iMac 2020: New Design, Release Date, Specifications, and Features

iMac will be turning 22 years in 2020, and now, when we look at the 1998 model, we can spot some drastic changes and how the flat-screen CRT turned into the aluminum iMac of today’s time. With time, iMac has evolved in terms of technology as well. There has been an improvement in ram, graphics, processor, and so on. Now, it is time for the all-new Apple Pro Display XDR with the bezels being slimmer than ever and packed with so many features.

When will the New iMac be released?

We will have to wait until June of 2020 to get the new iMac. Some events will take place in the spring of 2020. We are also expecting a design to take place with a dramatic new look.

What will be some features of the new design?

Apple will be reducing the size of bezels. The current technology does support smaller bezels, which means the screen will be bigger. The current displays available are 27 inches and 21.5 inches, which is not really satisfying as there is 30 inches screen out there right now. With the bezels getting smaller, we might get a screen size of 30 inches and 27 inches. The screen will come with a 6k screen resolution. Some of the new benefits that will come with this screen will be the colors that will vary from Space Grey, Silver, and Gold. The chin will also be smaller to aid in increasing the size of the screen.

What will be some of the features of the new iMac?

Some of the features will include FaceTime Camera. In 2018, we got a Touch ID pad in the keyboard, which helped the users to unlock the laptops easily. However, now we will get a FaceTime camera, which will take the camera technology to the next level with a 1080p resolution.

The new iMac will be more powerful. We will get some advance cooling system and an SSD. iMac should also consider thinking about is storage and should upgrade the 5400-rpm hard drive. For those who need extra storage can use the Fusion Drive to get more speed. However, many people would not need it as we will get the cloud to store the data on.

iMac will be coming with a new six-core, 8th generation processor. It will be the Coffee Lake range of Intel. The graphics will be updated a lot. Earlier, we had graphics such as the Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200, but later all iMac got discrete Radeon Pro Graphics cards. The RAM will also be increased from 2400 MHz to 2666 MHz.