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How to Watch Gifted Online? The Beautiful Drama Film

Even after years of its release, fans are still searching about how to watch Gifted. It is a drama film. Marc Webb directed the story. In the lead, we see a little girl who has a lot of intellectuals. She is just seven years of age. She gets into a custody battle between her maternal uncle and maternal grandmother. Upon its release, the critics generally had positive words about the film. They appreciate the actors, Evans and Grace. Although, it was pointed out that the plot was too predictable, and watchers almost knew what was about to go down in the film. It was made on a budget of 7 million dollars. The film grossed over 43 million at the box office.

The film is set in Florida, where we see Mary Adler. She is living with her uncle. She is friends with Roberta Taylor, who is 43 years of age and lives around the neighborhood. We see her starting her journey as a first grader where she possesses extreme talents in mathematics. This impresses her teacher. Given the fact that Mary is intellectually ahead of her classmates, she begins to bond with them after everyone appreciates her one-eyed cat, Fred.

Later, Mary stands up for a classmate who is being bullied on the school bus. She hits the bully in the face, and everyone claps for her. After witnessing her intelligence, the principal asks Frank, her uncle, to send Nary to a private school for gifted children and even offers a scholarship. Given the fact that her family has been at the special schools and missed out on a normal childhood themselves, Frank turns down the offer. He wants Mary to be among normal children.

Where to Watch Gifted Online?

A still of Gifted

It is later revealed in the film that Diane, the mother of Mary, was an accomplished woman herself. She was a mathematician but took her own life when Mary was just six months old. The child has been raised by Frank ever since. The principal starts meddling in their lives a lot and even contacts Frank’s mother, Mary’s grandmother named Evelyn.

Evelyn is now trying to gain custody of the excellent child and move her to Massachusetts. Evelyn believes that Mary is set for the greater good and will be an even greater prodigy in Mathematics than her mother. She wants to send her to special schools to enhance her talents. As for Frank, he does not want this for Mary. His sister never had a normal childhood but always wished for one. He argues that Mary’s mother would want her child to grow up normally among her friends.

Where to Watch Gifted


Gifted is available to stream on Hulu right now. The platform costs 13.99 dollars a month for its basic plan. This one includes an ad-supported version. The highest plan that the service has to offer is 19.99 dollars. It is an ad-free version, and you can stream the content without interruptions. Hulu also offers new subscribers a free trial lasting for seven days. It can be canceled anytime. By doing so, this is the easiest method to watch Gifted for free and legally as well. There is no other to stream the movie for free officially.

Prime Video

This Chris Evans film Gifted is available to watch through on-demand services. This facility is provided by Amazon Prime Video. We can either rent or buy the film. Renting cost is set at 3.99 dollars, where we get an HD version of the story. After proceeding with the payment, viewers will have 30 days to start watching the movie. Once the movie is started, users will have 48 hours to end it. You all can also buy the film for 14.99 dollars and can watch it forever.

Disney Plus Hotstar

People from India who wish to watch the film can do so by buying a subscription to Disney Plus Hotstar. The platform is rated at just 49 rupees per month in the country. You can also buy the bigger version at rupees 499, which will allow you to stream the content for a year. Other than that, the platform can be upgraded to have Premium content from Disney Plus as well throughout the year. It is rated at 1499 Rupees.

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