Are Bliss And Zack Still Together? Love Is Blind Season 4 Couple

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Are Bliss and Zack still together
Are Bliss and Zack still together? (Credits: People)

Are Bliss and Zack still together? Netflix hit reality television show Love Is Blind season 4 came with its fair share of drama as viewers saw a love triangle that was all about some high-end drama! While some couples walked down the aisle and found their happily ever after, some seemingly parted ways that cake with a rather messy aftermath! 

This season saw Criminal defense lawyer Zack Goytowski being the white charmer as he managed to woo not one but two women: Irina and Bliss. As Zack chose Irina as his bride-to-be, he was hole saying how he knows her heart. This decision surely made Bliss upset, leading up to a cold feud. As the three get into a love triangle, viewers are left with the question, who did Zack end up it? Let us find out whether Bliss and Zack are still together or not. 

Are Bliss and Zack Still Together?

Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi are very much together! It seems like the Love is Blind season 4 couple is still together despite the two getting involved in a love triangle! Viewers saw how Zack fell for both Bliss and Irina. Here’s a picture of the newly married couple. 

Are Bliss and Zack still together
Are Bliss and Zack still together? (Credits: People)

However, both Zack and Irina concluded that the relationship was not working out after all and eventually called off their engagement. Zack later approached Bliss and popped the question to her in the eighth episode. Later, the two realized how they were meant to be and ultimately reunited for good.

While Bliss’s mom supported the two, her father was a bit skeptical, saying that he hoped the two made the right choice while adding how getting engaged after twenty days is insanity. In a recent interview, Bliss admitted that she knew that Zack was her person the moment they saw each other for the first time face-to-face. 

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Did Bliss and Zack Get Married?

It seems like the wedding between Bliss and Zack happened at the end after much speculation and anticipation! Bliss admitted that she was feeling both nervous and excited as she further recalled the instant connection between her and Zack despite their brief separation. Bliss revealed how their initial separation made her question her faith in them but is happy to have made it to the wedding aisle. Take a little sneak peek into the high-end drama! 

As Zack went on say his vows, Zack said how he knew he loved Bliss while explaining how when he said goodbye, he knew what he had lost, further adding that when Bliss was gone and only then he knew that he loved her.

Bliss also praised her beau while saying how kindness is what makes Zack so very unique and how he believes in second chances while seeing the best in people. The newly married couple signed their marriage certificate and held it up for the cameras to see it. 

What Happened Between Zack and Irina?

As Zack and Bliss are married and got a happy ending, Zack and Irina do not quite work out. After seemingly a problematic vacation, the former pair finally realized that it was better to call it quits. Not only that but Irina also confessed that he likes Paul while encouraging Zack to try to make things work with Bliss.

Are Bliss and Zack still together
Zack and Irina (Credits: People)

Zack soon realizes that it is Bliss who he loves, and the rest is history. The trio to Mexico was rather bitter as  Irina called Paul sexy while continuing to ignore Zack’s advances. 

A messy aftermath followed the split as Zack confessed to Irina that he considered breaking up with her on the third day of the trip, while Irina responded by saying how she wanted to leave him when she first saw him. However, Zack found his happy ending after he found Bliss back in Seattle and told her about how he messed up and admitted that he should have picked Bliss in the first place.

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