying to cope up with it, he begins abusing opioids to blur away his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But it all makes things worse for him. He gets addicted, and in order to pay for the drugs, he opts for bank robberies. The more desperate he gets, the deeper he falls into the pit. The man stuck in existential crisis sees Emily as the only bright spot. She aims at stabilizing the love of her life, but in the whole process, gets on the verge of destruction. We see Cherry continuing his habit of robbing as he can’t get over her addiction. This addiction is strong enough to engulf him and Emily and burn them up in the fire of devastation.

Cherry and Emily

Speaking about their upcoming film, the Russos said that they wanted to tell a story about all the people back at home who are hurting. According to him, Ohio is unfortunately at ground zero when it comes to its battle with the opioid crisis. He feels that a lot of people in our family have lost their lives from the crisis, and many are still struggling with their current addiction. For them, the topic of depictions feels very personal, and they wanted to come up with something like this. Further giving us insights into the film, Anthony says that the love story of Emily and Cherry is basically the spine of the film. Without their relationship, it would all fall apart for him. From the very beginning, they knew they wanted the existence of such a character that would her presence marked.

Directed by Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, the film stars Tom Holland as the lead in the role of Cherry or Nico Walker alongside Ciara Bravo as Emily, Jack Reynor as Pills and Coke, Michael Rispoli as Tommy, Jeff Wahlberg as Jimenez, Forrest Goodluck as James Lightfoot, Michael Gandolfini as Cousin Joe, Kyle Harvey as Roy, Pooch Hall as Sgt. Whoever, Damon Wayans Jr. as Drill Sgt. Masters and various others in prominent roles. The film is scheduled to start streaming on Apple TV+ on 12 March 2021.

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I’m Suhani Rajpoot, an 18-year-old teen. I hail from Lucknow. I’m an aspiring pilot and a keen artist. I find poetry and writing as a way of self-exploration and a way to express different emotions through my eyes. My world revolves around my family, my hobbies, and a bunch of my friends.

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