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Will There Be Drink With God Season 2 Episode 31?

Drink With God Season 2 Episode 31
Drink With God Credits: Prime Video

For a long time, certainly more than just a few centuries, drinking and alcohol have been a significant part of human lives. For a number of reasons – the stress of work, coping in tough times, sadness, or heartbreak we drink to forget our worries and pain for a while to refresh the body and mind.

Another reason would be the taste and intoxicating feeling it bestows, along with as a must while socializing people, alcohol constitutes major part. Now, there is also the peer pressure that forces some to guzzle the liquid down for the need to ‘fit in,’ as one may call it, and this is a negative example of alcohol’s presence in our lives.

There should not be a tag of compulsion attached to something like alcohol, which should be enjoyed out of the free will. However, all is not well with drinking as people tend to overdo it. It should not become an addiction but be consumed lightly and mildly as to that amount it is even good for health.

Though exceeding a limit is extremely detrimental to health, making one’s body and mind vulnerable to various maladies and illnesses. Moving on to a different topic, it is widely acknowledged that Korean variety shows bring a series of creative entertainment and informative content to their audiences.

One such show is ‘신과 함께,’ that is ‘Drink With God.’ It is a ‘humanistic,’ as described by host Shin Dong Yup, the variety talk show that poses a rather calm, charismatic vibe as it deals with hosts welcoming guests, having drinks, and sharing life stories.  

Drink With God Season 2 Episode 31

Drink With God

Drink With God: Main Hosts

The famed South-Korean comedian, Shin Dong Yup, also well-known for his ability to hold his liquor well, and being a strong drinker, holds the position of one of the hosts in the entertainment show. He has also worked in some films and dramas- ‘Big Forest,’ ‘Reply 1997,’ and participated in many variety shows.

Drink With God Season 2 Episode 31

Shin Dong Yup

Park Sun Young is a beautiful and charming announcer and radio DJ who has hosted various popular shows. She is well-spoken and voices her opinions and thoughts strongly yet respectfully, naturally commanding attention. As the only female host in ‘Drink With God,’ she shares the screen expressively with her male co-hosts.

Drink With God Season 2 episode 31

Park Sun Young

Lee Yong Jin is a veteran in the entertainment industry with various works to his name, being a talented singer and an excellent comedian. He is most famous for his role in ‘Big League,’ a comedy show on TvN network, and has guest starred in some dramas as well.

Drink With God Season 2 episode 31

Lee Yong Jin

Xiumin, real name- Kim Min Seok, is a member of SM entertainment’s popular boyband EXO, which has gained millions of fans’ love worldwide. After returning from his military enlistment in December 2020, he released his solo album ‘Brand New,’ in 2022.

He joined the hosts of ‘Drink With God’ on April 16th as a regular member of the show, contributing to the show with his wittiness, handsome visuals, and eloquence.

Drink With God Season 2 episode 31


Sung Si-Kyung, who joined the cast of Drink With God in season 2, is a prominent singer, actor, and comedian with many successful albums and television show appearances. Some of the projects he worked on are Witch Hunt, 2 Days & 1 Night, and the voice of Korea (2020).

Drink With God season 2 episode 31

Sung Si-Kyung

Drink With God Season 1 Recap 

The main host of the talk show- Shin Dong Yup being, an infamous heavyweight in drinking, has a motto that is ‘There are always drinks in our lives.’

By this moto, the hosts- Shin Dong Yup, Lee Yong Jin, and Park Sun Young, joined by Xiumin of Exo from the third episode, share drinks and stories from all kinds of life experiences with special guests like Lee Chang Sub of BTOB, Sunny of Girls’ Generation, and many more.

They discover and recommend the best food and liquor combinations catering to specific situations to the audience in the segment named ‘Order of God,’ and discuss concerns, jokes, and having a great time.

It is also a great learning platform from where the history and essence behind each drink are elaborated upon. Every episode shows a new venue where the activities proceed in an especially calming, vibrant ambiance. 

Drink With God Season 2 Recap

The second installment of ‘Drink With God’ returned on July 16th, 2021, turning the heat up a bit with many more delightful food and drink combinations, juicy gossip, and enlightening life stories with the beloved hosts and many special new guests.

The new season featured famous artists like seventeen, Ikon, basketball ambassador Heo Jae, and Song Kyung A, a beautiful model, and also introduced a new host – Sung Si-Kyung.

Sticking to the original concept, the cast listened and spoke about life, discussed concerns, provided solutions to problems, and of course, recommended delicious, mouth-watering drinks and complimentary snacks that hold the power to bring a smile to frowning faces.

Will There Be Drink With God Season 2 Episode 31

The first season aired a total of 10 episodes from April 9th to July 18th, 2021, while the second season continued the talk show from July 16th, 2021, to March 4th, 2022, with a total of 30 episodes. As for episode 30 of Drink With God season 2, it did not air, rather instead, a third installment made a come-back on April 8th, 2022, with about 20 episodes.

Drink With God: Where To Watch

All seasons of ‘Drink With God’ can be viewed on prime video (not available for viewers from the Indian subcontinent) and Rakuten Viki

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