Farming Life in Another World Episode 9 Review: Dragons, Farming and a Lot of Business

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Farming Life in Another World Episode 9 Review
Farming Life in Another World Episode (Credits: Zero-G Studio)

Farming Life in Another World is an anime series based on the light novel series of Kinosuke Naito. Illustrated by Yasuyuki Tsurugi, the manga adaptation has been featured in Fujimi Shobo’s Shonen manga magazine, ‘Monthly Dragon Age’  since November 2017.  The anime was recently released in January 2023 and is undergoing production under the director Ryouichi Kuraya at studio Zero-G. 

The story revolves around our main protagonist, Hiraku, who dies in an accident due to his unfortunate luck. As an apology from God, he is ‘isekai-d’ to another world and is gifted with a multi-purpose Holy Artifact (which Hiraku mostly uses for farming). Through farming and daily interactions, this new life of Hiraku becomes quite myriad, building a community of people of different species, with him serving as the Mayor of the Great Tree Village. 

Farming Life in Another World Episode 9: Storyline

The episode titled ‘The Merchant and the Dragon’ begins with the slimes who have started multiplying. Coming in various colors, one of the slimes drinks a gallon of alcohol from the barrel, which infuriates the girls Lastismoon, Tia, and Ria. Holding the first trial of the village, they find the slime guilty. However, Flowrem explains that as a slime, it does not have a sense of societal conduct, so no matter what punishment they pass, the slime will not reflect on its actions. 

As autumn comes, Hiraku and the rest are seen enjoying a bowl of hotpot. Hiraku states that it would be great if they could have some seafood like cod, crabs, and monkfish, which agitates the curiosity of the girls. Ru tells Flora to start researching these ingredients while Flowrem explains that there is a port city within the Demonic Kingdom, and they can reach it by going southwards.

Farming Life in Another World Episode 9 Review
Farming Life in Another World (Credits: Fujimi Shobo)

Taking on the responsibility, Lastismoon flies to the place accompanied by Flowrem because she knows a merchant there. Three days later, they come back with Michael Goroun, a wealthy merchant from Shashato. After the general exchange of salutations and interactions, Michael shows him the fish and kombu he requested. 

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Michael explains that his visit had three purposes: to properly greet the Mayor and thank him for doing business with him, for keeping more future prospects open to do business with him, and to become the government purveyor of the village, meaning that Michael would be the one handling all the trade between the village and the outside world. He wanted to trade alcohol, but Lastismoon agitatedly stated that he could not, which scared the living lights out of him.

A Flashback from three days earlier shows that Michael met Florem from the renowned Chrome Family. Upon learning that Lastismoon accompanied her, he gaped because she was a crazy dragon. The girls had brought fresh produce for him. Looking at the apples, he realizes that he can sell them for a few silvers as these are the renowned apples everyone in the Demonic Kingdom kept talking about. 

In exchange for the items, Michael tells his men to bring him the best products from the market. He wishes to go back to where the girls were headed but feels uneasy when they say that they are returning to Taiju village in the Forest of Death. After striking a trade deal with the mayor of Hiraku, he feels that he will become rich but is unsure whether his body will be able to take it. 

Later, everyone enjoys a bowl of hotpot with seafood. 

Farming Life in Another World Episode 9 Review
Farming Life in Another World (Credits: Zero-G)

The next half of the episode shows a Dragon which attacks and mocks Hiraku. Getting serious, Hiraku throws his spear at it, seemingly missing it but then he throws another spear which takes down the dragon. 

The dragon turns into a girl who surrenders. Doraim, the Dragon tribe’s leader states that the girl, called Hakuren, is his elder sister. Hakuren states that it was his fault that she ventured into the Taiju village as he was giving Lastismoon as a bride to the mayor. Hakuren is 900 years older to Lastismoon, yet Lastismoon marries before her. 

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Doraim tries to deny Hakuren’s claims, stating that he might have been in a state of drunkenness when he said that. Hiraku is fine with the fact that she came to the village, but he ensures that she clears the mess she created. 

After dinner, Hakuren wishes to play a game of mahjong involving bets in the game. Doraim wonders what Hiraku can bet, but he only states that he can play strip mahjong. However, as the game proceeds, he is seen to have lost miserably as he is only wearing his last and final piece of garment. He then feels that he has a chance but ends up losing completely. 

Hakuren decides to stay in the village. Being very skillful, she easily takes up and completes a task assigned to her. In the end, she became a teacher to the students, helping them out through teaching and reading. 

The episode shifts to the Demonic Castle where Beezel reveals that Hakuren has also joined Hiraku’s village. They all start getting concerned as Hiraku now has enough power to overtake the kingdom. They needed to gather funds and prepare their military in case of any invasion or threat. 

Farming Life in Another World Episode 9 Review
Farming Life in Another World (Credits: Zero-G)

The last bit of the episode throws light on the Lamia tribe, who come to the village to beg the Mayor to spare their lives. Not knowing the reason behind such a statement, Hiraku asks them what was happening, and the tribe stated that wolves and spiders decided to clear their dungeon, leading them to flee their homes. 

In exchange for the gems they brought, Hiraku gives them their crops and ensures that they will be aided and protected. He wishes that they would continue to trade with them, leading to the creation of a Lamia delivery service. 

The ending scene shows a few girls convincing the Demonic Kingdom’s Princess, Yuuri, that the Taiju village is trying to plan something notorious by keeping Flowrem captive. Yuuri then decides to defeat the village and save Flowrem. 

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Farming Life in Another World Episode 9: Review

Episode 9 of Farming Life in Another World takes a greater step towards the worldbuilding of the anime. Even though the process seems gradual, it looks quite promising.  For instance, we get to learn about the Demonic Kingdom’s port city of Shashato where we get a glimpse of the processes of barter trading. The trade deal that was created between the Mayor and the merchant shows the detailed economic system of barter and merchant capital of the society. 

We also get an insight into the Lamia tribe, who bring in gems from the Taiju village, ultimately leading to more prosperous and flourishing economies tied with each other through exchanges and business. 

Not to mention the anime also looks into the system of legal work. Even though it was a light scene with no major legal significance, it shows a side of morality that a slime does not bother about. Morality is a human concept, and punishing a slime who does not follow the conduct of society and could care less about the punishment it was given. 

Farming Life in Another World Episode 9 Review
Farming Life in Another World (Credits: Zero-G)

The episode also has a lot of comedy and use of humor, as can be seen when the merchant enters the Taiju village. His constant fear of the dragons and the vampires surrounding the Mayor creates a comedic atmosphere, becomes none of them wish to hurt him. His reactions added to the entertainment.

The Demonic Kingdom believes that Hikaru is gathering forces to destroy them. However, all Hikaru cares about is farming and safeguarding the people of the village. The anime also gives emphasis on recreation. In a small village, we get to see the main character and all his companions play mahjong and have fun while bonding over a bowl of hotpot.

Farming Life in Another World, Episode 9 is a very fun watch. It talks about the intricate systems of business, trading, and barter. Even the scenes of the anime seem fresh and vibrant. 

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.8/5).

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