Is The Guy On NCIS Really In A Wheelchair? The Truth Revealed

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Daryl Mitchell

In case you have watched NCIS, one question must have been raised in your mind- whether the guy uses a wheelchair in real life. Isn’t it? To the newbies, we are talking about Daryl “Chill” Mitchell. Before getting into further discussion, let’s briefly learn about that particular guy, moreover the actor’s prominence, and also a bit about NCIS: New Orleans.

Starting from the basics, Daryl Mitchell is a versatile actor hailing from The Bronx. Born on 16 July 1965, he is now 57 years old. Talking about Daryl’s acting credits, the list includes- Black Knight, Playback, Inside Man, Law & Order, Here and Now, The John Larroquette Show, Veronica’s Closet, Ed, Brothers, and Fear the Walking Dead. 

As far as Daryl Mitchell’s portrayal in NCIS: New Orleans is concerned, we saw him as the computer specialist Patton Plame. He was also called Triple P in the show. Talking NCIS: New Orleans focuses on how the agent, Dwayne “King” Pride, investigates impacts affecting military personnel. Is he alone? No. He has his team. It premiered back in 2014 and is still doing wonders.

If you have missed out on the previous episodes of NCIS: New Orleans, make sure to watch it on Amazon Prime Video. In one of the episodes of Season 4, we came across Daryl Mitchell using a wheelchair because of an accident.

His acting was truly amazing, and some fans were convinced about the same to be in real life. What does that mean? Is Daryl disabled? If you are looking for whether the guy on NCIS, Daryl Mitchell, uses a wheelchair in his real life, here are the details. 

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Does Daryl Mitchell, The Guy In NCIS: New Orleans, Use A Wheelchair In Real Life? All You Need To Know 

Yes. Daryl Mitchell, or the guy in NCIS: New Orleans, uses a wheelchair in real life. In other words, the actor is disabled, and yet, he is successful in the professional field. That’s all because of his determination, hard work, and courage, of course. 

Is The Guy On NCIS Really In A Wheelchair?
NCIS: New Orleans actor Daryl Mitchell uses a wheelchair in reality

As mentioned earlier, the Season 4 episode is named “The Accident.” Well, that is also related to Daryl’s wheelchair usage. What does that mean? He isn’t disabled inborn. Then? The NCIS actor is using a wheelchair after meeting with a motorcycle accident. It’s pathetic! 

It was back in 2015 when Daryl Mitchell opened up about the incident which made him be in a wheelchair for the rest of the days of his life. To be more exact, it took place back in 2001 when he was traveling in South Carolina. He was on his motorcycle but was not much aware of the roads and directions. Also, it was quite dark by then.

On this note, Daryl said, “I went around a bend, and on the other side, there was gravel and loose pavement, and bam, the bike shot right underneath me.” We are not sure who took him to the hospital, but he reportedly got his sense back after five days. 

When asked about the pillars of his life, Daryl Mitchell shared it was not just his family but also some friends who encouraged him to continue working in films and shows. Those friends were Chris Tucker and Denzel Washington.

The major reason for getting associated with NCIS: New Orleans was Daryl knew that it would introduce much of his audience to a disabled actor. At times, people who are disabled are underestimated, irrespective of how skillful, knowledgeable, or talented the person is. Isn’t it? But Daryl Mitchell wanted to break this notion and has successfully done that. 

Now, being in a wheelchair for years, Daryl Mitchell serves as the advocate for employing disabled actors. So nice of him! Best wishes to Daryl, the guy on NCIS! You may give Daryl Mitchell a following on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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