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The Eclipse 2022 Episode 4 Release Date: Highschool Mystery Continues

The Eclipse 2022

The Eclipse is a Thai drama packed with fantasy, mystery, school romance, and what not. The drama is built up in an all-boys school setting where all the students are bound by rules. The mystery drama is directed by Golf Tanwarin Sukkhapisit and written by Yokee Apirak Chaipanha, Chot-anan Kasamwonghong, and Kim Minta Bhanaparin. The Eclipse can be categorized under the genres of romance, mystery, fantasy, and supernatural.

The enemies-to-lovers trope fans would be happy to know that this series follows that trope, along with other elements of gay romance, time travel, and investigation, which is also present. It is based on the novel “Eclipse” written by Prapt. The series is fresh out of the oven and just premiered on 12th August 2022. 

The main cast members are First Kanaphan Puitrakul and Akk and Khaotung Thanawat Ratanakitpaisan as Ayan. Supporting cast members include Louis Thanawin Teeraphosukarn as Thuaphu, Sine Inthira Charoenpura as Waree, Ron Patarapon To-run as Dika, Neo Trai Nimtawat as Khanlong, AJ Chayapol Jutamas as Wasuwat, and many more. Before watching the series, please note that the series is meant for children above the age of 13, and parental guidance is needed due to the presence of violence and jump scares.

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The Eclipse Preview

The school is so strict that it reminds us of the time when Professor Umbridge entered Hogwarts. But if there are rules, there will be rule breakers. What happens when anyone breaks the rules? It is rumored that the rule breakers are severely punished not by teachers but by a curse that impends on that school. A group of students called “The World Remembers” have come together to challenge this curse.


The Eclipse Review

As if this was not enough mystery, another new student is introduced. The newcomer Ayan has a mysterious aura around him as if everything he does seems odd. Therefore, the head student Akk is advised to keep him under surveillance. Ayan is not just a newcomer. The creators have provided Ayan with a backstory, a mission. Ayan joined the school to find out the reason behind his uncle’s suicide. While Ayan looks for the person behind his uncle Dika’s untimely death, he also manages to mess with Akk along the way. 

The Eclipse Episode 4 Spoilers

Akk and Ayan are two rival boys who become closer with time but definitely not fast enough for the Akk and Ayan shippers. The fans are waiting forever to watch the boys come closer. This upcoming episode might fulfill their wishes. From the trailer of episode 4, their brief moments in the bathroom,  the intense staring, or the soft leaning on the shoulder has the fans impatient for the next episode.

The chemistry between the main characters, the plot line, and the mystery receives a lot of love from the viewers. The supernatural or time-travel elements of the show are still not explored yet, so it can be expected that the series has much more to offer. The Eclipse has a long way to go since most of the riddles are still unsolved. We are yet to know the reason behind Ayan’s uncle’s suicide or the past behind the group “The World Remembers”. There are not many critical reviews about the show except that the actors look a lot older than high school students. The only thing you need to worry about while watching the series is that it’s hard to stop watching it. 

The Eclipse Episode 4 Release Date

Episode 4 of the Thai mystery series The Eclipse will be released on 2nd September 2022. The series is ongoing on GMM 25 and is aired on Fridays of every week. The Eclipse episode 4 will air at 8:30 pm Thailand time. For other time zones, the series will be aired at 7:00 pm IST, 6:30 am PST, 9:30 am EST, 8:30 am CST, 10:30 pm JST/KST, and 11:30 pm AEST. The series is currently running on GMM 25 TV network and GMM 25 app. 


The Eclipse Cast Members

If The Eclipse matches your taste, it is worth a try!

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