Succession Season 4 Episode 3: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

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Succession Credits: HBO Max

The Succession Season 4 Episode 3 release date is what fans are hoping to know more of after we have just seen Succession Season 4 Episode 2 on 2 April 2023. The series throws light on a comedy and drama series which has originated in the United States. Jesse Armstrong has created the series for HBO. In the lead, we get to witness the Roy family, who runs the company called Waystar RoyCo.

Back in Succession Season 4 Episode 2, titled Rehearsal, we saw that Logan has finally been outsmarted by his own kids. It was when he was trying to acquire Pierce, but a collective force led by Kendall, Shiv, and Roman snatched the company away from right under his thumb. This was a huge loss for him, obviously.

Nan, his enemy, might have enjoyed the whole thing, but there is speculation that even his kids also enjoyed this failure. As of right now, Logan is set to complete yet another deal. He wants to sell most of the Waystar shares to Lukas Matsson. Although, the kids have an objection to the same and might get in the way of this new deal going through as well.

We saw that Shiv was with his siblings, already sad about the PGN programming with her brothers. It was weird to see that these siblings had no idea about what they were getting their hands dirty with until it was very late, and the deal already went through. While this cable roast is going on, we see that Shiv gets a call which makes her pretty upset.

Succession Season 4 Episode 3
A still from Succession Season 4 Credits: HBO Max

Succession Season 4 Episode 2 Recap – Rehearsal

It turns out that the divorce lawyer who had selected for herself is not ready to do business with her. The same lawyer had already met with Tom and agreed to represent him, and this is what made everything so chaotic for her. This obviously made Shiv sad, but what was a blow for her was when the second lawyer she had selected for the same also decided to represent Tom.

And even the rest of the choices went through with Tom only. Well, it was what happened between Logan and Shiv’s mother in the past as well. Thus, she was sure that Logan was doing it again, only this time with Shiv. Now that Shiv has the motive to get revenge against Logan, she talks with Sandy.

Sandy had been trying to convince the siblings to vote against the GoJo sale, which will result in Logan getting more money. Till now, the siblings had been ignoring her calls because they wanted their money out of the Waystar shares in order to buy Pierce for themselves. And if the GoJo deal does not go through, it will be a problem for all of them.

But the situation has changed right now because Shiv is getting really angry at Logan. She is ready to do anything in her power in order to take revenge on her father, even if it means spiking the whole deal. On the other hand, we see that Logan is taking a trip to the ATN Newsroom because annoying the hell out of his kids is boring for him right now.

Succession Season 4 Episode 3 Release Date

Succession Season 4 Episode 3 release date is on 9 April 2023. The episode will drop out on HBO at 9 PM Eastern Time. New episodes of the series release every week on the channel at the same time on Sundays.

How to Watch Succession Season 4 Episode 3

You can tune in to HBO to watch Succession Season 4 Episode 3. Also, new episodes will be available from HBO Max streaming service. International fans will have to use VPN and consider the time difference as well.

  • India – 6.30 AM Indian Standard Time (10 April 2023)
  • Europe – 1 AM Greenwich Mean Time (10 April 2023)
  • Australia – 12 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (10 April 2023)
  • USA – 9 PM Eastern Standard Time (9 April 2023)
  • Canada – 9 PM Eastern Standard Time (9 April 2023)

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