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What Does GRWM Mean On Tiktok? The Viral Slang Revealed


What GRWM means on Tiktok? You must have come across this slang. Didn’t you? Well, the meaning remains a question to most of you. 

It is quite difficult to stay updated with the trendy slang and challenges on social media. There is a lot of hype. Also, the number increases daily. Now, it’s time for GRWM. 

Talking specifically about GRWM, this slang is not just limited to Tiktok but is also doing rounds on other social media platforms.

If you have come across the same, you might have noticed that GRWM is mostly used by fashion influencers. No, they are not just the only ones. You can also use GRWM, even if you are not one. But, how?

Even in the Tiktok live videos, you must have seen the creators using the slang, GRWM. What do they mean? 

You will be happy to know that using GRWM will anyway help you in boosting the number of followers on social media. These days, fashion has been on the top priority list of every creator, especially girls. Don’t you agree? 

Well, if you are looking for the meaning of GRWM and its usage, here are the details. 

What Does GRWM Mean On Tiktok

GRWM: The usage of the Tiktok slang

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GRWM Meaning On Tiktok Explained: The Viral Slang 

Talking about its full form or meaning, GRWM stands for “Get Ready With Me.” Now, does the above explanation make sense? Of course, it does. 

Want to know GRWM in a more detailed manner? Well, people use it while filming something that they do. In other words, it can highly be described as a vlog where the creators try to showcase to others about their day went. 

As we all know, social media slang can be used in different ways with the same meaning. Right? Similarly, fashion influencers often use GRWM to showcase their dresses and style of course. It can come up on Tiktok in various ways such as live videos, short clips, or reels.

Now, the question comes- how GRWM is used? For example- if a creator wants to film a shopping haul of her dresses, by wearing them one after the other, she can use this viral slang, GRWM. Okay!

How does that increase the number of followers? By using GRWM, people get to know about the video beforehand. If the content turns out to be interesting, adding such trending slang eventually acts as the brownie. 

There are other ways too! Are you looking to provide a review of some products through a video? Maybe some skincare or beauty products? Even this time, you can use GRWM. By doing this, you ask the viewers to get ready with you. Briefly, it can also be used for promoting a brand. 

Let’s understand the meaning of GRWM in a better way. Here is another example!

Viewer 1: Why is she filming a video of her trying out her recently bought dresses? She can even do that while not shooting for it. 

Viewer 2: That’s the content of every fashion influencer. She is doing it for her GRWE social media video. 

Do you love to do make-up on your face? While posting a similar video, you can also use the GRWM caption. That will let the viewers know that you are either showing or teaching them that particular look. In other words, maybe a makeup tutorial GRWM video? 

What Does GRWM Mean On Tiktok

A snap from a GRWM video for a make up look

Now, that you already know the GRWM meaning, what are you waiting for? Many examples have been set above for better clarification of this viral social media slang.

You can use it on various occasions and at every instance. This is indeed a fun acronym! Use GRWM and keep up the trend! 

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