When Does Debbie Gallagher Get Pregnant In Shameless? Answered

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Debbie Gallagher Pregnancy
Debbie Gallagher From Shameless (Credit: Showtime)

Debbie Gallagher, one of the main characters from Shameless, has always been the topic of discussion among fans for her character development and her relationships throughout the eleven seasons of Shameless US. What fans have been curious about the most is Debbie’s pregnancy, the father of her child, and when exactly she gets pregnant. Well, we have all the answers to your questions. 

Released in the year 2011, Shameless is inspired by the British TV show of the same name and follows the story of a man called Frank Gallagher, who is poor and addicted to drinking. Because of his constant drinking, he usually neglects his family, which includes six of his children, Fionna, the eldest one, and her siblings, Philip, Debbie, Liam, Carl, and Ian. Because of their father’s neglect, all of them find their ways to survive.

All of the six children learn a lot from their difficult childhood and become pretty reckless while handling the challenges that they encounter. However, Debbie is different from them; her character is sweet and mature. Even her father, Frank, always says that she is sent from god. Even though all of her siblings have always been furious about their father, Debbie is the one who calls him “father” sometimes and even takes care of him when needed.

Season by season, Debbie’s character starts becoming negative as she becomes self-centered and eccentric and does things without thinking, probably because of the circumstances she comes across in her life. Because of her immature decisions, Debbie always finds herself in trouble which nearly ruins her life. Just like this, when Debbie gets pregnant, she also becomes the reason why her loved one’s face trauma. So, what exactly happened to Debbie in Shameless? Know here.

How Does Debbie Gets Pregnant In Shameless?

In season 5 of Shameless, Debbie gets introduced to the world of intimacy, which is certainly new for her, considering that she is still in her early 20s. She meets boys and tries to have a connection with them, but one boy who catches her eye is Matt. Even though Matt considers her as his friend only, Debbie wants something more than friendship with him but never finds a perfect opportunity to confess her feelings and to be physically closer to him.

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Derek and Debbie Shameless
Derek and Debbie From Shameless (Credit: Showtime)

One day, at a party to which both Matt and Debbie are invited, things change upside down for both of them. Matt and Debbie get drunk while he passes out in a room. Debbie intentionally has sex with him when he is not aware of what’s happening with him or around him, so it is clear that she rapes him because Matt is unconscious and intoxicated. Even though Debbie feels guilty about doing such a thing with Matt, she knows that she cannot change the situation.

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Soon, another guy, Derek, steals Debbie’s heart. When she gets into a fight with Holly, Derek saves her, which Debbie finds romantic. As Derek is into sports and boxing, Debbie begins going to the same gym where Derek goes. Later on, even Derek falls for Debbie, and they start going out. After dating for several days, Debbie starts learning more about Derek’s family, and what fascinates her the most is how Derek’s parents were childhood sweethearts and took the responsibility of a family at an early age.

Fascinated, Debbie asks Fionna to help her get on birth control because she wants to get intimate with her boyfriend, Derek. Fionna and her visit the hospital and start Debbie’s medications.  The nurse warns Debbie that she should not have unprotected sex in the next few days because the medications would start working some days later. Debbie and Fionna listen to the instruction, but Debbie does not follow them.

After going back home from the clinic, Debbie meets Derek, and as they get a bit closer, Derek rushes to get a condom. However, Debbie stops him, saying that she is on the pills. She neglects all the nurse’s instructions, and unprotected sex leads her to become pregnant at a very early age. When she tells everything to Fionna, she gets furious, but later, it is revealed that even Fionna gets pregnant.

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Fionna and Debbie shameless
Fionna and Debbie from Shameless (Credit: Entertainment Weekly)

In which episode Debbie Gets Pregnant in Shameless?

Season five of Shameless revolves around how Fionna and Debbie discover the world of intimacy and find themselves in huge problems. After both Fionna and Debbie find out that they are pregnant, Fionna asks Debbie to get an abortion with her. At first, Debbie denies doing it, but eventually, after some days, she tells Fionna that she has one. Fionna feels relaxed that her sister is out of danger and both of them will have a baby when the right time arrives.

However, soon, Derek’s parents arrive at Debbie and Fionna’s home to discuss her pregnancy, and that is when Fionna knows that her sister lied to her. Debbie, who believes in Derek that he will take care of her and her baby, runs away from the situation and moves to Florida. Season five ends with Debbie constantly trying to connect with Derek, but he never answers any of her calls or texts.

In the episode “A Boy In Your Bed,” Derek and Debbie have sex with each other, and in the finale episode of Shameless, Debbie and Fionna finally get to know that they are pregnant. The story of Debbie and Fionna’s pregnancy is then continued in season 6 as well as it follows the story of how Fionna tries to persuade Debbie to have an abortion while Debbie constantly denies her.

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