My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Release Date: The World’s Coolest Hero, Tentacole

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My Hero Academia Chapter 372
My Hero Academia Chapter 372

My Hero Academia Chapter 372 reveals the mystery behind Tentacole and Spinner’s encounters. As the chapter begins, Tentacole asks Spinner about the safety of those at the hospital. The army also wants Spinner to tell the answer regarding his plans and adds that they will follow his words. Spinner thinks about something and realizes that he can figure out anything. 

Spinner surprised Tentacole and the army after saying that he didn’t care, and the army was left confused. As they continue to talk, one of the Lebarartion soldiers arrives, revealing what Spinner is trying to tell them, and blood will be spilled even though they are returning to battle. Tentacole reveals the attack that will set their cause for thirty years. Spinner reminds Tentacole to shut up and begins transforming. 

Spinner obtained a new form from Body Bulk Quirk that All For One gave him. It was also revealed that Spinner received Scalemail, which gives him the power, defense, and true leader;’s form. Spinner recalls when he talked about playing League of Legends with Tomura Shigaraki. His body is covered with scales and begins to show Tentacole how powerful he is.

He charges in mid-air while also slicing at Tentacole. Spinner orders the army to press forward. Aima notices that Tentacole is sent flying and calls him out. The Liberation soldier commands the heteromorphs to attack back at their oppressors. He adds that the blood spilled in its battle will benefit their future.

My Hero Academia Chapter 372

Anima gets angry after hearing that and members something that happened at U.A High. That day Mezo revealed his arms, scars, and mouth and commented that his parents didn’t have arms as he has. Mezo also reveals the hardship he faced during childhood and lived city that was out in force for a “blood cleansing” anytime he touched someone else.

Previously on My Hero Academia Chapter 371

Mezo also revealed heteromorphs like Fumikage and Koji, born in the cities, may think the opinion is behind them. But there are many messed up places like the one he came from in that world. Mina reveals what bothers her, and Minoru apologizes for saying that he is an octopus. Minoru believes it is natural to think like that due to Mezo’s hero name, “Tentacle Hero: Tentacole.”

Despite that, he does admit that his scars and his being a heteromorph still give off a certain impression, which is why he wears his mask, so people don’t think he’s out for retribution. Mezo realizes that he has been through hard life and remembers when he uses his Dupli-Arms to save a young girl from being washed away in flood. He realizes that the memory he chose to embrace always made him happy.

Mezo’s classmates embrace him and play with his arms, saying they will make many happy memories with him. He admits that dealing with over a century of prejudice will take time. But he will continue to lead and stay strong, leading others to the right path and becoming the world’s coolest hero.

Mezo adds that he wil pass his memories to the next generations. In the present, Mezo continues to fight as Tentacole. Tentacole vs. Spinner intensifies, and Tentacole reveals that he has also suffered from discrimination. He also reveals everything about beginning wrong and right, which makes Spinner shout into tears.

My Hero Academia Chapter 372

Tentacole tells Spinner to remember how he channels their rage. The army was listening to Spinner and Tentacole arguing, and a few words also touched them. The Liberation soldier tries to attack them and says that Tentacole won’t give alternatives and will not follow his naivety since a flock of birds will surround them.

My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 372 will be released on 6 November 2022. Anima begins to transform, and Tentacole turns his body further. Spinner notices that and says it is gross, and Tentacole admits that it is who he is. Check out My Hero Academia Chapter 372 latest updates and official news. 

Read My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Online – Raw Details

You can read My Hero Academia Chapter 372 online on Viz and Mangaplus. This manga is free every weekend, and you can get the latest chapter. The mystery behind Spinner vs. Tentacole continues in the next chapter of My Hero Academia. Let’s meet after My Hero Academia Chapter 372 is released. 

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