One Piece Chapter 1079 Full Summary And Raw Scans: Shanks Destroys Kid!

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One Piece Chapter 1079 Full Summary And Raw Scans And Spoilers
One Piece Chapter 1079 Double Spread Colored by Geriish

One Piece Chapter 1079 is all set to release in the upcoming issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine on Monday, March 27th, 2023, which is going to be the last chapter of this month. however, as of this writing, the spoilers, raw scans, and the scanlations of the chapter by the fans are out.

The fans on the internet are claiming it to be the best chapter of the year so far, with Twitter filled with the post of One Piece Chapter 1079 here and there. The only reason that the recent chapters of One Piece are deemed the greatest is because of the appearance of Shanks. Shanks’ appearance is enough to shake the fans and make them excited for the chapter, but finally seeing him in action is something fans have been waiting for a long time.

One Piece Chapter 1079 does it the best and shows us how strong Shanks is. He is, infact as strong as the fans used to claim on the internet, and whatever doubts they have had have all been cleared with One Piece Chapter 1079. It was more than enough to see Shanks in action however we never expected him to one shot of the strongest characters in the series. 

Kid was hoping for a battle against an emperor, and we still haven’t learned the reason why he wants to go after Shanks. But, with this chapter, the entire Kid pirates are in shambles, and I don’t think we will be seeing much of Kid in the final saga of One Piece. As to the opposite of that, what we will be more of is Shanks and his crew for sure, as ever since the end of Wano, Shanks surely has made a lot of appearances.

His action in the latest chapter may have proved that he may be one of the strongest characters, if not the strongest character currently in One Piece. The fact that he used an attack that was only seen used by Gol D Roger speaks gold. Furthermore, he also showed the Observation Haki, which is by far one of the strongest ones.

Well, that is enough reviewing one of the amazing chapters of One Piece. Let us dive into the full details of One Piece Chapter 1079. Follow along with this article as we break down the latest chapter of One Piece. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the One Piece manga series.

One Piece Chapter 1079 Full Summary And Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1079 is titled “The Red-Haired Pirates – The Emperor’s Crew,” and the chapter begins with a flashback of several hours ago on Egghead Island featuring York. But before that, the cover page of One Piece Chapter 1079 is a request from a fan that features Luffy watering a Lion, mistaking ti for a Sunflower.

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Diving back to the chapter, we see that York has learned that the World Government has no intention of helping her even though she did give them the intel on the research going on Egghead Island. Thus, York has other plans of her own, which she tells about the Seraphim.

York orders the Seraphim to kill everyone on the Island that is currently present on it except for her, the main Vegapunk, and the Hostages that are with the Vegapunk imprisoned below. She also orders S-Sanke to petrify her as there would be suspicions raised once the Seraphim starts acting on their own, and if they find out that York is the one behind all of this, she cannot handle such a fight.

In addition to that, she also orders the Seraphim to destroy Egghead Island except for some parts of the Lab, which are not mentioned in this chapter, but we can assume it is her means of getting out alive this. Then One Piece Chapter 1079 showcases a quick look over Eggehead Island with all of the islanders getting out of the Island.

In addition to that, we also see an unexpected appearance of the Blackbeards’ ship is also near Egghead Island, which is seemingly approaching the Island.

Events on the Elbaf Island

Then the chapter shifts perspective to the Kid Pirates near Elbaf Island, and they are being stopped by the fleets under the Red-haired Emperors. We learn that the captains of the Fleet under the Red-haired Emperor are very weak. That Fleets that are under him consist of Captainf of the Puddle Pirate named Padded-Toe Gerotini who looks like a small monkey and he says to Kid pirates that he isn’t allowed to see Shanks.

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The other pirates under Red-haired Emperors are Social Club Pirates with a Head of the Pirates Grave Tooth Fugar, and as the name suggests, he is very old with his teeth falling out. The other captain that sees is Panicky Pururu, who is the princess of the Bourgeoisie, and she gathers enough courage to tell Kid Pirates that she hates them.

Kid is surprised by the likes of the captain seeing the new world and even wonders if he is, in fact, in the new world or not. But Killer advises him to not drop his guard because there are some infamous names in the Fleet. Then Shanks inform the others captains under his name to retreat as he doesn’t want them to hurt even though they are trying to help him.

The Elbaf citizens and his are sad that Shanks is leaving already despite arriving just now, but Shanks says that he was only dropping by, and the appearance of a big shot like Kid has made him worry and move. The other captains reply that the only reason he is moving on his own is due to his crew being so weak, and everyone laughs it off.

Shanks Uses One-Shot Attack To Defeat Kid And His Crew

Moving on to the last phase of the chapter, we see that the other members of the Red-Haired Pirates are telling him that they will take care of them; however Shanks says that they shouldn’t underestimate someone with a bounty of 3 billion berries. But he still asks Yassop to see if Kid’s wounds from his battle on the Wano have healed or not, to which Yassop says that he is healthy and is ready for a fight.

As he moves on, even asks his crew if there is new info on the Blackbeard, and he learns that his ship Blackbeard’s ship has left the Island he resides. Shanks notes that he was sure that Blackbeard would show himself on the Wano. He learns about Kid as well, that mentions that he is from south blue and has caused a lot of destruction.

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Meanwhile, Kid, who is ready for a fight, mentions that he intends to sink all of the ships of the Red-Haired Pirates in one attack and begins his Damed Punk attack. Shanks sees the future with his observation of Haki and learn that Kid’s attack will do some heavy damage which will result in most of his Fleet being sunk to the bottom, and is angry.

Thus, Shanks charges in without losing any second, and it surprises Kid and the others to see the Red-Haired emperor coming out himself. Shanks swings his sword and uses an attack called Divine departure (one of the attacks used by Gol D Roger against his fight with Oden), which is enough to defeat Kid, and his presence alone stops the other crew members of Kid from fading out from his Conquerer’s Haki.

In this attack, we see that even Killer got in the range which was trying to help Kid and has fallen unconscious. The other members of the Kid Pirates are worried about their captain as he is not moving and asks Shanks to spare his life and, in return also hands all of the Road Poneglyphs.

Shanks leave without saying anything, and when the Kid Pirates think that they are away from danger, they notice someone from the Elbaf island, and it is Droggy and Broggy who are preparing for an attack. Droggy and Broggy mention that if they are planning to point a canon at someone’s home then they should expect the same in return.

The giant duo uses swings their weapon and demonstrates an attack called Hakoku Sovereignty which blasts off the Kid Pirates’ ship and all of them sink into the ocean. The narration for this bit mentions that on this day, the Kid pirates’ crew led by a captain named Eustass Kid who is worth 3 billion berries were completely eradicated.

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