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Preview and Recap: Young Rock Season 1 Episode 1

Well, here is an excellent piece of news for all the people who love actor Dwayne Johnson. I mean, everybody loves him. He has a great physique, a beautiful smile, and to top it all, he is never seen rude with his coworkers and treats everyone with kindness. In the latter half of 2020, news broke out that the creators are deciding to make something on this iconic Jumanji actor on the small screen. The title of the project is Young Rock. Back in 2005, all the people who saw the series called ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ literally were left in awe of its plot as well as the characters. This show was a fictional version of how Chris Rock had spent his childhood. This is actually the series in which Chris Rock provided his voice to the character.

Later through the years, he headed to the main series about his life—this new one employed actor Tyler James Williams enacting young Chris Rock’s role. We see how he navigates his life through all the ups and downs that come in his journey of growing up. As of right now, all of us need to get excited because a new Rock is all set to come our way on the small screen. The show is all about Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in this project. The entire setup of the series is almost as similar as Everybody Hates Chris as you can ever imagine. Well, here we have wrapped up every detail that we know about Young Rock season 1.

Young Rock


Young Rock Season 1 – What is the show all about?

First of all, for the people who still have not received the idea of what this show is all about, then we have got you covered. It was January 2020 when the news broke out that Dwayne The Rock Johnson is going to make an appearance on NBC. He will star in a show which is going to portray the entire course of his childhood and how he rose to fame through his own efforts. All this while, Johnson changed his name to The Rock while he was a WWE player. Later in his life, he moved on to Hollywood to become one of the most deserving and leading men present in the industry. He is also going to be an executive producer on Young Rock.

As the series is about everything that has shaped Dwayne Johnson into the way he is right now, the plot will throw light on our favorite hero’s schooling career. The show is also going to tackle the storyline of his career in the form of a wrestler. As you all might already know through his fan pages, Dwayne The Rock Johnson was the son of a professional wrestler whose name is Rocky Johnson. It just so happens, Dwayne is the grandson of a wrestling legend. So from this, we can make out that wrestling’s instinct just runs in the Johnson household. This family inheritance of this profession is what made him a part of the Samoa Dynasty, which is quite popular in wrestling terms.

Young Rock Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date

Although, it was not as easy as it looked like. In many of his interviews, he has accepted and narrated about his life used to be. While he was a teenager, e had to struggle for everything and even found himself fumbling with the law whilst he still was a teenager. At one point in time, the situation got so adverse that he literally had to live out of his car before finally making it to WWE. Later, he rose to stardom, climbing the steps of his own hard-work. No wonder why The Rock is so kind and so humble even though he is super-rich. He is one of those stars whom people would love to watch when the show releases on television.

This forthcoming Young Rock series is quite unlike the concept that we witnessed in Everybody Hates Chris. Johnson is not just going to voice the character a few times or so and then vanish; the actor is going to be available in each episode of the series. According to him, the manner in which each episode has been made is pretty cool.

Well, now we must head over to the most important and awaited section of this article, that is, the release date. Well, the show Young Rock season 1 is scheduled to rock out television on the 16th of February 2021. It will drop out its first episode called ‘Working The Gimmick‘ on NBC.

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