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Who Is Michael Jackson’s Baby Momma? Answered

Michael Jackson’s baby momma
Who is Michael Jackson’s baby momma?

Who is Michael Jackson’s baby momma? Iconic singer, songwriter, and philanthropist Michael Jackson needs no introduction! The iconic artist has been nothing less of a legendary figure in the music industry. While Michael Jackson’s work has kept his name immortal, the iconic star’s personal life grabbed huge media attention over the years.

Michael Jackson was repeatedly married twice, and both marriages were followed by huge media speculation. His former wife, Lisa Marie Presley, confessed in an early interview that she left the marriage because she saw drugs and the doctors coming in, which admittedly scared her. Let us take a look at all the lesser-known facts to know who is Michael Jackson’s baby momma.

Who is Michael Jackson’s Baby Momma?

Michael Jackson’s baby momma is Debbi Rowe. She gave birth to Michael Jackson’s two children namely Michael Joseph “Prince” Jackson Jr. and Paris Katherine Jackson. However, Debbie Rowe sought to have her parental rights terminated.

Michael Jackson’s baby momma

Who is Michael Jackson’s baby momma?

Two years later, the artist was charged with abuse, and the nurse took things into her hands as she wanted to get her to pare talk. Rights reversed because she was worried that Jackson’s family members were trying to drive their children to Islam teachings.

In 2021, Paris Jackson gave a candid interview about reuniting with her mother and getting to know her. Paris said how it was cool to get to know Debbie and how similar they are and more about her music taste. In an early interview with Willow Smith in an episode of Red Table Talk, Paris revealed that Debbie likes country and folk, so she did send her some of the stuff she was working on.

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Who is Debbie Rowe?

While Debbie Rowe always stayed away from the limelight, it was reported that she used to work at a dermatologist’s office in Los Angeles, where she met the pop star who was being treated for vitiligo at that time.

The Dangerous hitmaker’s ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, later revealed that  Rowe had a crush on the music legend and that she knew how Debbie Rowe was offering to do it for him while they were married. Presley further added that she had a crush on him, and she offered to have his babies.

Lisa Marie later made a shocking claim saying that she parted ways with the legendary star because she did not want to rush into having kids, but Michael Jackson wanted kids and wanted them sooner rather than later, which might have posed a problem between the two. Lisa Marie further revealed that Jackson even threatened her by saying that Debbie would have his kids if she did not want to.

Was Michael Jackson Married to Debbie Rowe?

Michael Jackson later reportedly married Rowe back in 1996, which was almost a decade later after they first met. The two tied the knot in a super-secret wedding ceremony in Sydney, Australia, as the wedding took place a year before she gave birth to Prince. While talking about her relationship with the legendary pop star, Debbie said that she saw the surrogacy as a “gift” to Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s baby momma

Who is Michael Jackson’s baby momma?

While the two have kept it all away from the media limelight, Debbie opened up all about it in an early interview, saying how the artist was divorced, lonely, and wanted children. Debbie revealed that she offered to have his babies as it was something she did to make him happy.

Debbie further added that Jackson was a great father as he did all the parenting duties in the marriage while saying how she did it for him to become a father, not for her to become a mother. Debbie explained how one needs to earn the parent title, and she has done absolutely nothing to earn that title as it is because Michael did all the parenting.

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